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Tower Defense and Settlers blended together - WIP

Level 5

Hi all
After releasing a few games and learning a lot, I’m finally ready to build the game I wanted to start building but wasn’t skilled enough to do it at the beginning.

I guess it’s a blend of Settlers and Tower Defence two genres of gaming that I just love. Always loved the idea of towering over your people. I’m about 2 weeks into the build now, I’m loving where the art style is going not sure how you’d describe it. Low poly with hand drawn (well accented) buildings.

Don’t have a name yet.

Basic premise
You have been taken up to Olympus and given the task of Guardian. You have to instruct your people on building their cities and defending their treasure.
You build resource buildings for, stone, gold, food, wood. Builders to build your towers and priest to pray at the temples which will give you mana so you can cast powerful spells.
Using those resources you build towers to defend your city, total of 9 towers planned each with upgradable towers and characters.
You earn experience for completing levels, at the end of the video you will see the marketplace where you will go to spend your experience on persistent upgrades

Plan is to have multiple win conditions such as gathering enough of a certain resource and of course full on tower defense modes.

Hope you like it!



Level 5
I have spent some time this weekend modeling out the towers. Each tower has some building materials and 3 levels

Here is a quick fly through

From left to right
Archers Tower
Poison Tower
Wizard Tower
Fire Tower
Freeze Tower
Slow tower

Just another 6 towers to go and I think I'll be happy 


Level 5
Some art work


Level 7
This looks great, exactly my favourite type of game :smile: