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Why not using RDP for Remote Desktop?

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I tried Remote Desktop on my Quest 2 and if I understand correctly it still uses video streaming. But generally I think RDP would deliver a better experience as it probably requires less powerful host computer, consumes less bandwidth and supports multiple screens.

What are the reasons not using RDP?


Honored Guest

Which RDP app did you use on Quest 2? Sometimes i need to interact with my PC and RDP is a good option. But i don't know good app suitable for VR / Quest 2

I heard that it is possible to side load Android app for that but never tried.

@vilicvane  @nightgryphon  Have you tried Remote Display already? It works pretty well and if you installed Horizon Workrooms you can use multiple displays in your Personal Workspace too. 

There are some other apps you install, like Immersed that has multiple screen support or you can try sideloading apps like AnyDesk which supports multiple screens as well but unfortunately Quest puts unknown apps in the app library in a different way that isn't as useful.  I would hope they will stop that practice soon and just allow sideloaded apps to work as usual. 

I do wonder if there will be better remote desktop apps in the future, you may also want to check out Virtual Desktop which a lot of people like and there's a Steam Desktop as well that some people talk a lot about. 

We have a lot of people using the Quest for the multiple screens and productivity in the Horizon Workrooms Community

Host of the Horizon Workrooms Community Meetups

I think Horizon Workrooms is useable but not ideal. Also tried Immersed but the UI is amateur.

With RDP, I would be able to carry Quest without a computer and work anywhere with a reasonable Internet connection.

Try using Virtual Desktop instead if the Remote Desktop on Quest isn't working for you.

There are other free alternatives you might be able to try like TeamViewer for Web. This runs in the browser and you'll need a Bluetooth keyboard for input.

You'll need to create an account and setup TeamViewer on your main machine before attempting to connect to it. This works on Internet Protocols so you should be able to connect from anywhere if you have a decent connection at both ends.

Your experience may be limited because it will be running in the web browser window. If you're using it for productivity it might be fine, but you're not going to get decent refresh rates for PC VR style gaming.

You can try side loading any of the following and use the one that works best for you (I haven't tested these and don't know if these will work)...

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android
  • TeamViewer for Android
  • VNC Viewer for Android
  • AnyDesk as suggested earlier

For a better experience use the apps optimised for Quest or use alternative apps to the ones you are using on Windows.

- Microsoft 365 Office Web with Meta quest

- Install an email client on the quest and link your email account to that

- Shift your work load to the web browser. If youre a developer you can try visual studio code for the web