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Resolved! Family Sharing Across Multiple Devices

Meta/Oculus Developers need to create a true Family Sharing platform that would allow a parent or family member to purchase a game or app one time. Then be able to push it to the rest of the family across multiple devices. ie More than one headset. I...

EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone shuts down August 5

We may be losing a great VR game - but not sure if singleplayer will still work... https://twitter.com/EVEValkyrie/status/1543902186895294464 That trailer continues to amaze me - sadly the game wasn't exactly like the trailer, but still has amazing d...

sdg.png maxresdefault (1).jpg ss_16b1583541c045868240ee484556e60b6db9deed.1920x1080.0.jpg c89VCx7gKmPgup3Xjqa4yA.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Resolved! I cant buy games.

Im trying to buy Ainchent Dungeons on the meta quest store but every time i click to buy it im told i need to turn on parental controlls. Why would i need that im 16 and the game is age apropriate. Is there a way i can turn it off?

Walkabout mini golf gifted and now gone after reset

My friend gifted me Walkabout Mini Golf. I had to delete a sub account and reinstall it. The game is there but I can’t buy new courses as it says I never purchased the game. I can play old courses and the balls and clubs I’ve achieved are there. How ...

Creed rise to glory

On creed boxing it won’t let me get get passed the click ok part I reset the game deleted it and it still stuck on that scree

No DLC sharing on shared accounts - By design

I have been playing both BeatSaber and Walkabout Mini Golf, both fantastic games. In both games I purchased extra DLC content. In both cases, that content could not be seen from other profiles on the same device. In short, if I want to play the DLC, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Minecraft is awesome in VR - how to get it working!

As many know, Minecraft has been available for Oculus hmds for long - like shown here with the old king - the Rift CV1 - and all thanks to Carmack! Note that this video is old - Minecraft now works perfectly with Touch, so no need for a gamepad. The ...

How-Minecraft-Is-Different-In-VR.jpg 20220209225331_1.jpg OculusScreenshot1644444303.JPG OculusScreenshot1644444639.JPG
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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The highest rated VR Only games on Steam! (Beyond Alyx)

We've already covered the highest rated Oculus Store Rift games and apps here: https://forums.oculusvr.com/t5/Games-and-Apps/List-of-Rift-killer-apps-and-games-by-user-ratings/td-p/716450 - but which are the highest rated VR games on Steam? 樂 When it...

il_570xN.1341035401_g4gh.jpg Unavngivet.jpg ss_91690c8e5de49920461aeca5548fbec3a18b5c79.1920x1080.jpg ss_6a9058e57a92545ee6d40da44bb700a34e1fd0e8.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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I have logged back on to my old phone and re-downloaded the oculus app for my Samsung phone. I got in ok, but it won't let me re download all my old purchases.

jellyb1 by Level 2
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Gun club VR exit button

Okay, I'm probably missing the blindingly obvious here, but how do I exit Gun Club without a full power down? I read Y might do it, or even shooting yourself, but nothing seems to work.

Problem with Premier Bowling

Does anybody else have problems with Premier Bowling as far as getting too many bowling balls at once and seeing balls just rolling around? Looking to find out if some balls can be eliminated from the rack?Thx

XTim97 by Level 2
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Light flickering issues in Lone Echo VR

For reference, this is Lone Echo 1. To elaborate, I'm getting a lot of awful light flickering issues in game. For example, shadows being cast tend to "break apart" and reform. Most light sources act almost like strobe lights but in an erratic way. Pl...

kaedede by Level 2
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Help with code

So I got a code from a game dev for his game but whenever I try to use it it’s tells me execution is not available for this query or something like that help

Horizon Avatar Bug

Everything I open the game all the avatars including my own are squished and smashed into spaghetti bats. I have tried Uninstalling and re-installing but that didnt fix it. Any ideas?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Mobile App

I recently found an issue with the oculus mobile app, not sure if this is every version but at least on my iPhone 8 it does this, where it will squish the whole page you are on after exiting the keyboard.

IMG_6342[2].PNG IMG_6343[1].PNG IMG_6344[1].PNG
KotaVR_ by Level 2
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