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The quest needs to actually function as a personal computer

Level 2

I hate how all the creative work that I make within the quest is lost within dozens of applications with their own data storage solutions. I should be able to save 3d works created in a native application to the device as a generic fbx, gltf, etc. Can you imagine if you could only save ms paint images to ms paint?

If the quest is going to be a productivity tool, there needs to be a comfortable way for people to utilize specialized applications in series.

Of course, this is all possible but is a non-standard practice.
My suspicion as to why is that the experience of the quest is more akin to that of a console than a personal computer. The quest file viewer should also be capable of rendering popular 3d object formats. The files that you created and cultivated should be a focal center of the experience similar to NeosVR.

As of now when I use the quest I feel like I'm wasting time rather than being augmented.