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The most wanted PCVR games coming in 2024

Feel free to add your favorites - these are some of my "most wanted" VR games in 2024! Some should have arrived in 2023, but did not make it, so I've repeated at few games from last year's thread  https://communityforums.atmeta.com/t5/VR-Experiences...

RuneSR2_5-1703877477287.jpeg ss_1f098f7590d2b5cd6c499f0d947c10645d52400f.1920x1080.jpg ss_f86b29f23c3ee0c6a90a6fc03ab7d5e723fcb1a2.1920x1080.jpg ss_b91001303f9bc0e9991d93a75c6f0caf55bc6f99.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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The Awesome UEVR Thread - impressions - reviews - support

With UEVR, we can now play almost any Unreal Engine 4 or 5 game in VR - here's a quick guide if you're new to UEVR: - and here's Paradise Decay's much longer guide in case that's needed  Find all necessary UEVR files here: https://www.uevr.io/ Basic...

download (29).jpg download (28).jpg download (32).jpg download (30).jpg
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Cubum - Gear VR

Greetings to the VR community!I'm a software developer and a big fan of VR since i had my first contact with it. Finally i catch'ed a opportunity to make something for the VR world and so I have submitted a game for the Archiact Game Jam.My final goa...

clone by Explorer
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Stuck on Asgard's wrath 2

Hello! I really like the game Asgard Wrath 2, but I got to the middle of the game and it froze at the level where you need to find the third solar disk in the sky castle. I completed the tasks, found the disk, but I can't take it, it shows that I hav...

Rama2 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Multiplayer functionality and App Sharing

Very new to gaming so apologies for novice queries. What specifically does multiplayer function let me do? Can I play a game in VR with someone else in my household at the same time or do you share headset and take turns. If we had two headsets can w...

Stray is amazing in VR - but you'll need a very fast rig

I spent some time playing Stray in VR: To play this in VR you need UEVR: https://www.uevr.io/ - and you'll need a very fast rig. Using Index res 200% (18 million pixels per frame) seems about the minimum for great non-blurry image quality, and I usua...

download (13).JPG download (6).JPG download (10).JPG download (11).JPG
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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How to mod on Meta Quest without PC after V63

I will explain the step to have access to the \Android\data and \Android\obb, assuming you know to apply each steps correctly: Install Mobile VR Station: this will be helpful to install APK files from downloaded on the Quest. Download and install Aur...

I got banned in Gorilla Tag (falsely)

I was peacefully playing Gorilla Tag in a casual lobby trying to practice my branching as per usual and I see someone modding, but it’s a casual lobby remember so I just thought it was allowed and was able to ignore it either way.This was until someo...

Meta Quest Child Restrictions

Hello,Unfortunately, Meta’s restrictions for 10-12 year olds have made the VR experience very disappointing for parents and children. We certainly understand the need to protect children in social media and gaming, but Meta has given parents very lit...

Shadow Point Glitch

Hello! I am playing Shadow Point and I am stuck. I am on the purple crystal puzzle at the end of The Huntress. I am able to retrieve the sun figurine and advance to the antechamber where you have to flip/toggle the switch. But everytime I push the sw...

From Blackboxing to freezing

I’m so glad that I haven’t black boxed in a week or so, however, now I’m experiencing an issue with freezing and it makes you have to log completely out and restart the headset to log back into horizon. I see improvement but where there is improvemen...

Why do PCVR players play stand-alone?

I used to be a quest player, got a pc and never looked back (except for exclusives.) but I constantly see “I use quest because it’s easier” and stuff like that. it takes quite literally 3d seconds to turn on a pc and open virtual desktop/steamlink/ai...

breonko by Honored Guest
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How to fix Rift S USB reconnect issues

Even though I have a quest 2 I decided to get a Rift S to connect to my PC instead, I had problems where it required the USB port to be changed each time I turned on the PC. I read all the forums I could find including Reddit and nothing worked. So m...

Resolved! What was your most mind blowing experience in VR ?

I have a quest 2 for 7 months now. I recently bought Elite Dangerous, I didn't know what it was and I'm still lost in the game... But **bleep**, this game is so beautiful for a 2014 game, the immersion is just amazing!!! I was lost in my spaceship, e...

teronhexi by Honored Guest
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Puzzle game recommendations

I am looking for a nice puzzle game that have teleport feature or just stand still. I get super dizzy if i use the walk forward control so need to either teleport to location, like in Half Life Alyx or not move at all. Not to interested in tetris but...

LetoHebe by Explorer
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Meta should not be losing customers referral credits

It has just come to my attention from this forum that the reason my app referrals stop working on and off, sometimes for weeks on end, is due to Meta CHOOSING which people to block from getting the referrals. That is unfair. I bought the Quest 3 and ...

elash99 by Explorer
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Mixed Reality Games and Apps

I've spoken about passthrough before - using it for work and then finding little gems and I've just found another which is fantastic. Because it looks like mixed reality is going to be more important later this year and next I thought I'd create a th...

Echo VR

Is There any way Echo VR can be brought back even with an new version or new name?

Daxmanp by Explorer
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Whiteboard removed Horizon Workrooms

Hi everyone, I have been using Horizon Workrooms for a while to teach students. It has been incredible, especially when I travel. Now with the whiteboard function removed, no classes can be done in VR since we really only used the whiteboard to uploa...

aibec by Explorer
  • 3 replies
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Religious themed Rift apps

Hi I was looking for a room or an experience with like minded Christian that would like to study the Bible. Has anyone found anything yet??

LFratt by Honored Guest
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I have the coolest dad ever

My dad has a oculus rift s and a meta quest 3 and he played my most favorite vr game gorilla tag with me but he got really motion sick

Birb1533 by Expert Protege
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