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The Rift S is the biggest POS I have ever owned. For three years I have had nothing but constant USB and display adapter disconnects. This thing wont hold a f-ing connection for ten GD minutes for the past THREE YEARS. After yet another unsuccessful ...

ghs22 by Level 4
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I cant get horizon worlds

I try to install horizon worlds but it doesn't show a get button, it only shows add to wishlist and the information button. But there is no place for me to actually press install. How do I fix this?

Resolved! Pokerstars VR black screen

Thought I'd try poker stars out.After the pokerstars logo intro, there is just a continuous black screen.I have read many people having a similar issue.Are people currently experiencing this issue?

Echo VR shutdown

To whoever it may concern, I am deeply saddened by the news that EchoVR will be closing its doors on 1st August 2023. The Echo community is huge, established and it will be a great loss to many of us should the game disappear entirely. This is why I ...

128ajb by Level 2
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Amazing KPOP VR concert viewing experience

For whom haven’t experienced VENTA X, I have to say that this app is well designed and easy to use in general. And the app is just right for the people who like watching cool performances through VR or simply love KPOP!For the first time when I got i...

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Resolved! Can’t exit beta version in Gorilla tag.

My son got the summer update for gorilla tag. Then he loaded a beta version of the same game. Now it seams like we don’t get updates. We are getting an error message saying that we don’t have the latest version, please update… But when go to the app ...

Meta horizon worlds needs an update

Every time I open the app I’m stuck at a screen with a cat on a fork and that’s all this game needs an update on devices people wanna play this but can’t can y’all fix it

They took my money

THEY TOOK ALL OF MY MONEY I tried to buy bonelab and it didn’t work even though I had the necessary amount of money plus the monthly code so I put my credit card on the oculus app then I tried to buy it again and it charged all of it to my credit car...

Onward - syringe not working?

Anyone having same issue with oculus 2 and onward with syringes not working? setting is set to “no input”. I can grab it and try to stab anywhere in hand, body, etc. hold it still and just won’t administer. Changed setting to input required. Tried ev...

Store app for Meta Quest 2 - Meta Go error

Hello!I just purchased a Meta Quest 2 headset. I’m about to make my first purchase for a game listed in the recommended list and I’m seeing the following error:- It looks like you haven’t yet set up Meta Go, whic you’ll need to play X game. Do you st...


Echo isn't worth keeping. They don't enforce one of their rules anyways so what's the point? Game is 13+ but there are 6 year old's screaming the N word constantly in lobbies and in matches. Another reason, the game is 6 years old, it came out in 201...

The most wanted PCVR games coming in 2023

Feel free to add your favorites - these are some of my "most wanted" VR games in 2023!Some should have arrived in 2022, but did not make it - like: February 2023. Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution (also for PSVR2)https://store.steampowered.com/...

ss_0b11622fabcba6f671aafbf8a5a6b82f0508b33e.1920x1080.jpg ss_a7ad97833600b78069381762de6aca08e3516b06.1920x1080.jpg ss_3a18c0ff2e154b053f8afe6174734c05070f6703.1920x1080.jpg ss_a87d37b65e3c154b9e1e656d0badca1d20cc7902.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Gorilla Tag Ban

Hello I have had gorilla tag for a very long time now and I got banned indefinitely because of a ban evasion. I was unbanned for a day, but the next day I was banned again, and I was confused, I cant play with any of my friends. The only thing I can ...

Can't login to Meta for Oculus App

I kept getting the popup to update my Oculus account to Meta one to use my Oculus Rift. I did so and now when I click on the Oculus icon/app to start it and get the Meta popup, I click login with Oculus account, type my email and password and it tell...

Dance Central on Quest won't save

Hello,i bought Dance Central on my Quest, but it seems that it won't save any progress... everytime i have to restart from 0.I already tried to unistall and reinstall the game but it just won't save.I also have Beat Saber on it and my scores and prog...

FuReSy by Level 2
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Ways to avoid the loss of Echo Arena

The proposed ending of Echo Arena has devastated many lives. This is a vibrant community with multiple competitive leagues, professional leagues, and so many dedicated and skilled players who have devoted so much of their life to this sport over the ...

daveola by Level 2
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The Fight for Echo VR and Echo Combat.

Meta/RAD have decided that you can no longer buy Echo Combat as of 31st of Jan. However you can still play it until the 1st of Aug. With the Sad News that RAD/Meta are no longer supporting Echo VR as of the 1st of Aug.. and therefore shutting down th...

The Game That Was So Much More

This is an announcement that I sent to the community of teams that me and my friends made through Echo VR, please read what I had to say and I'll explain more after it."I'm sure you have all seen the news, and just like all of you, I am deeply sadden...

Right controller wont work

I have used my Oculus for less than a year but this issue happened 2 times already. the 1st time this happened i factory restarted my headset and paired and unpaired it but this time I have tried everything I knew. I factory restarted it and u have t...

Issues with getting started with Quest 2 for oldies

My husband and I are in our 80’s and no longer able to travel far so have purchased a Quest 2 headset in the hope of continuing to enjoy our world through VR.We are incredibly disappointed at this stage. I purchased and downloaded National Geographic...

Re: Nfl pro Era - defense

Hey guys. So I won my wild card playoff game, but when I’m back in the locker room the schedule is blank for the next game. It’s as if I’ve never played the playoff game. I even have the trophies and game ball from that playoff game, but the schedule...

Dez305 by Level 2
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