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Using one account for multiple devices


I'd like to create one account (for a classroom) but use that account across multiple Meta Quest II devices.  I would  primarily be using it to engage with VR content on YouTube.  Is this possible?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@star.commander.2022 You can have as many headsets as you would like under 1 account, yes.


However if there's multiple headsets logged into said account at once, they wouldn't be able to use the same application. 


This would also kind of throw off the cloud backup since its trying to overwrite one backup with one from a different headset at the same time. 

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I am very interested in an answer to this question.  I am in the same boat.  I have multiple Meta Quest 2 headsets that I need to set up for classroom use.  The only difference is that we would be using a 3rd party VR software.  


Hi there! We appreciate you letting us know your experience with your multiple devices and would be more than happy to get you the information you need and deserve! When activating a device you do need an account per headset so it can be played together with a few others. At the time being there is not a way to use the devices under the same account at the same time as it will cause them to sign out from the account if played together. 


We appreciate your patience and your understanding and if you ever have any other questions in the future don't hesitate to reach out! 

Is there any way that my wife and I can play against each other. Forever darts will sign one of us out. If not now are you working on that for the future and do you have an eta on that? Thanks. 


Hello, @angelbears. We see you're having some difficulties playing "Forever Darts" with your wife. We definitely want to get you up and running so that you guys can have fun together. Whereas using the app sharing feature may be a little difficult, if you have the app sharing set up correctly there shouldn't be any reason for the device to force quit. If you do not experience this type of issue when using the app sharing feature with other games, it is suggested that the difficulties might be coming from within the game itself, and you should address your issue with the game's support. As developers may have a better solution than managing your app sharing feature. However, if you feel that this might be an issue with the app sharing feature, we can definitely see what is happening. If you can please resort reading over the app sharing features problems and solution page on our website. If you find that you are doing everything correctly we can try the following: 


  • Make sure that you are on a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Do not use any VPN network and make sure there is nothing that might be effecting Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Reboot the headset by press and holding the power and (-) volume buttons and choosing reboot. 

If you feel like these steps were no help please let us know!