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Your VR Remastered Games Wishlist! (for fun)

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Thought i'd put out a more creative fun post to see some ideas for what sort of game people would like to see remastered for VR Officially without mods or 3rd party apps. there are some super awesome games that would take off in the VR arena! Be cool to see what ideas people have!
Mine are;
-Halo series- had to be said, would definitely win all awards if done properly!!!

-Mass effect series- seeing the world through Shepard's eyes and speaking his lines would be E-P-I-C!!!!

-Farcry series (remastered)- driving vehicles, wing suiting, shooting guns and ripe story... who wouldn't love this? 

-Fallout series- now that the Oculus-Bethesda feud has settled, these would be very cool remastered PROPERLY..... Current Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim are great experiences, but shocking game interface. can only shoot guns/ use 2 handed weapons one hand while the other hand just waves about, you have to click buttons to interact with EVERYTHING (they obviously couldn't figure out the grip buttons...). And in general the controls feel like they were just transitioned from console to VR format without any revision. so yeah, my whish is that they did these properly!!! they were some of my favourite games, and i feel a little cheated.

-Battlefield/CoD franchises remastered- although distinctly Multiplayer, a cross platform system would be great! and they do have some gripping stories as well to play solo!

-Crimson Skies- my childhood first game I ever played, to fly in those cockpits in Vr would be a dream come true!

These are just some ideas, keen to hear what other people want to see and why! 🙂

Take care!



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Hey there, nice idea for a topic!
I would definitely love Halo (1 to 3) and FarCry (2 to 5) in VR! Battlefield and CoD in VR would be nice, but cross-platform would be totally unbalanced. VR gives a bigger FOV, more natural camera/weapons movement and more FPS (90 vs 60). Even the so-called "PC master-race" wouldn't stand a chance against a VR veteran player!

Personally, I would love: 

- Oblivion VR. I love Skyrim (the VR version as well, despite its very poor interface), but I really miss Cyrodiil ! Given that it's an old game, a VR remastered version would be really cheap and would run even on weaker PCs.

- Devil May Cry 4 VR (in first person, obviously). The graphics were wonderful when it was released, and the game is epic!

- World of Warcraft VR. This game has so much to offer. People already hooked on this game in normal version, so in VR... nobody would ever get out! This is really the kind of game that I'm expecting for VR.

- Until Dawn in VR would be sick as hell. Granted there wouldn't be that much interaction with the environment ; but to experience those various deaths in first person can definitely be memorable.

- The Batman Arkham series would be terrific. Arkham VR was fantastic despite the very poor gameplay, so I can't imagine how fun it would be to get the other games ported and in first person!