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Soundboxing is a must for fans of rhythm games

It's an awesome game. There is an infinite number of songs since you can create your own beat directly from youtube. The presentation is less polish then Audioshield but the rhythms are much more on cue. We had a blast playing this last night with a ...

Is Obduction teleport?

Hi all,I want to buy this but I don't want to support teleporting in any way so I just need to know if you can free roam in the game? I can't abide teleport at all.Not much info online.

Alien Isolation VR

Anyone know of better mods for AI or is Vorpx the only one? Same question for Doom2016 as well. I have them both setup w/ Vorpx though wondering if there is anything better out there.

Chronos stuck mini-boss pan

Hello guys,bought and enjoyed the game so far UNTIL this mini-boss pan with its 2 minions.I'm able to get rid of the minions and get the boss to use its lightning power, but after that no matter how many times I hit him and how long I fight him, he D...

Risine by Level 2
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Mahjong not loading

I bought Mahjong for my wife and the game does not play on the headset. It shows on the monitor but not on the headset

Bcnn by Level 2
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Project Cars not working!!

Sorry to start a new thread as I know there's one further down which I've already posted in but my issue is different to that post and I've searched the forum and internet but not found a lot, so just wondering if anyones had this same issueI got pro...

Nij by Level 7
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[DK2 & CV1] VR2Space - Virtual Ride to Space

Update Jan. 10th, 2017: Free demo available here http://infinite-void.co.uk/Download.php Hello Oculus enthusiasts. We ran a successful KickStarter campaign in 2014 for a Rift project called VR2Space, which we're now hoping to release to the general p...

Attention Developers! VR for ANY game?

Back in the day I used to play games in 3D using a pair of ELSA 3D Glasses. Now I know 99% of all games are developed in a 3D engine/environment.I would love to be able to play games in Stereoscopic on my Oculus, for now it doesn't matter if it's a f...

Can't run Dirt Rally (Steam Version)

Hello guys,Today I've just installed my Oculus Rift with touch controllers. I'm trying to run Dirt Rally trough steam but nothing happens. On the Rift I just see the home screen. I gave permission for 3rd party apps too. Steam says running but then t...

Eagle Flight - Any Good?

Looks like something my wife and daughter could play as well as myself, so interested in getting it for this long weekend. Any feedback would be appreciated. I was thinking of picking up G2ALand but there was so much negativity about the developer I ...

Samsung Internet App

Hi,after installing Samsung Internet App on my Samsung Galaxys7 the app ask me for several permission thru the starting process. My problem is that the app display the permission text and the checkbox but dont show the confirmation button. I think it...

Touch Free Games?

If I go out to the store right now 1/18, does the Touch still include 5 free games with it? Or was that just a Pre-order thing/Christmas thing they had going on?Thanks

Whatever happened to Riftmax Theater?

I remember that it was a pretty big deal back at the peak of the DK2. The site's still up, but it hasn't been updated for CV1 and there's no real info on it's current state.Anyone have the scoop on this?

Arizona Sunshine issue.

First I've tried so many VR titles, and AS is the best! (its all about the horde mode!) I have a issue however.. for some reason, when I start a new game.. My default sound volume for "sound effect" goes to zero, automatically. It does not save my se...

Katwalk For VR

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKCKb7uJo6ECompatible with 95% of existing titles and plans to include most future ones.


I can not get the coasters..It says download or stream and I wait and nothing happens. It is like this with many of my apps and I am frightened as i have lots of money involved and only getting some of the apps to work. It says it doesnt need a contr...

rilix coaster

can i use downloaded scenarios from rilix coaster or when i can get new scenarios fromrilix

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Movement in Arizona Sunshine (Update)

Cool game, nice graphics. Very good humor as well. But movement is clunky at best. Is it just me, or is moving around seem old school and just hard to optimize? I keep running sideways or just not moving forward correctly. Find myself sideways to the...

Henry Tracking issue

Hi,My daughter went to watch Henry today and for some reason it won't track the headset, no colours in the film unless she sits pretty much under one of the sensors, which is my original sensor pre touch, I now have 3. If we sit anywhere else on the ...

ESSENCE is now available for Dragon Front

ESSENCE, the Dragon Front sixth faction, is now available in the app! Grab your Rifts and/or Gears and start playing this flight-heavy faction right now. Read more about it here!See it in action here!Talk about it with other players and the developer...

Playing Games with XBox Controler

I have a simple game called Lucky's Travels, and one time my friend played it with our xbox controller without any problems, now I am unable to get the game to identify the controller and am only able to use the keypad to play. Any suggestions?

stac01 by Level 2
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Update notes for January 17th's Essence Launch

Thank you for playing Dragon Front! We have a ton of improvements available in the new update being uploaded right now. Here is a short list of the updates:Updates and Additions:Release Essence Faction.Background online content download during tutori...