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VludumdaRe - VR Blobby Volley like game

Level 4
Check out my VR prototype I created this weekend for Ludum Dare 31. It uses the Oculus Rift DK2 and a Razor Hydra.
Unfortunately it currently only works on OSX 10.9+ and there is no gameplay without Rift and Hydra. I might port it to windows once I get the Oculus SDK fully working with OpenGL.

It was mostly a fun project for myself in anticipation of the Sixense STEM system which should heavily improve the tracking quality in the future, compared to the Hydra :).

You can find more information on the game and the download on the the Ludum Dare Website:

I hope you like it 🙂


Level 15
It looks... blobby!!!
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Level 4
I just ported the game to windows!
You can download it here:

For some reason the introduction and setup texts made it crash, so for now they are disabled. Setup is a bit easier than on OSX anyways:
Just make sure your rift and your hydra are connected, set your rift to extended mode and start the game. The hydra controllers should be placed onto the base and the bases cables should point away from you.
Shadows are always enabled on windows.

"cybereality" wrote:
It looks... blobby!!!

It actually works pretty good without the video recording, which unfortunately makes it stutter quite a bit :(.
But since it is now working on my much more powerful windows computer, I might be able to record a better video soon.

I´ve also been thinking about giving a mounted Leap Motion a try, but I think its tracking area might be too small for this to really work well.

Level 4
I recorded a new video which hopefully shows that it works much better than it looked in the previous video 😉

- Windows
- Source

Level 2
When i play the racket and ball are too far back

Its like trying to hit the ball an inch from your face.

Level 4
Did you calibrate it? You need hold the racket controller to your right ear and press its start button. It should then fit quite okayisch to your real hand position. If not try a position in front or behind your ear. Just make sure your heading the same direction as the cables coming out of the hydras base station. What happens if you press the start button is just that the difference between your head position (as known by your dk2 camera) + some offset to get close to your ear and the hydras controller position are stored to be used to offset the racket and ball from their real world position reported by the hydra. This just tries to translate the hydras coordinate system into the one of the rift.