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What's your best VR experience?

I need an honest opinion about this. I recently saw a YouTube video about this VR game that can be played in the car. It caught my interest since I’m the type that travels a lot, and my kids will sure need something like this to keep them busy. But, ...

tarngmyna by Honored Guest
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Ребята, кто знает если покупать с официального сайта то будет ли доставка в Украину

Хочу на новый год сделать себе подарок и купить Meta Quest 2 но интересует вопрос если покупать здесь то будет ли доставка и сколько ждать если будет?

Pre-Order of Lone Echo not downloading

Do I need to do something to get my pre-order to download? Store page just says pre-ordered but no option to download and it is not in my library? I would have though pre-orders would have priority over just buying in store or at least preloaded. Les...

ace3093 by Explorer
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Sky Strikers VR

Greetings! We would like to welcome everyone to come check out Sky Strikers VR, an online multiplayer sports VR game. If you love competitive sports and are looking for a cool place to hang out and make friends, Sky Strikers is the place to be! Join ...

MoxD121 by Honored Guest
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Best non-gaming VR experiences?

Hi there, What are your favorite non gaming VR experiences? I love virtual museums such as Great paintings VR, but ts seems this genre is scarce. I can't find as many VR educational experiences as I thought there were.

lenenkash by Honored Guest
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Asgard's wrath - effects on weapons usefulness

Hi all,I'm getting towards the end of the game on medium difficulty and I feel like I might be missing something.The effects on bolts, arrows and weapons seem to be varied and have different animations but don't seem to make a difference in combat ba...

The most wanted PCVR games coming in 2023

Feel free to add your favorites - these are some of my "most wanted" VR games in 2023! Some should have arrived in 2022, but did not make it - like: February 2023. Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution (also for PSVR2) https://store.steampowered.co...

ss_0b11622fabcba6f671aafbf8a5a6b82f0508b33e.1920x1080.jpg ss_a7ad97833600b78069381762de6aca08e3516b06.1920x1080.jpg ss_3a18c0ff2e154b053f8afe6174734c05070f6703.1920x1080.jpg ss_a87d37b65e3c154b9e1e656d0badca1d20cc7902.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Make a Meta Streaming Platform

Let streamers have hubs where their audience can have avatars to react to live content in a room or chat together. Streamers should be able to show the virtual room experience to their viewers without a meta headset. Let viewers draw virtual masks on...

mrodri89 by Honored Guest
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Quest 3 elite strap battery question

Just a quick question: while using the headset, do you get some sort of notification when the elite strap battery is already fully drained, or at least very low on charge? I mean, aside from the LED indicator at the back, which we couldn't see while ...

antxontxu by Honored Guest
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Any game that utilizes all full Quest Pro potential?

Are there any games (Quest or PCVR) that utilize all Quest Pro features, eye tracking and touchpads in the controllers particularly?When I purchased Quest Pro I thought it's cool to have all this fancy stuff, that Quest 2 doesn't have but after playi...

Exius86 by Expert Protege
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no wallett

trying to access a 'wallet' in the app. can't see anything for an option for a wallet.Son was gifted a voucher for his birthday and there isn't anywhere to enter it

Resolved! Restricted Games

I've gone to buy Superhot and many different games but aren't allowed to be purchased. Keep in mind Superhot is rated M (Australian ratings) which is the equivalent of PG-13 in the US and I can't buy it at the age of 14 which both my parents and I fi...

Re: Nfl pro Era - defense

Hey guys. So I won my wild card playoff game, but when I’m back in the locker room the schedule is blank for the next game. It’s as if I’ve never played the playoff game. I even have the trophies and game ball from that playoff game, but the schedule...

Dez305 by Honored Guest
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Horizon menu smaller than initial setup

Hi,In my profile the explore horizon menu has only two rows with tiles and i am not able to enlarge it.In an other profile the menu is larger 4 rows off tiles and with an option menu on the left.How can i get the initial version back ?

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-05 at 14.03.19.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2023-11-05 at 14.34.01.jpeg
Dunckie by Honored Guest
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Games - Problems with the pack?

Hello everyone, I have detected an issue with the content (games) on the Meta platform. The packs are designed to encourage you to purchase the complete adventure/game, for example, the game "Moss." By offering a pack, they want you to buy both Moss ...

Contents for a professional school

The school where I teach is purchasing viewers to carry out educational experiences in the maintenance of plant systems and means of transport. Are there companies that would be willing to share free educational material?