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Vr Media Cave - Video, Audio and image player

Level 3
Hi community,

I Just wanted to share the release of “VR Media Cave”. This is my first released project with the oculus rift and hopefully more will follow.

The media player plays video,audio and images on a variety of screens with support for 2d, 2D curved, 3D, 180, 360 – SBS – OU – Stereo or Mono – local or streamed, and built on my own engine.

It is a work in progress but it is at the stage where the community can benefit from it.

You can can grab it here.

Details on controls are in above link.

(Just give me a few days to set up a forum so that if people want to make requests for future improvements they can – will also try and get in on Oculus Share when I can - in the meantime you can post things here).

Edit: also be sure to enter your correct height in oculus config utility as everything is scaled around that.

Edit: I should mention you select the media type then select the file button, select your file from the directory then hit play.


Level 3
I'm getting judder with a Radeon R9 Fury. this is without anything even playing. Definitely something going on in the code.

Level 2
I finally broke down and updated to 6.0.1
Ran VRMC in direct mode. No jutter/no motion blur
Running on a Radeon HD6970(not the fake modded 5990)

I get a smooth 75 FPS throughout with a latency of no more than 5ms.

Good job! I will be using this as my defacto media player from now on. Well, other than VRDesktop, this is the bees knees.

Level 2
I've just tried Vr Media Cave and it seems promising, but with a few niggles.
* Support for .mpo 3D pictures would be nice, since it seems to do 3D video quiet well
* 3D video (.avi) shot on my Fuji W3 crashes the program instantly.
* I couldn't get it to browse through pictures in a folder. Having to exit the picture and then reload another one seems a bit of a clunky way to view browse through a folder of images (unless I'm missing a trick).
* Having to look at and press Play on newly opened media seems a bit redundant. You've just asked to open the media, why not immediately start playing it?
* Keyboard shortcuts would be nice (again unless I'm missing them).
* The ability to fast-forward video or skip to a specific point on the timeline. The next chapter buttons work okay but, again, more control is always nice.

...and finally... consolidating some of the options for media would, to me, make more sense. Having to specify you want to see video, or audio or photos before you select them seems a bit odd. Why not just show the list of supported file-type media in the folders and when you click on them, they just play, regardless of whether they're audio, video or so forth. That way the 'desk' could just show 3 media-type buttons; DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Media (mp3, mp4, jpg, etc).

Please don't think I'm not impressed with the program, as I think it's got some great potential. I just thought I'd let you know of my experiences with it. 🙂

Level 3
Thanks guys for trying it out!

@bahrni, thanks for your feedback, yes I agree there are many areas that of the UI that could be improved upon that it for sure. With the pictures did you add the files to the library as they need to be put there in order to play through all the contents. as for the codec issues everything is handled by VLC so I have no say on what it can load or not but for the majority of file type it does well for me. As for consolidation is was just easier to keep media elements separate, if I was getting paid to do it I would have streamlined things more but would have taken alot more work and being there hasn't been any interest in this player I've already moved on to my next project. Besides I think oculus have the cinema thing buttoned down going forward, so further development on this won't happen but I will still update the runtimes as they are released though.

Thanks again everyone!