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War Thunder now with 1.3 support on normal client.

Level 8
Found this statement from War Thunder CEO Anton Yudintsev on reddit.

Posted 7 hours ago:
"Only few major Oculus bugs left in tracker. Hope to iron Oculus support this week."


This is great news. The one I've been waiting for since May 2015 ( I missed the update at the end of the year that got it working again lol).

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Level 9
Nah, that's just WT. The cockpit textures in most planes are truly awful and always have been. Their target audience is using mouse aim in third person view. With that setup, it looks pretty decent.

Level 10

MowTin said:

War Thunder looks horrible whenever I try to play it. Am I doing something wrong? The textures are just very low res everywhere. IL-2 looks much much better. 

Yea, it is an older game and a port from Flat to VR.. so much of the Textures weren't designed to be looked at "too closely". I don't find it that bad though .. you lose half the detail in resolution/SDE anyway.