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Titans of Space [Classic] [Updated to v1.8 on Aug 27, 2015]

Heroic Explorer

Latest version is now v1.8, published August 27th, 2015.

RIFT and Monitor builds have been posted to the website. Windows only for RIFT, and both Windows and MacOSX for Monitor.

I'm re-branding it as "Titans of Space [Classic]" because this represents the last free update I make to the "classic" Titans of Space experience (other than keeping up with SDK releases of course). From here on out, my focus will be on adding large features and content updates that add lots of value to the desktop version, and that "full version" will eventually be available for purchase, hopefully around the end of the year. As such, Titans of Space [Classic] is officially the "free demo".

I want to thank everyone posting in this thread and on reddit for providing valuable feedback and suggestions. I didn't get to them all, but hopefully I addressed many of the friction points that players came across. As always, if anything rubs you the wrong way about the update, feel free to let me know.

Changelog for v1.70c -> v1.8:

  • SDK: Updated to be compatible with Runtime or newer.

  • Improvement: All text is easier to read.

  • Improvement: English font has been changed to allow for lowercase text.

  • Improvement: New "smooth movement" option offers smoother flight paths. On by default.

  • Improvement: Mirror mode is no longer stereoscopic.

  • Improvement: Internet-enabled, and will grab updates to text and translations as needed over WiFi only. (Privacy policy can be found here.) Runs fine without internet access.

  • Language: Greek has been added. (Thanks to Angelos K.!)

  • Content: Adjusted most planets and moons.

  • Content: Updated Ceres using Dawn mission imagery.

  • Content: Updated Pluto system using New Horizons mission imagery.

  • Content: Some additional information texts have been updated.

  • Cleanup: Microphone features removed.

  • Cleanup: Some options reorganized, some locked down as they can no longer be toggled with newer SDK.

  • Feature: Many new command-line options have been added.

  • Various other updates.

Changelog from v1.70 -> v1.70c:

  • The "2 Minute Demo" now uses your configured language instead of forcing it to English. (thanks LordJuanlo)

  • The positional tracking camera visualization is now fixed when resetting your orientation. (thanks Lazare)

  • When firing up the program for the first time, the system language will now be detected for Korean and Turkish.

Changelog from v1.56 -> v1.70:

  • SDK: Updated to use SDK (players should use Oculus Runtime 0.4.2 or newer).

  • Language: Korean has been added, thanks to Romain Destenay & Jin Junghwa.

  • Language: Turkish has been added, thanks to Sertek (R).

  • Improvement: Greatly improved performance compared to v1.56, returning it to v1.54 level of performance.

  • Improvement: Adjusted loading process for smoother tour experience.

  • Improvement: New "Health & Safety Warning" screen with countdown. (Thanks to Time Rifters for inspiration)

  • Content: Added additional text for Titan, Neptune, and Triton.

  • Content: Adjusted the appearance of several planets and stars.

  • Content: Adjusted the appearance of the cockpit.

  • Feature: Player-locked skybox. Look for "Player moves through space" in the Options screen, or use the S key to toggle. Off by default. (Thanks to Richard Yao @ Oculus for his Connect talk)

  • Feature: Added option for Chromatic Aberration Correction. On by default. Toggle using A key.

  • Feature: Added option for Vignette. On by default. Toggle using F8.

  • Feature: Added option for Overdrive. On by default. Toggle using F9.

  • Feature (Experimental): Zoom Scope. It is off by default and can be turned on from the Options screen.

  • Feature: Zooming has been completely re-implemented to avoid touching the FOV.

  • Feature: Added new command-line arguments:

    • -detect-idle-hmd (experimental, works for my DK2 in my home environment, but not necessarily for others)
    • -angular-threshold-multiplier #.# (used to tweak the sensitivity of detecting an idle HMD)
    • -linear-threshold-multiplier #.# (used to tweak the sensitivity of detecting an idle HMD)
    • -restart-after-idle-time #.# (after #.# seconds of no input, restart at beginning of tour. if -detect-idle-hmd is specified, then this includes movement of the headset.)
    • -disable-help-and-options-during-tour (disallows the use of Help or Options during the tour)
    • -full-tour-loop (tour will endlessly loop from end of tour back to beginning.)
    • -2mindemo (kicks off a short and automated end-to-end demo lasting around 2 minutes)
    • -hq (increases visual quality at the expense of performance)

  • Bugfix: Fixed support for Speedlink Strike controller.

