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Have questions about Samsung odyssey.

Watching the apple VR release drew me to this sub. I have never even tried an vr headset. After reading lots of posts on this sub, I ordered an odyssey. Should be here in a few days. Why an odyssey? It has a wired connection to my pc and it has oled....

quten by Guest
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The great free app COCO VR no longer works correctly

This Oculus exclusive app still is a great one: Unfortunately it seems that Oculus has updated some software so that Coco VR no longer works correctly - to quote some recent users, and I have the exact same issue using Rift CV1: "gorgeous but can’t p...

coco_image_1.png coco_image_23.png coco_image_3.png coco_image_7.png
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Stranger Things VR referral issue all links dead

Do You know whats going on with Stranger Things VR referral links ? , just checked mine and few others and they are dead past few days: all links look like this ... https://www.oculus.com/referrals/error/?error_type=invalid_linkAlso in the app there ...

pearlmar by Honored Guest
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Why not using RDP for Remote Desktop?

I tried Remote Desktop on my Quest 2 and if I understand correctly it still uses video streaming. But generally I think RDP would deliver a better experience as it probably requires less powerful host computer, consumes less bandwidth and supports mu...

vilicvane by Honored Guest
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Ghosts Of Tabor DLC Not Working "2.0"

I'll make my story as short as possible. As of recent, I purchased Ghosts of Tabor for Quest 3.After putting under 10hrs. in the game, I chose to purchase the "Starter Pack DLC" through the Meta store.Unexpectedly, the DLC did not work. Nothing in th...

Where I can find nice VR experiences?

Hey guys, how are you?I got a VR headset recently, but I'm having some trouble finding content.I played some games like Rec Room and VRChat and watched some 360 ​​videos on youtube... Where do you usually find interesting experiences for VR?

igranrene by Honored Guest
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Steaming 3D Movies on Oculus Quest 2 in 2024

How are we supposed to stream 3D Movies on Quest devices since VUDU was removed? This was the only library of owned movies available that used to stream on the Quest 2 and it has been removed. Bigscreen is not a good alternative since it doesn't allo...

MacBook Pro 16'' (2023) keyboard in Oculus

Hello,does anybody know if&when MacBook Pro 16'' (2023) keyboard will be supported in Oculus VR - Meta Horizon Workrooms? Now I can only select 2019, but it does not seem to be compatible with the 2023 version - at least I do not see it in Workrooms ...

Skip opening scene in First Encounters

I love the First Encounters app on my Quest 3. But if you play it repeatedly, the opening scene becomes boring. (From the spaceship coming through the ceiling till the real shooting starts, esp the ‘knocking’ takes too long and adds nothing to the ga...

DJ454 by Honored Guest
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Asgard’s Wrath Excavated Garrison

Ok, I have Djehuty and I’ve travelled back to the great sand sea, to a cave called the Excavated Garrison. There are two blue squares to hit to open the door. I’m assuming because you need Djehuty that I need to use portals to do this fast enough, bu...


hey i heard that you guys are getting rid of scoped storage, I have had a blast moding. just plaza don't get rid of it.

Bp232 by Honored Guest
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Referrals fresh

Hey Just got my first Device  having a blast, use my refs as u wish  fresh links Device referral Oculus Quest $30 Non US https://www.meta.com/referrals/link/pearlmar Stranger Things VR -25% ‍https://www.oculus.com/appreferrals/pearlmar/7803243026...

pearlmar by Honored Guest
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The most wanted PCVR games coming in 2024

Feel free to add your favorites - these are some of my "most wanted" VR games in 2024! Some should have arrived in 2023, but did not make it, so I've repeated at few games from last year's thread  https://communityforums.atmeta.com/t5/VR-Experiences...

RuneSR2_5-1703877477287.jpeg ss_1f098f7590d2b5cd6c499f0d947c10645d52400f.1920x1080.jpg ss_f86b29f23c3ee0c6a90a6fc03ab7d5e723fcb1a2.1920x1080.jpg ss_b91001303f9bc0e9991d93a75c6f0caf55bc6f99.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Link PCVR settings recommendations for Quest 3?

Hello everyone, I recently crossed the thresholds of the VR world and I am completely fascinated. because I don't have the possibility to upgrade my PC at the moment but at the same time I want to enjoy my VR quest 3 headset as much as possible, I wo...

AdyGaucan by Honored Guest
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Premium bowling not working right any more.

We just got the Rift S on May 22, and for that 'special occasion' I bought Premium bowling. Things were going along just great, and all of a sudden over the past couple of days, the visuals jump all over the place, and when it finally does settle dow...

SET-VR by Explorer
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Where is the Wishlist Page? ?

This question is not about the gear itself. It's about the website:I just added a bunch of apps to my wishlist. Now that I've navigated away from the app page, how do I access my Wishlist to view all the apps I just added? Thanks,emily

emabini by Honored Guest
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Asgard's Wrath 2 Save rollback issues

I was stuck in the last area because the game glitched where I cannot escape the puzzle. So i use the rollback option in setting where it promises to rollback to an earlier save before this quest. I used it and i was rolled back the entire day or 2 o...

Doom Eternal, Quake, etc

Im a big fan o all the doom, quake, and tombraider games!!! Does anyone know if these will ever be avalible on Quest???Or if theres any games compareable to these???Any help would be greatly aperciate!!!

chazzm69 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! BEST VR games out

Would like to buy 5 of the BEST VR games that hightens the expereince. suggestions?

timbowil by Honored Guest
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Play areas suggestion

It'll be useful to store different areas on the device. E.g. i have 2 rooms where i can use device and a bed where i'm watching movies etc. I must set up game space every time. Maybe i missing something... If not? it'll be useful 2 save this spaces a...

X0PEK by Honored Guest
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Referal Links

Meta Quest 3 Headset: 30 EUR Guthaben für Käufer durch Referal Linkhttps://www.meta.com/referrals/link/NapsisCLS Walkabout Mini Golf:https://www.oculus.com/appreferrals/NapsisCLS/2462678267173943/?utm_source=oculus&utm_location=4&utm_parent=frl&utm_m...


Meta have actively been making the Quest line an absolute pain to use as of late, pushing developer-assaulting features like draconian uncommanded app updates, a cloud backup you can't disable in apk builds and a handful of other intentional heinous ...

Is there anyway to buy or rent or stream 3d movies?

Seeing a lot of talk about the competition this days I have taken out my old quest 2 to watch some 3d movies, I used in the past the old big screen but that doesn't offer the service anymore. is there any other services to buy/rent/stream 3d movies? ...

And_Rec by Honored Guest
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