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Time Crystal - Ready for launch, still looking for testers

Level 5
Hi all

I have started working on my second project now, this is currently pre aplha, working on mechanics for transporting from puzzle to puzzle and have completed a number of puzzles. Would be interested in hearing some feedback on the idea of Crystal Maze in VR and my short video below, note I set the timers to 30 seconds in two of the puzzles for the sake of length on the video.

Game Name 
Undecided, currently calling it Crystal Labyrinth

Story Line
You are a treasure hunter in search of the mystic Time Crystal, once you touch it you are locked within its grasp, to prove you are worthy of holding the Time Crystal you must complete puzzles and finally collect enough power to escape by beating the Time Crystals Labyrinth of puzzles.

Throughout the ages the Time Crystal has been protected by puzzles created by the previous Time Crystal holders. The only way to escape is to complete those puzzles in order to gain time in the final zone where you need to gather enough power crystals to break free.

Every crystal you collect along the way will buy you 15 seconds to beat the final Crystal Dome and win your free dome and ownership of the Time Crystal

Ancient Egypt
Space Age / Futuristic
Roman Empire

Puzzle Types


Puzzles range from 2 - 5 mins, set in one of the time zones and one of the puzzle tpyes. Each puzzle has a leader board to beat and an overall leader board for the Crystal Dome

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts



Level 5
Update -

I have been working on the game for a few weeks now

Currently have 12 puzzles, 3 eras and the final zone. As always feedback welcomed


Level 15
I'm in  🙂
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

Level 4
If this is like the British show the crystal maze then I am hooked :smiley:

Level 5
That is exactly what it is like Dicehunter 🙂

I'm trying to live out my fantasy of been on that show. Fond memories from my childhood. 

Level 12

Looks a lot of fun.

Level 5
Update 2

User interface created for main menu
Persistent options
Start New Game
Leaderboards for each puzzle
Leaderboard for the final dome
Created the interface between main menu and each era

Level 12
Very nice, like the mini models of the levels.

Level 5
Update 3 - Beta testers required

Finally found some more time to work on my next game. I have recently change jobs and have been rather busy with the new role.

Created the last puzzle, bringing the total to 12 puzzles + the final dome
Updated the level design of each puzzle
Tested and adjusted each level for difficulty 
General bug fixing

Would love to hear peoples thoughts.

I'm looking for some beta testers now, so if you are interested in testing please let me know, Oculus requires adding to testing by email address so just pop me over a message and I'll get you added once I get my first build uploaded


Level 14
whilst i know legally you could not use Richard O'Brien's or Tenpole Tudor's voice, if you left in support to stick in your own mp3 1 liners into a directory for it to play from time to time in a level, if your game has a fan base you may find someone would do that work for you "unofficially".

same with any music or team encouragements you may want playing at some point in the game.
just looking at the above video its lacking a bit in atmosphere

eg this makes it all more interesting imo (4m45s   (this board wont respect time stamps in a link)

and then for the final maze with music 47m35s

PS am interested in this but not asking to beta test. my man cave currently has no room for full room vr whilst house has rennovations 😞

Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR 🙂