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Games like XCOM for VR?

Is there a game like XCOM (Enemy Unknown) for VR? I know of Brass Tactics but I'm looking for a turn based game more like XCOM, not an RTS. I was playing XCOM 2 in stereoscopic 3D which looks incredible, but it made me wonder how it'd look in VR. It'...

Vic_ by Protege
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Underage gambling

I can't help but notice that there are many children on Vegas Infinity. They can buy cartoon :rubber duckies or booze or cigarettes, etc. If this is not trying to entice children I don't know what is. On top of that it's just for 18 and over but the ...

Original VR Entertainment from the Oculus Store

When I first got into VR and purchased my first Oculus CV1 headset (I now own the Quest 3) a number of years ago now, I was absolutely blown away and hooked by some of my ultimate experiences like Google Earth VR, Disney Movies VR and Dreamdeck to na...

Some games will work, some wont

I've been having this problem for about a week now with my quest 3, some online games will work and connect without any trouble and some just won't. This isn't a problem with my internet and it seems to be completely random. I was playing with 2 frie...

Shadow gate vr

I need to talk to someone who plays Shadow gate vr. Is it only a single player game? The YouTube videos aren't very helpful. Please help!!!

Question for people with VR

So from what I have seen most people say VR is amazing and was thinking saving up for a new computer and headset. I really love to fly fighter jets, and I was just wondering what the experience is like. I have heard a few people say they get nausea s...

suniokera by Honored Guest
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Cant use multiplayer

my wifi connection is strong, and i dont have any updates to install, but when i go to use multiplayer in a game on my oculus like gorilla tag it won't connect to servers. same thing for the other apps i use too, no servers. they all say 0 players on...

Quest+ is not like netflix for games

I'd like to hear the community on this in hope Meta also see this. Seen a lot of site comparing Quest+ to Netflix, it's not.I'll give my opinion with my 20+ years in analysing the game industry. It's an opinion and is as good as any. I think this ser...

The never ending Paypal troubles

Like so many others I jumped the gun and ordered a Quest 3 to one day replace my aging Quest 1.Am one of these instantly sea-sick people, so my main use is for movies and immersive experience that are motion sick friendly.The first stung came in the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Help with a game suggestion

I bought the Occulus 2 a year ago and really enjoyed Resident Evil 4. Are there any other games that play the same way? I like the progressive story and weapons upgrade. I have arthritis in my hands and cannot pick up and continuously hold on to the ...

Koieight by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 for a VR classroom pilot program guidance

Hello, I am the president of a K-8 School's Parent Booster Club. We recently approved a budget to make a pilot program for a VR Classroom for the students. We plan to purchase 30 units and are looking for programs and apps that the teacher and studen...

Recommendations for best apps for disabled young man

We have a neighbor, a teenage boy who lives in a world that is limited by his disability. He is limited to a wheelchair, paraplegic, amputation of right arm, non-verbal, cerebral palsy limits any controlled movement of left arm but he is definitely i...

khagerman by Honored Guest
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What's your best VR experience?

I need an honest opinion about this. I recently saw a YouTube video about this VR game that can be played in the car. It caught my interest since I’m the type that travels a lot, and my kids will sure need something like this to keep them busy. But, ...

tarngmyna by Honored Guest
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