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Can add payment method to oculus store

Hey, guys! For some reason, I cannot add a payment method to the oculus store so I can buy a game. This is VERY annoying! I am using a Visa gift card, and it says it’s unable to add it. But… I have also tried this but with a Mastercard, and still no ...

Horizon Workrooms - only guest can enter workroom

I have created a workroom for making first experiences.- Works fine for me alone in VR- Guests can enter with the guest link via browser- Invited members can not join the room. When trying to enter there is a selection to join with VR or browser.Afte...

Jet68 by Level 3
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Pre ordered games

Hi all, I pre ordered green hell, it said added to oculus library but it hasn't appeared?? Will it apear when the game is released tomorrow

UltraWings 2 for the Q2 is out now!

I just bought UltraWings 2 on my Q2 yesterday and am having a lot of fun with it. It's sooooo much better than UW1 imho. A bit pricey (aud$38 for me) but I think it's worth it. I would like visuals to be a bit better so I'll probably need to wait for...

Resolved! Selecting in Fruit Ninja

Greetings Everyone, I’ve downloaded Fruit Ninja to play with on my new Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset and I absolutely cannot figure out how to select what Fruit Ninja Game I want to play. I’ve tried to use all of my buttons on both of my controllers and ...

keciaw by Level 3
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Minecraft wont start......

So Whenever i try to start minecraft in the oculus library it comes up searching for updates then the minecraft uwp app in the library tries to start up and gets stuck at a black and white loading screen. WHAT DO I DO...

Can't hear each other playing Eleven Table Tennis

The first time I played against my friend in LA, we could hear each other fine. Now, the last 2 times we played, we couldn't hear each other. We can hear room sounds and music just fine. Mute mic is Unchecked and the speaker icon next to his name say...

Supernatural will not load

I have tried to load Supernatural and when I select the app, the system immediately takes me back to the home page. I have delete and reinstalled my app, I have checked my account and is in good standing, etc. Any ideas as to why it may not be loadin...

Are people enjoying From Other Suns?

I just bought this on the sale for 50% off. This game seems very cool, it feels like what Star Trek Bridge Crew should have been. The only part I don't really like is the FPS fighting part which is weird because that's a major part of the game. But a...

falken76 by Level 13
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Anti Aliasing

hi quite new to vr/oculus been using my quest 2 with a link cable. iv had trouble with few game being a bit laggy so tried messing with some setting within quest 2 while linked up. go to setting and then graphics where it says about anti aliasing and...

Spotify for Oculus Quest

Someone should make a Spotify app for the Quest, complete with a procedural, audio responsive visualizer ala DMT/Mushrooms. Drift away on a visual trip to YOUR OWN playlist for hours.

Resolved! Bionic Hunter demotion

This game was $12.99 before I showed up, now it’s $14.99. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying, I noticed that! Sweet spot bid from me would be $7.99, either way, YOUR GETTING YOUR $14.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Zephyrus Prelude Update 2.5

Hi there, We have a few busy weeks behind us.Enjoy the improvements and follow the work on our MageLoop Discord channel!New features: Fire Spell with dynamic lighting - Interactive Torches - Re-designed and expanded tutorial...and sooooo many fixes a...


Crashland needs a sequel!

NEEDS A SEQUEL, or a $10 expansion! Yesterday! App Library needs a broom! App Lab needs Tokens! Boot tutorials need a Skip button, I can only hate you so much, or can I?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Uninstalled apps showed up in library

Uninstalled apps and demo showed up in App Library. How to remove permanently. Do not want to filter to show installed games. Because when I turn on Quest 2, it default show All the apps in the library including the uninstalled one. Getting irritatin...

pc headset

i installed the oculs ap on my pc and now my headset /mic says it is an oculus headset an i cant get no audio or voice off my headset/mic it is a 2 plug headset have did the toruble shoot on my pc to trouble shoot an did what it asked an still nothin...

Beat Saber OST V Scoring vs Ranking Bug Report

I think there is a difference between the running game and final results scoring vs ranking expectation when it comes to OST V tracks because I can score over 90% of points and have SS Rank showing, but on results screen, it will still give S Rank ev...


It's been nearly a month since my refund request for Onward VR was accepted. When it was accepted more money was taken away from me. This is not my first forum post and me and my mom who's card I used for the purchase have sent multiple emails and st...

SiluVR by Level 2
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New video game idea

Hello my name is Noah, I’m 14 years old and I have been working on a video game idea for a year now and I was wondering if you guys wanted to hear it. I understand if you don’t have the time.

Oculus Refund

Oculus refund Support is awesome they sent me a refund and said it will take 2-5 days but it took 5 minutes how awesome. They should get a raise of how hard they work to get there customers happy and proud. Also if an employee cannot refund or unable...

Tooie_ by Level 2
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Resolved! Sync issue

Hello,I got the Oculus Quest 2 recently and I noticed that the apps and games I downloaded with the mobile app don't appear in the list of my apps in the PC app and vice versa. Moreover, the PC app allows me to download an app I have already download...

Max1433 by Level 3
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