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18+ games have a no youth pop up

My account is underaged and my parents bought me blade and sorcery and I have this stupid Pop up and I talked to support and my parents tried to fix this but they can't please help 


free beat saber

my husband bought me an occulus quest in August which was activated on September 9th after my birthday. the first I knew about the beat saber offer is when I got an email dated the 16th of September reminding me to redeem it unfortunately I did not a...

Half Life 2: VR Mod releasing on the 16th

Probably just a short post, but it baffles me how we aren't all going crazy about Half Life 2: VR finally coming out after all this time! Now I don't know about y'all, but I'm pretty excited for this, as HL2 was one of the first games I played on Ste...

iMight404_1-1662131153900.jpeg iMight404_2-1662131159071.jpeg iMight404_3-1662131164042.jpeg iMight404_4-1662131174007.jpeg
iMight404 by Retired Support
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App search reliability

I am unable to find a certain app periodically - I have tried from accounts with and without the app installed.Example below where the WIN Reality app does not show for "Win Reality" - have also had these happen with 'baseball' periodically. 


Did you played FitnessVR ?

Hello fellow players and sportmates! did you tested this game ?as an early access it looks pretty cool and smooth .https://store.steampowered.com/app/1017340/FitnessVR/

Any Little Cities players here???

Hello All,I love Little Cities and am on the 3 smaller islands that can be linked with building bridges. So far all my residents still pretty much love me . However, have become stumped...... simply can not figure out to get the "coastal airport" to...

Sports Scramble question

Every time I go to the sports scramble game it starts me at the very begging of the intro. How do I continue my games? I have rewards that I’m unable to get because it tells me I’m a new player to the game. Is this normal? If so, I think I will have ...

Rokaydu by Level 2
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Serial killer/ Detective sim

Here me out on this. There have been many detective games where you have to find a killer or solve a mysterious case. But what if the roles were reversed. A game where you are the killer.. allot of the detail being around trying not to get caught (cl...

Red_Mic by Level 2
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Lone Echo 2 bug in sidequest.

I nearly finished all sidequests before doing the main ending but it seems i'm stuck in a controlroom of a loading bay Here you need to remove 3 ticks (which i did) and then you open the bay doors for a drone.Then when I want to get out of the contro...

Looking for friendly adults to play Township Tale with

Hey there folks - I’m a 43 year old woman who started playing a Township Tale several weeks ago. My biggest problem is that I have no friends.  I am hoping to find some mature, friendly folks (those who’s natural inclination is to help and protect o...

Resolved! Vr toggle gone after disabling (Roblox)

I've enjoyed playing in VR Roblox on my Quest 1 so far, but recently after disabling 'VR Mode' in my settings, it doesn't show up to enable it anymore. When I go into my settings now, the 'VR Mode' is no longer seen, why is this happening? I turned i...

4STR00 by Level 3
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Red Matter2 and and the Crowbar

What a great game. Such detail and immersive story line. I found a Crowbar as you enter the Doctors quarters. It doesn't appear to be used for anything and I can finish the game without using it. Is it an Easter Egg?

Robo Recall missing in Metalibary

I have connected my accounts from insta and facebook from the Oculus- to the new Meta Store. I bought the touch controllers at the time and they came with the Roborecall app.This was also linked to my account.Now I have tried to link all accounts wit...

Workrooms On Quest 1

I'm having problems with my oculus quest before the workrooms were released because it failed a lot, I had it installed on my oculus but now it tells me that I have bought it but it doesn't appear and it won't let me download it. I don't understand w...


Aircar - Need alpha testers for new game

Hello! Just uploaded an alpha build of Aircar to the Oculus alpha channel. It's been in development for awhile and It's ready to start testing. Looking for people to test it out. Game-play video here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-0y31YNK6o&t=6...

aircar by Level 4
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Resolved! Pistol Whip - all scores are deleted

A few days ago I've noticed that all my scores in Pistol Whip are deleted....but most worst, even if I play a level now, the results will not registered in leaderboard.I'm not sure, but I believe it's since changing to Meta accounts.....although I've...

Choleni by Level 7
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Can anyone help me add minecraft onto my sons VR. Find it very confusing and understand what to do. Already has it on xbox