  • Gear VR stuff.

  • Other adjustments and bugfixes.

Changelog from v1.54 -> v1.56:

  • Feature: Microphone pass-through support. Available modes: "Off", "Noise Lights Only", "Auto-Interrupt", and "Merge with Game". Can be configured via new in-game Audio Options panel.

  • Feature: Russian translation has been added.

  • Feature: Option to blur the screen when losing positional tracking has been added. (Default is OFF)

  • Feature: Added new command-line arguments, with sample .bat files included:

    • "-end-after-solar-system" introduces an earlier "definite end" after the Solar System portion of the tour.
    • "-end-after-large-stars" introduces an earlier "definite end" after the Large Stars portion of the tour.
    • "-go-directly-to-tour" skips the two starting menu areas and goes directly to the tour.

    Existing command-line arguments have been updated:

    • "-complete-demo-loop" previously went directly to the tour, but no longer does this. To go directly to the tour, include the new -go-directly-to-tour argument.
    • "-compact-demo-loop" previously went directly to the tour, but no longer does this. To go directly to the tour, include the new -go-directly-to-tour argument.

  • Improvement?: Improved "stuck to face" mechanic, for example the initial instructions to look forward.

  • Improvement: New loading screen.

  • Other adjustments and bugfixes.

Changelog from v1.52 -> v1.54:

  • When resetting your orientation/position, the screen now quickly fades out for the reset.

  • The "Ready" panel may now be used as a virtual button to continue to the next tour stop (same as using the blue triangle button on the dashboard).

  • Input mappings have been adjusted, mainly for controllers:

    • Button A now activates virtual buttons

    • Button X now proceeds to the next tour stop

    • Button Y now cycles through both Help and Options HUD screens

    • For both keyboard and controller, zooming is no longer the same button used to activate virtual buttons. Zooming may only be done via [Shift key] / [Controller Right Bumper "RB"] / [Controller Right Trigger "RT"].

  • Hitting Button A when not looking at a virtual button will now activate a temporary overlay reminding the player which buttons to use to activate virtual buttons / continue tour / show more info, etc.

  • More controllers should now be supported.

  • Help and Options HUD screens now have a dark backdrop to make them easier to read.

  • Asteroid belt has been adjusted.

  • Positional tracking "barriers" have been improved to not get in the way when leaning back to look up.

  • Planets now stay put by default, enhancing the overall sense of scale. They will still swing in for their first appearance. This behavior can be toggled using the "Keep Planets Visible" option (or using the K key).

  • Support for some command-line arguments:

    • "-nonstop-stop-duration #" allows you to set the amount of time spent sitting at a tour stop in Non-Stop mode.

    • "-complete-demo-loop" will configure options to send the player on a non-stop loop around the Solar System, moons included.

    • "-compact-demo-loop" is the same as -complete-demo-loop, but this will skip moons.

  • All options and preferences now persist between runs. Remember that you can reset everything to default values using F11.

  • The flight path going from Uranus to Neptune in the Compact route has been adjusted.

  • The Custom Music feature has been restored. It functions the same as it did in v1.37c and earlier. As a reminder, here is how the feature works:

    • You can place one or two of your own songs into the "CustomMusic" folder inside the _Data folder. For MacOSX, use Show Package Contents on the app file, and the CustomMusic folder is inside the Contents folder.

    • If you want to replace the music heard while touring the Solar System, place a song named "solarsystem.XXX" into the CustomMusic folder, where XXX is any file extension corresponding to one of the following formats: Ogg, WAV, XM, IT, MOD, or S3M.

    • To replace the music heard in the "Large Stars" segment, place a song named "largestars.XXX" into the CustomMusic folder.

    • You can replace one or replace both.

    • To stop using custom music, remove these songs from the CustomMusic folder.

    • These songs will be looped.

  • The cockpit has been adjusted.

  • Other adjustments and bugfixes.

