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Vr Media Cave - Video, Audio and image player

Level 3
Hi community,

I Just wanted to share the release of “VR Media Cave”. This is my first released project with the oculus rift and hopefully more will follow.

The media player plays video,audio and images on a variety of screens with support for 2d, 2D curved, 3D, 180, 360 – SBS – OU – Stereo or Mono – local or streamed, and built on my own engine.

It is a work in progress but it is at the stage where the community can benefit from it.

You can can grab it here.

Details on controls are in above link.

(Just give me a few days to set up a forum so that if people want to make requests for future improvements they can – will also try and get in on Oculus Share when I can - in the meantime you can post things here).

Edit: also be sure to enter your correct height in oculus config utility as everything is scaled around that.

Edit: I should mention you select the media type then select the file button, select your file from the directory then hit play.


Level 3
Had a request to do a video on how it works.

just covers hardware,runtimes,causes of judder, how to use the interface and how to add to cycling playlist/library etc...
will do a video tomorrow on streaming from youtube and how to mod the file system in it's current state.

Level 2
Seems nice, but is there a reason that it is compiled for

As an AMD user, I don't plan on installing the latest runtime until the extended mode bug is fixed so compiling against the latest runtime will severely limit your demo userbase.

If there is a technical issue, then that is understandable. Not trying to be a dick about it. I really am looking forward to trying this, but I am not upgrading my runtime just for one demo.

Level 3
Thanks for the feedback kasperion. yeah "que ahead" in the made things run much smoother for me than previous oculus runtimes with my engine so went with them, as I wanted to ensure the best experience I could with my limited resources. However I understand there are issue at the moment as alot of demo's haven't been updated and people aren't updating runtimes as they want to continue to use their current apps without any fuss and yeah for most updating for one app isn't worth the aggravation. I hope down the road as everyone is able to migrate that people may get behind it as a project, but if not that's ok I'm just glad to have a good player and am on to my next project in the meantime.

Level 2
What I would like to work towards or see in the near future is a "Runtime Chooser". Basically, you would have a list of demos/applications. Depending on what they are compiled against, you could download and install multiple runtime versions and choose on-the-fly for whatever demo/game you are playing.

It would solve the aggravation of having to switch back and forth between runtimes between two reboots. The community really should take it upon itself to work toward a goal of compatibility, ease of use and end user development. These 3 goals, when coupled with future development will make the community bulletproof.

Level 3
I agree it would be a handy thing to have, but I think that is more up to oculus than the community as far as their vision for the runtimes and the roadmap they have set - also card vendors. In implementing the sdk with my engine I've noticed the physical changes having to be made by me are getting less and less - but when there are changes they are significant and you kind of have to go all in - meaning building for the past or the future. by the time version 1 is reached I really hope everything is going to be golden for everyone however maybe some of the older games and experiences will be lost to time unless the devs rebuild them for the latest runtimes (still hoping for dk2 blocked in). What you mentioned would be interesting to see implemented though and would save aggravation - however with all the changes made by card drivers and oculus runtimes might make it a hard thing to pull off.

Level 3
Hey this is my new favourite Movieplayer! Plays almost everything I throw at it (VLC based I assume?), no judder and slick interface. Thanks genetransfer! I'm really surprised that this isn't more popular on reddit and here in this forum.

2 things I noticed:

- The file explorer doesn't like dots in folder names like "" and filters them out
- it crashes with some streaming movies (happened to me with your example library movies)

Is there a log file I could attach here ?

Level 7
I'll have a chance to update to Runtime later today, and I'm really looking forward to trying this out. It's obvious you've put a ton of work into it!
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Level 3
@CountFloyd, Thanks for trying it out and the compliment :), I think people might already have their favorite players and might not be interested in trying something new or maybe because of needing runtimes, but glad you enjoyed it as much as me. Yes VLC as base was necessary for the simplest experience and was so glad I found it (after 2 previous versions of the player based on ffmpeg) not having to worry about codecs and great library to work with was a total win!

On the issues, Yes currently it does a simple filter search to determine between a folder and file and for this iteration it seeks for the extension after a period and if not supported extension will omit from results. If support comes in eventually I’ll make it more robust.

I will have a look the streaming movies and see if I can replicate, if you can remember which ones crash I’ll find it faster. I might just have messed up the count on one of the dat files and it’s trying to access unallocated memory if so should be simple to fix. Currently no log file but it does sound like what I mentioned.

@drash, big fan so thanks appreciate the kind words, yes it was a lot of hard work and seeing yours and everyone else work makes me want to push harder. Hope it works ok for you.

Level 3
oh well got rejected from oculus share based on these specs.

Distracting motion blur/screen judder when moving head side to side. This is in both extended and direct modes. System specs: Windows 7 64-bit, Oculus SDK/Runtime 0.6.1, GeForce GTX 980

funny I don't get judder or blur, except when fxaa is off (little blur against dark) or as I mentioned judder in the directory system as I explained because of text or when video resolution is high and I'm on a gtx650. pretty much everything on share has judder for me so surprised it got rejected being some people have mentioned vr media cave runs fine for them.

would have liked to know how it ran on the actual min system spec and below has anyone used this with a 970, win 7,

I won't be able to do anything about it as I don't even know how I'm going to afford cv1 and a new card, but was interested in knowing how it ran.

maybe I should try with htc and openvr as other than the oculus runtimes and compatability with card drivers I don't know what I could do to make it not judder on all systems. so thanks if you can tell me your experience with trying this if you have met all system specs mentioned (only if using latest runtimes as I know about judder on previous runtimes) and can you mentioned where judder was for you or was constant across the board.