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Steam VR lagged

Once I connect my Quest 2 to my laptop from Link cable and open the Steam VR it take like 5 min to open and its pretty lagged

BaldrKA by Level 2
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Air Link ambient sound

You should be able to turn off the ambient noise you get while using Air Link to the PC on quest 2.I don't mind it for short periods, but it gets annoying for long sessions.

The Official Phantom: Covert Ops Q&A Thread

I think it may be a good idea to have all the questions, problems and solution in a single thread.This is really for problems relating to running or purchasing the game but could also be questions relating to achieving goals if you're really stuck......

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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Is there a way to know if a game has teleportation? I choose games that are “comfortable” because I get motion sickness, but there are some that do not have teleportation and the movement makes me dizzy.

Play Video on multiple devices

Hi,I am try looking to play a 360 video to a class of children, is there a way to synchronise playback on multiple headsets without input from the class group? i.e control from one headset/pc?

VR Pac-Man

VR Pac-Man! Need I say more! I followed the Pac-Man Dossier in order to implement different personalities for Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Cylde. If there are any bugs, please let me know.For the record, Pac-Man is a Namco property. All hail Pac-Man!Know...

Eleven table tennis impossible to smash (quest)

Hello everybody,Got an issue which really kills the fun or even the interest for that game: any very fast move of the controller holding the racket (right hand) it's like I go through the ball. Impossible to smash or even hit hard on the right side. ...

Becareful playing "Phantom Covert Ops"

My son and I like playing first shooter games and thought we'd give this a try. He likes high speed games, me a little more stealthy. Motion sickness snuck up on him like a snake in the woods. So I turned on a fan and gave it a shot. I was fine for t...

Podpora v českém jazyce

Chybí podpora jazyků pro ostatní státy v aplikacích a nedají se nijak přidat jen přes PC. Je to smutné. Velká společnost která nedokáže zajistit podporu v aplikacích v rodném jazyce a veškeré věci jsou přitom zpoplatněny. Musíte mít velký rozpočet kd...

VrZetKo by Level 2
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Can't download Beat Saber (Windows 10)

I'm reinstalling all my VR stuff after a PC upgrade. Beat Saber seams to fail at installing every time I've tried. Windows will pop up and say it 'couldn't download. Please check your connect and try again, or visit Oculus Support.'All other games ha...

Kodi on Oculus Quest 2 for VR 180 videos

Hi all. I have been trying to get Kodi working on my Oculus Quest 2 in order to play VR 180 videos. I have a lot of videos in this format on my NAS and would like to use Kodi because of its metadata capabilities. I was able to sideload Kodi for Andro...


Hi it’s says on my medal of honour game refund approved but no money has gone in how long does this take requested 25.12.2022 thanks