Original post with the release of 1.52 for DK2:

I figured I'd start a new topic because the Titans of Space DK2 update is significant enough that my first post in the original thread would be kind of a mess to update. So, starting fresh!

I have updated the website at with more information that anyone can possibly read, but hopefully it's now far more organized than it used to be!

The latest version is now v1.52, making a jump from from the last public version v1.37. In this update is support for the DK2 and all that it entails, along with other stuff. Right now, v1.52 does NOT support the DK1. I tried it in the DK1 and I must have broken something that affects the distortion, it's really uncomfortable on the eyes. Do not try it on the DK1. I will release a DK1 version in the next couple of weeks. That said, if you have a DK2 on the way, I'd prefer you just wait for the DK2. πŸ™‚ Amazingly, going back and forth between DK1 and DK2, I already feel that the DK1 is showing its age even with all the flaws that the DK2 has.

Here is the changelog boiled down to the main points:

  • Updated to use Oculus SDK 0.4.1.

  • Complete overhaul of the underlying program. Almost all of the original features have been re-implemented, but perhaps one or two minor ones from 1.37 are now absent. If you are miss an old feature that's not there anymore, please let me know.

  • Feature: Built-in Language Selection. Simply choose the desired language when prompted. Supported languages are: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified). The Chinese languages are mostly legible on the DK1 but look a lot better on the DK2.

  • Feature: Input and interaction has been revamped. The reliance on using a keyboard has been eliminated, and almost everything can now be done purely using your Rift. As a result, many keyboard shortcuts and controller bindings have been changed.

  • Feature: The player can choose between the Complete tour, or a Compact one. The Complete tour is basically the same as in earlier versions, but with one new stop and a few extra moons. The Compact tour is a shortened version of this where most of the moons are skipped.

  • Feature: Positional tracking support.

    • Players can re-center their position at any time using F1 / Controller Start, or via the Misc Actions HUD.

    • Players can cycle through 3 different camera bounds modes using F3 or Controller's Left Trigger ("LT").

    • When a player's head enters an obstacle, the screen will fade out and suggest the player move back out or re-center.

    • Players can turn their virtual body on or off, along with the seat itself. (Temporary measure until I implement a better solution.)

  • Feature: Other DK2 support, such as toggles for low persistence, timewarp, black smear correction, etc.

  • Experimental Feature: Player may now orbit some planets and moons. Currently no visual indicator for this, but for most tour stops at a single planet or moon, orbiting can be started and stopped using the Left Ctrl or Controller's Left Bumper ("LB").

  • Content: Additional facts and info are available at most tour stops. The user can optionally cycle through these additional pages of text at any time. Not 100% complete.

  • Improvement: Performance has been greatly improved. As a result, there is no more dynamic quality adjustment of eye candy, and all players will have the same experience.

  • Improvement: Various Solar System bodies now use better textures to benefit the DK2 experience.

  • Improvement: The cockpit has been adjusted.

  • Improvement: Looping mode and Non-stop modes may now coexist.

  • Other adjustments and bugfixes.

The Chinese language support has been very interesting to work with. While still a long way off from being ideal, the DK2 finally brings about a level of clarity required for the tens of thousands of different intricate Chinese characters that can be displayed. Plus you can just lean in. πŸ™‚

So, as everyone here knows, getting things to run on the DK2 can be tricky right now. I have had testers try various preview builds in different configurations and while things have drastically improved with 0.4.1, I have basically given up hope that every single player will be able to successfully run this. If you do have problems running it, I still want to know about it -- there might still be some interesting patterns to observe.

This demo works best in "Direct HMD Access from Apps" mode, using the _DirectToRift.exe. This is true for most of my testers but some still need to use Extend Desktop to the HMD mode and hold down Ctrl while launching the normal executable and then select the appropriate display.

In any case, here are my "Running on DK2" tips from the readme:

  • If the program crashes on startup or does not give you an image in the DK2, simply hit Escape and try again.

  • It sometimes helps to restart the Oculus Runtime service if you've just switched Rift display modes.

  • If you are running f.lux, be sure it is running in Safe Mode (or is completely off).

  • If you see green blobs in the night sky, or if you experience motion blur when turning your head, it's possible that Low Persistence was not enabled. You can toggle this using F4.

