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Lone Echo [bug] - Primary Digsite Battery

I finished the game (GREAT game btw) pretty much without a hitch but now I've restarted the game so I can do all the optional quests and scan all the cubesats.But now the game bugs out on me at the primary digsite. The depleted battery is "half" remo...

KNP54 by Level 7
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Kingdom City Drowning EP1 - 1st Look + Giveaway!

Massive thanks to William one of the developers for the review key + 4 OCULUS RIFT keys to giveaway! To enter either leave a comment ON the video or here on The Oculus Forums. 4 names will be picked at random in 2 days!This Blade Runner-Esque experie...

Edge of Nowhere User Reviews

Please post your rating of this game taking into consideration fun factor, value for money, overall polish and using the following criteria if you have purchased/played the game:5 Stars - Awesome Must Buy4 Stars - Very Good Not essential.3 Stars - Av...

Artika.1 Stuck at the elevator like everyone else...

I only went through the first mission, now I'm in an elevator and it says to plug in alternate power source. The cord does not go into the socket but there is a little buzzing on my Touch controllers if I point the plug near it. Nothing else appears ...

Ryguy21 by Level 4
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dead and buried bug

A while back I had an issue with one of my headsets but oculus sent me another one :), but when my headset wasn't working my dead and buried broke and now it wont show the game on my computer and when I try to play it, on the bottom half of the game ...

studer1 by Level 2
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Farlands: can you adjust the helper bot?

In the game, the bot (Zoey, I think) keeps saying let it know if it's too "exuberant" and it will recalibrate.Is that true, or just more random dialogue?Every action you take, it literally screams or sings right in your ear! Some repetitive actions m...

Stuck in Arktika.1 during Galleria Mission 1

I get to the point where I turn off the turret, and there is only one place to go. I go there and open up a panel that reveals a circuit. I have no idea what to do at this point. I don't seem to be able to interact with anything within reach or to mo...

Alien Isolation - win10 - CV1 - Mod // crash upon launch

Hello,I've just installed and set up CV1 on win10, flawlessly, and it appears to work wellI've copied the single file from the mod (Mother 0.31) into the game main folderwhen I launch AI, immediately the crash: "AI.exe has stopped working"if I remove...

mgabb by Level 2
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Help! Stuck because of a Power Cell Bug

Hi toghether,I hope my english is good enough to explain:I am outside at the Moment, wanted to complete the Mission at the Primary Dig Side. I have done this (Charged the Power Cell in the Fury, then started the Damper, opended the Generator and so o...

Resolved! Arktika question, stuck at elevator / training

Hey guys, I am stuck at training and can't teleport to elevator. I finished VR mission 1/2/3 and take off VR helmet and she just stands there. One time she walked to elevator and said comon, but no where to teleport at all near the elevator. Someone ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Artika.1 ReSet View

I need to reset my view as I'm either too high or too low. Coupled with this, I can't get to my guns easily or reload the one that you're supposed to flick downward - I end up having to reach way above my head to get the guns. It's a real disappointm...

bevinet by Level 2
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Arktika.1 Help/Spoilers Thread

I realize I don't have the authority to make official threads, but there are a lot of people interested in this game (rightfully so!) and wanting help so I thought making one thread where people can get answers and other readers are forewarned that t...

Smart Concert VR

Hello Community!My name is Patrick Fedigan and I have created a Virtual Reality project called Smart Concert! Can you play an instrument? Do you like music? Do you like to perform? These are some of the questions I ask people when discussing my Smart...

Saves becoming corrupt? (Lone Echo)

So I'm having to backtrack or find someone who can supply me with a save file. Not sure which one is worse, as none of my scans are going to have been logged now. Every save made after "Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hera" doesn't work. I can select them, b...

Fanible by Level 4
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Tac-Comm bug patch? <Spoiler Alert?>

Hi All, Playing Lone Echo - great game! Unfortunately I get stuck at the Tac-Comm after releasing the crew pods and scanning the commander's i/o port. I go back to the tac-comm and try to pull the AI core out, but it freezes in place - same situation...

Eve: Valkyrie Talk

Configuration Help for HOTASIs this a good place to ask, or should I be over in the Valkyrie forum? Looking for some configuration assistance. I've played the training missions using an xbox 360 controller and I'm not caring for that. I get too much...

Best CV1 VR games without motion sickness

My list:Alien Isolation mothervr mod for cv1Dying Light for CV1Thats what I waited from Vr.I played in this games many hours without motion sickness in a huge world.Motion in traditional maner. Not like Robo Reccal.Teleportation its a baddest idea in...

Raw Data Officially Launches for HTC Vive & Oculus

Welcome to Raw Data Launch Day!All details on v1.0.0 can be found at the following link: https://survios.com/raw-data-v1-pc-launch/Patch Notes for Raw Data v1.0.0 (Updated October 5, 2017)Raw Data officially leaves Early Access: Features and content ...

VTOL VR (1st Impressions) + GIVEAWAY!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QApr6_vgfcMassive thanks to the developers for the review key + Giveaway!To Enter the GIVEAWAY, simply follow the video link, like the video and leave a comment.A random winner will be picked in a few days. Good luck!

Xplane 11? What do you simmers think of this one?

I love FSX, I know it's old as dirt but i enjoy it. P3D is awesome also, feels just like FSX but it's optimised. I bought one for VR called Aeroflight 2 which honestly I don't like. The flight mechanics are.... Well nothing feels right. Some of the t...

falken76 by Level 13
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[game breaker bug] ai cores freeze

After going to the lower level under apollo, there are some cores that need to be removed from their sockets. I am unable to do this. When i grab them, they move a few cm away from the socket and then get frozen in place. I tried rerolling to an olde...