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Update notes for January 17th's Essence Launch

Heroic Explorer

Thank you for playing Dragon Front! We have a ton of improvements available in the new update being uploaded right now. Here is a short list of the updates:

Updates and Additions:

  • Release Essence Faction.
  • Background online content download during tutorials implemented for GearVR
  • "Win Streak!" added on the Rewards Screen if the player has a win streak.
  • Skip tutorials when coming into game from an outside source
  • Updated Concede Text to explain the player will lose rewards


Card Changes:

  • Healing Grove now heals 2 (was heal 1).
  • Rainbow Mists now costs 5 (was cost 6).
  • Bark Druids now have 2 Health (was 1 health).
  • Accelerator fort cost reduced to 3 (was cost 4).
  • Makes Heavy Ordnance non-Giant (was Giant and non-Giant).


Desyncs and Crash Fixes:

  • Druid Arachnis Riders failing to respawn at the same time as another respawn unit dying no longer causes desync
  • Revealing a stealthed card on targeting in single player no longer causes desync
  • Conscription being cast on Five Star General no longer causes desync
  • Overdraw by both players with Rats of Rous and Repurpose no longer causes desync
  • Paging in card collection with Find Similar button highlighted no longer causes crash


General Fixes:

  • Using Volcanic Eruption with enemy units stealthed no longer causes a hang
  • Fix for progression stopper when immediately backing out after selecting initial faction
  • Fix for Heavy Ordnance giving range indefinitely
  • Fix for interaction between Tempest Minelayer and Plague Mine
  • Fix “Waiting For Server” bug on new accounts
  • No longer lose the name of the deck if you start editing and back out without changes
  • Fix for carpet bombing not showing up correctly for the opponent
  • If the stealth champion gets revealed on spawn, it is revealed for the opponent after it is added in the last played card queue.
  •  Fixed High Command “Rank Pending”
  • Fix for the Friends Chat Only button display not updating properly when toggled


Visual Improvements:

  • Scales Lock on Gear VR no longer appears black / unlit
  • Fix for fort activation VFX happening when destroyed by Flash Flood
  • Added a damage projectile and corrected ordering of events for Soul Foundry VFX
  • Fix for armor icon showing up black on gear VR
  • Added muzzle flashes for Gear VR
  • Stronghold Damage shields now properly indicate the lane from which damage is dealt
  • Fix to prevent Steamwing Bomber from appearing untextured
  • Fixed card exhaustion vfx
  • Added the Giant Icon to the card