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Time Transit VR

Level 8
Thought I'd post a bit of a review or what I think, of this, as I haven't seen any threads about it and have not seen that much info about it at all really, and I thought it was rather good and it's always a shame to see things like this disappear under the radar without a trace.

This game's always intrigued me a bit, looking at it on the Oculus store page and I've never really known what to make of it, which coupled with it's relatively high price, means I waited until it was 50% off in a sale a little while back before deciding to give it a go. So what kind of game is it? Well at first glance you might be forgiven for thinking it's just some overpriced game where you get a few tiny areas to wander about and look at a few different types of dinosaurs. But then you watch the video trailer and see that it also has some "Robinson: The Journey" style climbing too, so now you're scratching your head a bit wondering what it's all about. Basically in a nutshell, it's an adventure climbing game set in the dinosaur eras. If you enjoyed all the climbing in Robinson, then you'll love this, as the game is pretty much 80% climbing with a few puzzles thrown in. Thankfully for me, I really enjoyed the climbing in Robinson and seeing bits of it in the video was what drew me into this game. So naturally I really quite enjoyed this game.

The basic premise of the game is that you are a tourist going off on a sort of time machine safari back to various ages of the dinosaur, around specially curated tours. However your time machine breaks down and you have to go off piste to find parts to fix it and what not. The overall route through the game is quite linear but there are areas where you can climb different routes up on the way. Along the way you are accompanied by a little floating robot thingy, which thankfully never gets too irritating or outstays its welcome and for the most part it shuts its mouth and leaves you too it. There are a few puzzles thrown in along the way, but nothing too mind bending.

So yeah, it's a climbing game basically, but quite a good one actually. It's not as technical as The Climb and it's reasonably simple and straightforward, although there are a few bits where you'll need to swing and launch yourself over to other hand holds, but none of it is too tough. A long reach and a head for heights will definately be advantageous though. The only annoyances came during a short sequence going through some caves, where it was pitch black and you needed to use your torch to have a quick look at where you were going. There were a couple of bits where you needed to make leaps of faith to hand holds as you can't hold your torch and make the swing and grab at the same time. Which resulted in having to do those small sections over and over again until I got lucky and made the grab. Speaking of which, restart points are quite frequent and you'll never be put back very far at all should you fall.

As well as the climbing, there are also a few short canoeing sections. The canoeing is actually quite good too and I would love to see that developed fully into a game of it's own with white water rapids etc. There are no rapids or anything like that in this however and it's all rather serene and peaceful, but the canoe handles rather well. A little tip: to activate the canoe you have to pluck the gem out of the middle of the paddle and throw it into the water. I must have missed the little tutorial tip for that as it had me stumped until I watched a youtube let's play vid to see what I had to do.  

The environments are for the most part, really well done and the graphics on the whole are very good. There's some places that look absolutely stunning and others that look not so great, but overall it's a pretty good looking game. Some of the handholds look really natural and part of the environment and others look very obvious and contrived. The super tough tree fungus handholds from Robinson are out in full force here. You get a little camera device that can take stereoscopic snaps and I was using that quite liberally as I played through the game, as there is some really nice views to take in. You can view the shots in game but also you can find the images in your %LocalAppData%\TimeTransitVR\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor folder and you'll get a left and right image as well as a thumbnail, which the devs kindly pointed out to me. Who btw, are still reasonably responsive on the Steam forums should you have any questions or issues. The shots are reasonably good quality pngs but I've saved a few down to jpegs to post here. I ran the game at max settings and performance was for the most part pretty good. However there were the odd occasions, when I can only assume the game was loading the next area, where it would slow down and judder quite considerably for a few seconds, but this happened so infrequently and only for a few seconds, that it was never really much of an issue for me.

Overall, I really quite enjoyed this. In terms of length, the game took me 4 hours to complete over two evenings, but it felt like I'd been playing a lot longer than that. However I still have it installed and I fully intend to go back and give it another play through, just because some of the environments were so atmospheric. I think I paid about £10.49 for it during a sale and for that price definitely worth it in my opinion, as it's quite a well presented and reasonably polished experience and had I paid more for it I don't think I would have been disappointed either.









Your little floating buddy. It keeps a reasonable distance away for the most part and rarely gets in your face. Oh yes, there's zip lines too.

Traversing these lava filled caves could actually be quite unnerving at times.