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Resolved! Has scene selection been removed from Dreamdeck?

I demoed the rift to my extended family over new year.. Great times were had, but I was a bit confused when showing Dreamdeck. Last time I booted it, it presented options of pressing a button to play all, or pressing down (on the remote) to go scene ...

robdood by Level 3
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Not receiving gold

Help, whenever I win matches I don't get gold only level up. This happens every time I play the game and I've won plenty of times and only received gold maybe half the time is there something wrong with my account and I have noticed this trend happen...

Update notes for December 20th

Today's maintenance period was brief, but we implemented a few changes of which players should be aware:Announcements:HAPPY HOLIDAYS!---Double XP Weekend planned from December 24th- December 25thHAPPY HOLIDAYS!---Double GOLD Weekend planned from Dece...

Excellent -- don't stop for years, please!

Man, I really hope this game catches on. It absolutely deserves to. I would love to see controller options added, especially for touch. Either way, the mechanics of this thing has incredible potential, and I just had to come say how much I'm loving i...

Arizona Sunshine: Current state? Playable or Crashfest?

I have been looking to either get this or Serious Sam VR. I keep seeing reviews for AS that are either "Amazing, best game ever for VR" or "Can not play, instant crashing".I see the same results on AS's STEAM store page as well. If I do get it, I'd l...

Traprock by Level 5
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Ordered one sensor got 2,but got charged for 2?

slightly stranger than the usual where's my sensor post, I ordered 1 sensor and got 2! Unfortunately Oculus charged me for both, but only invoiced for 1, very strange.... So do I send it back (sensible) or keep it for a 4 sensor set up?

mav360 by Level 3
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FIXED: Eleven Table Tennis... not so great for Rift?

Hi all,who knows this game? Just bought it on steam based on the good reviews.But then... had to setup steam VR first. Until height was right. My play space is optimal for Oculus, yet "to small" for steam.... Got it to work finally. But still it show...

Downloading games to your Library HELP!

Quick question does anyone know if you download a game onto your account on a friends computer would you be able to still play it later on your own computer with out having to buy the game again?

Trickster VR - My new favorite game

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MooeFI1RB9A&t=1sHere's a vid of me playing through a random level using the new "Twin Stick Free locomotion" mode.Note: It does also support Teleportation and a secondary Free Locomotion mode where you move in the dire...

Games on steam

I just went to steam to check out there sales and i am confused:- I thought every steam game in the VR section would be compatible with Oculus Rift?How do we know which games are working or are they not compatible anymore? unless it obviously says ri...

nAV2016 by Level 7
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Dirt rally VR settings 980ti

Hey guys Can someone help me out with the settings for dirt rally the game feels kinda blurry. I dont have any issues with AC for example. My specs rI5 4670k 4.4 overclocked16 g ram980tiMy settings are low and medium to maintain 90 fps but the game l...

Fruit Ninja VR

This looks funhttps://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1332617726752141/I never played Fruit Ninja but this video has certainly intrigued mehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKHvLfYwy3Q

zboson by Level 9
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AirMech: Command, RTS with multiplayer Avatar support

Hello! I'm James, lead dev on AirMech Command. I've been super excited to get AMC out there into player's hands but haven't seen much discussion about it here yet. We were actually conflicted a bit if it should inherit the AirMech name or not, since ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Floating off the floor in dead and buried

tried using different heights in the floor reset of the oculus settings but it seems to have no effect on the floor in dead and buried. i am always like 9 inches off the ground and cant pick up dropped weapons, and stick out like a sore thumb unless ...

The Blu or Ocean Rift

I was thinking of taking my virtual fun to underwater, I was always interested in The Blu as good reviews, but you needed a vive with its motion support. I saw Ocean Rift on Oculus store, but didn't look as good. Now i see recently they got The Blu i...

Baz_uK by Level 5
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Where is my ocean rift?

Made an purchase through the web browser while logged to my own account. Money were transferred and I would expect new item appearing in my library (oculus software). However it is not there!Is there an additional step i am missing on?

RobDBob by Level 2
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Handy Steam shortcut via Oculus Home

Title says it all really, just tried it and it works just fine. Just be aware that after you launch the shortcut you'll be in an empty white room, press the menu button on the left Touch controller (or select button on Xbox controller) to bring up th...

The Climb just Climbed in Price?

Thinking that these sales lasted until January I was finally looking to get the climb for £22.50. I didn't even get the chance to wait for pay day before they increased the price to £33.00. Looks like I'll have to wait another year for The Climb to d...

No apps using camera

I get fun looking around using camera from parameters, like it would be even more fun if you could some basic interact and movement

Gorz by Level 2
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superhot - 3 shotguns vs unarmed level

So superhot is a very nice game; puzzle, action, suspense... But I can't seem to figure out the 3 scene of the level in the graveyard; three guys with shotguns and I don't have anything. Yikes! I figure dodging is the tactic, and keeps getting harder...