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Mount Wingsuit now has Touch support!

In our latest update we have added the option to fly using your Touchcontrollers. We have worked hard to make the control scheme bothflexible and intuitive. Simply stand or sit in the way you feelappropriate, and move your arms around to fly. In orde...

killars by Level 2
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Overwhelmed by Day One Oculus Touch Content!

Got Touch last night, haven't even managed to install all the free games yet but I was so overwhelmed by the content it was hard to pick what to play.I downloaded for free: Unspoken, VR Sports, Bullet Train, Nvidia Fun House, Toybox, Quill, Medium, D...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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The RPGroom

Back in the Oculus share days there was a demo called The RPGroom. Does anyone remember? I would LOVE to see a full RPG in that setting and style. Oh well, one can wish....

Project cars on 45fps?

I have a i5 6402p cpu and rx480 cpu.Googled around and it seems lots of people are locked at 45fps. any suggestions on how to fix?

Oculus photos menu not working/usable

It's as simple as that, when the program opens, I am on the mountain landscape. I can look around, but none of the menu options are selectable. What I mean by that is, they will grow as I hover over them, but after I make sure the window is selected,...

Everest VR working with touch?

So I've had a few games on my radar since buying the Rift. The Martian Experience was one, and Everest VR is the other. Anybody know if Everest VR supports touch?Thanks!

tommet by Level 5
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zombie riot and space

alright my touch are here and everything.who made this poorly designed game? really? how did it ship in this stage?when you buy new weapons they end up on the hud of the car next to you... but you cant reach it most of the time! thats just awesome ga...

The Unspoken

Can i just ask. Is it wrong to have a massive crush on the lady that teaches you? Typical, i can't even remember her name I've just played this for the first time and from first impressions, it's awesome. The controls, apart from the simple fireball...

Greyman by Level 9
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Doom 3 WIP

Original Doom3 for Oculus Rift DK2 - WIP!Last updated: [September 16, 2014]This is using the original GPL code so compatible with mods.Project page: https://github.com/Perpixel/Doom3Current build download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/227...

gplourde by Level 2
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Motorbike game - Stuck in reverse

I have the game 'Motorbike' and when trying to play it using the CV1 and Xbox One controller the bike is stuck in reverse.I cant see how to get on the option screen either.Any ideas?

Thug by Level 7
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Onward ASW Question

I was on Steam this morning reading about the Touch update for Onward and it mentions changing the registry, then the ctrl-1, etc.. I thought the registry change was no longer necessary. When you go to the tutorial, it details how to change the regis...

Touch order from Game

Hi all just got an email from game to say that they are in the process of packaging my touch, yay, they have also taken the money from PayPal account.Anyone else ordered from Game?Just received a second email to say that my touch has shipped, as I'm ...

Oops01 by Level 4
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Unimersiv - Titanic

Installed the Unimersiv app and was pretty excited to see they had a titanic re-creation in there. I like historic experiences and I always wanted to see something like this. My impressions on it are mixed. The Titanic experience is two dollars which...

Project Cars VR Settings help!

Hey Guys,This was properly covered a few times but i just can't get the game to run nicely. The game looks very blurry and cartoony comparing to Assetto Corsa and it just doesn't run very well alot of people say the Project Cars looks better in VR th...

Windlands User Reviews

Please post your rating of this game taking into consideration fun factor, value for money, overall polish and using the following criteria if you have purchased/played the game:5 Stars - Awesome Must Buy4 Stars - Very Good Not essential.3 Stars - Av...

Bought Eve Valkyrie by mistake. Refund?

I bought CV1 couple days ago and with it I got $100 Oculus Home credit (Black Friday deal). I remember sales guy at BestBuy telling me that I also get Eve Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale games for free. I thought it was just gimmick since Lucky's Tale is f...

bobetko by Level 2
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Resolved! Best guide to elite dangerous for rift?

Elite Dangerous doesn't seem to have much of an in-game tutorial (or maybe I missed it). I did see the link to the tutorial videos, which I bookmarked, but the problem with these is that they don't show you which buttons to push on the controller. I ...

Feral Rites stuck

Hi. I have been playing Feral Rites a lot recently and now i can't progress any further because i am stuck.Quest:Track Ka'a.Ka'a took the final gem and headed up the mountains. Track him.My problem is that i can't get into his building. I try to tele...

Enjoying Firma, waiting on Lunar Flight?

I purchased Lunar Flight, not realizing it wasn't yet updated for CV1. I suspect that support will come, and in the mean time I've been enjoying Firma. It deserves mention for being clean and good looking, but also because it gives you that great sen...