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Need a bit of guidance...

Hi,I recently purchased a quest and want to do something to help my 93-year-old grandfather watch television (and other content).I want to control the VR experience and environment from the outside. He cannot control the hand controls so well. I want...

Resolved! Stuck in Abandoned City in Moss (spoilers inside…)

I have both rings to place but they are both in the same hand and I can’t seem to get both to stay in at the same time. One snaps in and when I move to place the other one the first one pops back out! Has this happened to anyone else?…

Resolved! You are not eligible for Workrooms

I've recently created a facebook account after receiving my Quest 2. I'm not a gamer, I want to use my Quest 2 for Horizon Workrooms (I work remotely). I'm able to create a room and enter it but I cannot invite peeps to join my room. Any help wold be...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Star Wars VR Mini-Metaverse

Hey everyone,We just pushed an alpha release out for an app dubbed ScenePlay that allows you to be Obi, Princess Leia, Luke or a director in a scene from Star Wars Episode IV. We have finally brought an experience where you can just download somethin...

Input methods inclusivity & Adding Chinese

Quest 2 headset is a good headset but it does not have Chinese input methods, which is a pity. Please add Chinese input methods. Adding input methods for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese is crucial for several reasons: 1. Increasing accessi...

Rift/s and quest library

hello, here would it finally be possible that the games rift /s compatible quest that it is in the library of the quest too (yes I know we can play it via link) would be so much more fun. It would be interesting to explain to us why this is not the c...

Echo VR shutdown

To whoever it may concern, I am deeply saddened by the news that EchoVR will be closing its doors on 1st August 2023. The Echo community is huge, established and it will be a great loss to many of us should the game disappear entirely. This is why I ...

128ajb by Level 2
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Resolved! Sniper Elite 5 VR


Meta Horizon World in Italy

Hi,I would like to know when we can use Meta Horizon World even in Italy.I know that the supported countries are:CanadaFranceIcelandIrelandSpainUnited KingdomUnited StatesBut I have noticed that Italy is always left behind, and therefore it is obviou...

ddelfio by Level 4
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Resolved! i wanna get gorrila tag

i wanna get gorrila tag on the oculus app for pc and it says for rift and rift s so can i still play it on quest 2

spamit6 by Level 2
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looking for a game but don't know what it's called

had a game on GO, about 4 years ago(ish)where you were in a house/mansion with several rooms. there was a central room with a four sided consel in the centre... the obective, as far as i can recall.. was to go into each room and solves puzzles i.e pa...

dug60 by Level 2
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vr fishing

I was wondering if you were going to do another add on for vr fishing I like to see Texas and Florida fishing spots and maybe the Bahamas and maybe new country's like Australia France or Germany or any other country add new fish and more sharks bull ...

Galaxy Forces VR - Update

4 years have past since I begun making this game, and it's possibly finished now. The game is free on Steam, Oculus PC and AppLab (search for the exact name on the Quest and it will be possible to install).Top scores are viewable as replays on the we...


360 website on Oculus

Hi everyone!How can I see in the oculus (meta quest 2) website like these where there is a 360 degree video or application?https://nordseelife.de/de/https://hofrundgang.leerdammer.de/http://stage.safe-suite.it/Demo_360_FAO/pannellum.htmlObviously I c...

Video card suggestion

Hey all, looking at a GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING OC 12G (rev. 2.0) LHR Graphics Card, 3X WINDFORCE Fans, 12GB 192-bit GDDR6, GV-N3060GAMING OC-12GD Rev2.0 Video Card, any suggestion on other gtx 3060 or radon equilivent


The Rift S is the biggest POS I have ever owned. For three years I have had nothing but constant USB and display adapter disconnects. This thing wont hold a f-ing connection for ten GD minutes for the past THREE YEARS. After yet another unsuccessful ...

ghs22 by Level 4
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Amazing KPOP VR concert viewing experience

For whom haven’t experienced VENTA X, I have to say that this app is well designed and easy to use in general. And the app is just right for the people who like watching cool performances through VR or simply love KPOP!For the first time when I got i...

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Meta horizon worlds needs an update

Every time I open the app I’m stuck at a screen with a cat on a fork and that’s all this game needs an update on devices people wanna play this but can’t can y’all fix it

Onward - syringe not working?

Anyone having same issue with oculus 2 and onward with syringes not working? setting is set to “no input”. I can grab it and try to stab anywhere in hand, body, etc. hold it still and just won’t administer. Changed setting to input required. Tried ev...


Echo isn't worth keeping. They don't enforce one of their rules anyways so what's the point? Game is 13+ but there are 6 year old's screaming the N word constantly in lobbies and in matches. Another reason, the game is 6 years old, it came out in 201...