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What's your best VR experience?

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I need an honest opinion about this. I recently saw a YouTube video about this VR game that can be played in the car. It caught my interest since I’m the type that travels a lot, and my kids will sure need something like this to keep them busy. But, to be honest, I haven't really tried VR out as much as many of you guys here, and that’s why I need a review from you guys on what to expect.

First, I was glad the holoride VR allows all vehicle types via its Retrofit Pack, and according to reviews, I saw that it also solves motion sickness issues that may occur due to VR usage, which I think is cool. Another thing is that it projects whatever happens with the car into the game. When the car turns, you feel it in the game as well.

For me, I’m planning to try it out. Do you guys think it's worth it, or are there other VR games you can recommend and how to get them if possible?


Hated it when I tried Holoride VR - I just kept driving into other cars and pedestrians.


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More inspiration here, you'll find everything in the online Meta Store:

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