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Thief Simulator VR (DevLog) - Theft in virtual reality

Hey guys!
I'm from GameBoom VR team, developers of Thief Simulator VR.

Some time ago we published the first video in which we showed how to steal the microwave. You can see the trailer below.

Today we are back with a new recording in which we present car interior interactions. In the VR version of the game, players will have more options compared to the traditional version of the game. In Thief Simulator VR you can do much more with the car than just drive around. Turn on the lights, position your mirror and don't forget to turn the radio on!

Our game is still in production, but the work is going smoothly. 
In the future, there will be more videos from the game. If you have any questions about Thief Simulator VR - feel free to ask!

You will learn more about the game from Steam:


Our publisher (PlayWay) is talking about this with Steam. We and the publisher want a discount for owners of the original version of the game, but the decision lies with Valve.

Is this not coming to the Oculus Store?
Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

Honored Guest
There is a part in the game that dosen't work. The part where you have to sell a box on Black Bay at the beginning of the game. On the Black Bay store the option to sell it does not come up. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?