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We are making a game and would love your feedback!

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Voidcleaver Legacy


Hey there! First things first, let me introduce ourselves. We're a super small team—like, really tiny—and we're totally new to developing VR games for release. We're in the process of learning the ropes of Quest and VR development and figuring out how to actually sell our game.

We've been working on Voidcleaver Legacy for about the past six months or so. Admittedly, the game is in a very early stage, but we've decided to release it as "early access" to gather feedback from players.

So, what's Voidcleaver Legacy all about?
It's a VR game designed for Meta Quest devices. The general concept is inspired by Beat Saber mechanics and successful arcade-style games, but with a rich lore, level progression, character development, and a touch of role-playing thrown in. Enter Voidcleaver Legacy—a game where you, as the hero, get pulled into an ancient intergalactic conflict.

What's the story?
A mysterious object crash-lands on Paragon, the future capital planet of humanity, and it turns out to be an alien weapon capable of transforming into different forms based on need. The catch? The rightful owners of this device—the xeridians, an alien race—aren't thrilled that humans now possess it. They launch a massive invasion on Paragon.

You play as the lead scientist tasked with studying this alien device and find yourself thrust into a conflict that predates humanity itself. But here's the twist—the device awakens and reveals its powers to you. Now, you must defend your planet and unravel this tale while wielding the Voidcleaver and its myriad forms.

What should you expect from this "early access" experience?
You'll see lots of third-party assets from the Unity Store. These are placeholders and will be replaced as we create our own models. Don't worry, you'll spot a few original assets too, particularly the Voidcleaver and enemy ships. We've been rigorously testing the game, so you shouldn't encounter many glitches or bugs. However, at this stage, we can't make any promises.

In conclusion
We're posting here to ask for all the help you can offer. We'd love to hear your feedback and, if possible, any advice you might have! Also, please be aware that the game is a work in progress. At its current stage, the game doesn't fully represent our vision of the final product!

Currently, the game is priced, but we're eager to gather your thoughts on whether it's justified or not. We're also open to suggestions on the best pricing model for a game like ours. But for the time being, don't worry—I'll be giving away keys for anyone who wants to test it out.

Download link

Some keys for testing


Can't wait to hear what you all have to say! Thank you very much!