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VR Experience question

Honored Guest

I’m hoping you have a recommendation for a VR experience.

We did the Star Wars experience at the void a few years ago and it was great. We loved how immersive it was for the group.

After that we did a vr experience called dreamscape and it wasn’t nearly as fun.

Since the void is closed, does anyone know of another vr experience that’s as fun as the void ?

Preferably in socal but open to others.



Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

You should totally check out some VR escape rooms near you! They take the whole escape room experience to a whole new level like making you walk through portals to solve puzzles, or travel in a suite underwater, It's mind-blowing!

The future of home entertainment!


A lot of "Dave & Buster" like locations tend to have VR experiences incorporated in their lineup. And I have noticed VR specific hotspots opening as well. These tend to be small independent businesses, which are specific to the local community. So for that you would need to spend some time on Google searching your surrounding area. And if you find at least one, be sure to talk to the owner of that location as they may know of others to recommend. Good luck!


Hmm, I experienced the Ubisoft Escape Room when I was in school. We had lots of fun there, although one of my cousins peed as well which turn into a drama🤣