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Will I like Into The Radius if I didn't like TWD: Saints & Sinners?

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So I really wanted to like TWD: Saints & Sinners after reading all the great reviews it got, but I just couldn't get into it...not enough action and too much scavenging and having to start over without stuff you picked up, respawning enemies....etc, just not for me. Into the Radius looks good, but I'm wondering if it's the same type of game?


Hi @chiss.711080  I absolutely loved Into The Radius - one of my all time favourite games but I'm worried by your not enough action comment.

You have a base where you choose missions, weapon up, upgrade etc and go out to do your missions, then you always have to make your way back to base.  Of course the missions get harder and there is plenty of action out there - you can just go out and fight without choosing any missions.

A lot of people love Into The Radius because you can just explore, sit in a house all night etc.

I say give it a go!

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