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Winter Sale - Full Games List - Ranked (Updated 12/22/16

Level 9
I needed to find the best deals and prices on games right away, so I made the following lists to aid informed purchasing of time-sensitive deals. It's easier to use than Oculus Store in my opinion and you can compare everything on one screen.  No calculus or rocket science here, just good old fashioned spreadsheet statistics.  Just sharing in case it helps anyone with their purchases since I already did the work.  So far, it's worked great for me to pick up deals for the best games...been really happy with them so far.  (Your mileage and your opinion may vary).

There are three lists: Ranked by Best Deal, Ranked by Exposure, and Alphabetical.  

Best Deal
  • Methodology: Weighted by # Ratings > Rating Score > Discount.  Favors titles with the most ratings exposure, highest score and deepest discounts.
  • Grain of salt:  The newer the title, the less the exposure, so new high quality titles may be underrepresented as they climb to the top.
  • Methodology: # Ratings * Rating Score. This favors titles that have been market tested the most.  High Exposure + High Rating Score = High quality title.

  • Self-explanatory

UPDATED 12/22/16:  Added 3 additional games Oculus added to the Winter Sale on 12/22/16.  Updated Daily Deal.  Refined ranking for accuracy.  Actual scores and votes are current as of 12/21/16. Pics attached as .pdf docs for convenience and page loading.

Example screenshot:


Rift-S, Quest 128GB, GO 64GB.

Level 15
Nice job! Hope no one says there isn't content for VR.
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