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Trailer for Jake and the Giant an asymmetrical local multiplayer VR game

Level 3


Jake and the Giant Trailer.
The idea for this game came around when my son wanted to play one Sunday morning with me but I wanted to play a VR game and he wanted a normal 3rd person type, on the screen. So after a few ideas getting thrown around..... Jake (his name lol) and the Giant was born.

Jake and the Giant is an asymmetrical local multiplayer VR game, between an VR player, and a regular PC player on the screen.

The VR player controls the powerful Giant, while the PC player controls Jake,
Jake must find all the gold, before he is able to find the exit, while the Giant searches for him with his tools of destruction The Toxic CBow and the Freeze Wand. Currently supports Oculus Rift Coming soon
Please take a look at this trailer and let me know what you think


Level 3
Jake and the Giant on Steam WISHLIST NOW 🙂 ;
Jake and the Giant is an asymmetrical/couch co-op local multiplayer VR coming soon.