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Play music in game with browser

I want to open my browser in the app, so I can play music in gorilla tag but my offer for saying that I need to close the app to do that then I reopen the app, and it says I need to close the browser please help with this @

Gorilla Tag Ban

Hello I have had gorilla tag for a very long time now and I got banned indefinitely because of a ban evasion. I was unbanned for a day, but the next day I was banned again, and I was confused, I cant play with any of my friends. The only thing I can ...

Bought Blade & Sorcery Nomad, can't install.

Hey everyone Paid for B&S Nomad - it's in my library under "all apps" but not under "installed" neither "not installed" - i don't have the option to install it. And when I click it nothing happens at all. Tried to restart the quest2, tried to refund ...

Hajen_ by Level 3
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Roblox VR Toggle Button missing

I have the Oculus Quest and had played VR on Roblox for a few weeks. We just got a new gaming laptop (better and has all the specs that Oculus needs) and the VR toggle button does not show up in Roblox VR games. I went to Menu then Settings and the V...

Dual VR Experience

My mom is handicapped with MS and is not able to use hand controls. Are there any VR apps that allow two users to share a VR tour like experience while only one user controls the action? Tours like African safaris, roller coaster rides, scuba diving,...

Budsson by Level 2
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The most wanted PCVR games coming in 2023

Feel free to add your favorites - these are some of my "most wanted" VR games in 2023!Some should have arrived in 2022, but did not make it - like: February 2023. Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution (also for PSVR2)https://store.steampowered.com/...

ss_0b11622fabcba6f671aafbf8a5a6b82f0508b33e.1920x1080.jpg ss_a7ad97833600b78069381762de6aca08e3516b06.1920x1080.jpg ss_3a18c0ff2e154b053f8afe6174734c05070f6703.1920x1080.jpg ss_a87d37b65e3c154b9e1e656d0badca1d20cc7902.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Quest 2 not pairing with iPhone (possible fix)

I seem to have fixed the problem by installing the developer app and didn’t even need to register that app.After I installed this app on my PC the headset updated to version 5. something and it paired with my iPhone straight away, (finally after so m...

Release date Horizon Worlds in The Netherlands

Good day, I would like to know when Horizon Worlds is going to be released. As Horizon Venues is not longer available. It is installed on my quest 2 but when i click it reroutes me to horizon Worlds in the sore. ANd i get a fancy video on how cool Wo...

lairnoc by Level 4
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Walking Dead Saints & Sinners problem with backpack

While playing Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, during mission 1, I am not able to go through the pages to retrieve the key.I have re-tried the mission 3 times, and every time I can not navigate to the previous screen in the bag.I even tried removing it...

Resolved! Amazon Prime Video Error 4107

Hi, if you've ever had trouble playing titles from your Amazon Prime Video account and have seen an error code 4107 for ANY reason (Mines was I changed the password using my phone and try to log in to prime video on my Oculus) just go to settings >>>...

FB Account Recovery

Hi, I have a gift from my wife, Meta quest 2. When I was going to register Meta quest 2, Today March 19, 2023, I noticed that sadly and Surprisingly my facebook had been hacked which i'm using since 2009. If you need further information please let me...

Shiphat by Level 2
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In-Game purchase not supported on Oculus

So I bought an add-on for the game Golf+ for my Quest1. It was a Golf Course add on to play. After I bought I I realized you can’t play the courses on the Quest 1 only on Quest 2. I don’t know why they allowed pitches to go through, but I am out mone...

controllers in a game

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Spoiler (Highlight to read)ideas ideas so when im in boneworks i just see a controler as my hand and a hand and it gets in the way of seeing things when aiming in a gun so an idea is to make a setting to turn of the contoll...

Linux Support???

I'm really disappointed that I wasted $400 on a Rift S just for it to become a paper-weight since I don't want to use Windows on my computer. I have no clue why a multi-billion dollar company can't afford to support more than one operating system.I'm...

Corbb by Level 2
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Resolved! Star Wars game

I have one question. Are you able to play Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge on Meta Quest 2?

Should you buy an oculus?

That's a tough question. There's a lot to consider from price, to functionality, to supported games, ect. But whatever else your research tells you, know that I bought a Rift-S and my experience was negative. Their tech support is incredibly bad (eve...

Voice bug in gorilla tag

When someone is in front of me and they are talking, it sounds like there voice is coming from the right/left of me. This is really annoying and confusing. Does anybody know how to fix this

Game Removed: Marvel Powers United

I bought an oculus years ago that came with the Marvel Powers United game. That game was removed from the store and the libraries of all who owned it. It is no longer playable even if you owned it and had it downloaded. A word of warning to everyone ...