  • If you are still having trouble running this demo, or have any other feedback to report, I'd love to hear about it.

Mirroring also works really well with the SDK 0.4.1 update, and only barely has a hit to performance when I try it, like a 2-3% drop in FPS. As far as I know, this only works if you are successfully launching it in Direct HMD Access mode, and is turned on by default.

And finally here is a short videoclip I made a couple days ago showing some of the positional tracking options (in case you don't believe me that it's working etc):

I know that this update has been long overdue, and when it comes down to it, there's not a whole lot of new content. This update is more about rounding out the end-to-end experience to make it consumer-friendly, and laying the groundwork so that I can more easily create new content in the form of "sequels".

I will be selling those in order to take a stab at making a living off of VR, so Titans of Space is effectively the "free demo" to generate interest for those sequels. I am serious about doing this -- VR is incredibly exciting as you all know. I've created a business and have lined up a few people to help with the content for the sequels, but it's slow going at this point having a day job (that's unfortunately not VR-related).

To that end, I respectfully ask that if you enjoy Titans of Space and would like to see more content that explores many other aspects of space in a similar "tour" fashion, with great original music and engaging visuals, I have a PayPal button set up in the Tip Jar section of my website. This is a zero-obligation "pay-what-you-want" thing -- I am completely happy if you don't pay anything at all. Just as an incentive, and as thanks to those that have donated so far, I will ensure that everyone that donates gets the next sequel for free.

The end. Hope it works for you!


Download links:

RIFT Version:
v1.8 - RIFT Version (Windows) from Oculus Share.
v1.8 - RIFT Version (Windows) from ADrive.
Titans of Space v1.70c - DK2 Version (MacOSX) from ADrive.

Monitor Version:
v1.8 - Monitor Version (Windows) from ADrive.
v1.8 - Monitor Version (MacOSX) from ADrive.

  • Titans of Space PLUS for Quest is now available on
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Honored Guest
Yes!! Finally!! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!

Only 8 hours remaining on my working day though... So it'll take a while before I'm able to try it out 😞 Will report back after I did.

U R THE MAN!!! Thx Drash, can't wait to check this out!!

Not applicable
Thank you Drash !!!

Honored Guest
My fiance just asked me why I'm getting out of bed...


Honored Guest
One of the first demos I ever checked on the DK1!

This is now at the top of my todo list!

Time to see the face of god : )

Not applicable
Wow, fantastic demo. It was one of my favorites on DK1, and it's great on DK2.

System specs: Core i5-3570k, Radeon 7950, Windows 8.1.

For the most part I've been keeping my Rift on Extended mode, but I switched back to Direct Mode for this demo. In Direct Mode, I had a perfectly smooth (75FPS) experience, literally zero judder. It was as smooth as the Oculus desk demo scene.

Thoughts as I went through the demo:
- The 'head-tracking only' input mode is great. Initially I wanted to just look at the giant "READY" text to continue, but that doesn't trigger the app to continue, only the smaller [>] blue icon to the right does. I figured that out quickly enough, but maybe you could add the ability to look at the main text to continue (you'd probably want a longer time to trigger it though)
- Slightly more of an issue: It was fairly easy for me to trigger the Positional Tracking clipping error ("You're Inside Something You Shouldn't Be"). For example: most scenes when I was looking at a planet / star (like Ceres), I wanted to turn around and look at the Sun behind me. That mostly worked fine, but if I slightly leaned backward after looking back at the Sun, I triggered that positional tracking error. It was (for the most part) easy enough to avoid, I just had to lean forward slightly before turning my head around. But maybe you could be more lenient somehow if the player is leaning back into their own avatar, to not show that message.

Overall, fantastic as I stated. Super smooth, no judder, and a great demo.

Honored Guest
very nice. once i changed my display mode to Direct HMD Access and ran the direct to rift exe it worked flawlessly. good frame rate, easy to read text. thank you!

Honored Guest
Looking so much forward to try this again - thanks man!

Expert Protege
Congrats on getting it finished! I really look forward to trying this out again. I was holding out on the 4.1 update, but how can I now?
i7 3820 16 gigs of Ram GTX 780ti