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Whiteboard removed Horizon Workrooms


Hi everyone, I have been using Horizon Workrooms for a while to teach students. It has been incredible, especially when I travel. Now with the whiteboard function removed, no classes can be done in VR since we really only used the whiteboard to upload work and collaborate together. It was incredible to see young students working together in a VR setting and I was hoping to spread the use of VR as an educational tool. I even created many math and language arts 'packages' that could be uploaded to the VR meeting room and used to complete work or present. I know my thoughts as one single customer don't really matter, but I just want to put my thoughts out there. I haven't found any other tool like this and I feel like I've let parents down since I was extolling the virtues of VR for so long. The loved watching the sessions and it really felt like a moment of innovation for doing classes. I'm just plainly upset and will do whatever I can to reach out to Meta and see if they will ever bring it back. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I've tried Glue, Spatial, MeetinVR, and Engage. Nothing comes close. 


@aibec  Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the whiteboard being removed from Workrooms, you aren't alone in feeling upset about this -- we have others in the Workrooms Community as well who share those sentiments.   

It sounds like you had found a great use case and were putting this to work sharing the virtues of VR and it can be very disappointing to see something you've been getting people excited about go away!  I'd love to pass along your feedback to the Workrooms team to hopefully inspire them to think about if the whiteboard or tools that might fit your needs can return to the future version of Workrooms.   

I would love to invite you to the Workrooms Community because we've got a lot of great community members who love VR and we also extend way beyond just Workrooms to take field trips to other apps as well to explore what's possible.  We meetup up every Friday as well in the Workroom to talk, share ideas and more. 

Two apps that might have some potential for you that aren't on your current list could be Doodleboard which is a newer app being developed by someone who's actually in our Workrooms Community too, so I could connect you with them as they are looking for feedback from users to help shape the product into what is needed for real practical use cases like yours!

Also Naer out of Norway who have some collaboration tools like post it notes connected to a Miro board and a whiteboard they are looking at improving as well with feedback.  

On top of this, we've got a community board for feedback on Workrooms you can drop by and share your thoughts about the whiteboard there or I'm happy to add your thoughts there for you.

Host of the Horizon Workrooms Community Meetups

Thank you, that all sounds great and I'm glad I'm not alone. I'll try out those apps, also a big fan of Miro for making mind maps; even my 10 year old students use it. Feel free to pass on any of my comments. Many thanks~~


Posting again and will try as much as I can to get the whiteboard back for Workrooms. Any Meta employees out there: please bring back the whiteboard for Workrooms. I used to teach free classes in VR and students could actually do the uploaded work at their desk or in front of the class. It was amazing and I had big hopes for innovative education in VR. I've been trying other apps but can not seem to annotate PNG files on a whiteboard. Most recently, I tried importing a photo into Glue and use the 3D pen but it doesn't 'translate' onto the file. Please bring back the whiteboard!