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The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 thread

In case you hadn't heard the news, MS have announced a successor to FS2020, imaginatively titled FS2024  It's going to be a stand-alone sim, not an upgrade and it's been confirmed that all existing 2020 marketplace addons will work in the new sim. H...

apollo 11 VR won't start

I launched Apollo 11 game on my oculus quest2, but when I try to choose "start the journey" option, nothing happens. I can't choose any of the items from the menu either. There is an arrow pointing from my controller to the option, but when I click, ...

Tunneling on quest 2

I'm tryingvto turn off the tunnel vision on the quest 2. The menu button on the left controller won't come up. I tried to go to support but there seems to be no where to communicate to a person.

Game data lost

Yesterday I was playing bonelab on my meta quest 2 and my vr died while I was playing so I plugged it in and loaded up bonelab once it was done charging and I checked it and it said to start a new game and usually it would say to continue but it wasn...

Bl_Ash by Honored Guest
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Nfl pro Era -play glitch

I won my wild card playoff game, but when I’m back in the locker room the schedule is blank for the next game. It’s as if I’ve never played a playoff game. I even have the trophies and game ball from that playoff game, but the schedule is blank.I hea...

TWIX_3 by Honored Guest
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My controlla not working - left battery inside and did not play for a while, opened the case lots of white powered from battery. cleaned and dried, no good still under warranty need to somehow get. Umber to call

Akx1981 by Honored Guest
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Oculus link stops working randomly with cable

Every now and then I'm having this issue where I'm playing a random game like VRchat or Pavlov through quest link cable smoothly and then the image freezes on the headset even though the game is still running on the pc. To connect again I have to rec...

Valjua by Honored Guest
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Golf+ not showing images

I recently purchased golf+ and I like the game a lot but I feel like the UI is not what it should be. It feels like images are missing. Is this how it should look?    what can I do about this? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn’t ...

IMG_1303.jpeg IMG_1304.jpeg IMG_1302.jpeg IMG_1305.jpeg
Az1rish by Honored Guest
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Golf 5 add on courses

I’ve read people saying that the Liverpool course is really good and accurate in detail. However I’ve just bought Golf 5 and it’s says Royal Liverpool “coming soon” how come?

Five nights at freddys

Please HELP game progress not saving, have checked cloud saving is turned on and uninstalled and reloaded but still not working

Bristers by Honored Guest
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Air link - "Not Connected"

it keeps saying not connected and thats with all pc iam close to the router and the pc is connect via ethernet and we have good internet and its been working fine until yesterday when it just stopped working and i bought a game and now i cant play it...

Superhot vr cannot fire guns

So just purchased meta quest 2. Immediately purchased superhot having played it at my sons. I can grab a gun, but it won't fire. I've tried every button, nothing works. I got into settings and then found I could not click on anything including back b...

Resolved! Upgrade from applab to main store

Hi, I am reaching out to you on behalf of Banco BPI, one of Portugal's leading financial institutions. We are thrilled to have recently launched our VR Banking Branch - BPI VR on Meta App Lab for Oculus Quest 2. We believe that our is pioneering in b...

bpiapp by Honored Guest
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Star Trek Voyager Bridge Demo v0.3

Version 0.3This latest release allows you to:-------------------------------------- - Sit in chairs. - Watch Netflix videos on the main view screen. - Interact with the ship/computer through voice commands and responses. - Monitor the computers vocal...

tmek by Protege
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Cant play my cousins shared games

I share my quest 2 with my cousin and we both have accounts with diffrent games because we just do, but when i got a new update all of my cousins games that were shared with me, were gone. They were BONELAB, Blades and Sorcery Nomad, RE4 VR and more,...

Oculus is definitely Not worth the money

I would be very mad if I had bought this with my own money and it wasn't given as a gift not only. Does it cost over three hundred dollars You then have to pay a fortune for your The only free games or apps you get you get a very minimal amount of ti...

Casting Quest on mobile broadband connection

I fixed this once upon a time but I can't figure out how to do it again. I'm on an EE mobile broadband connection, which limits the ability to play games online and also to cast from the Oculus Quest. The previous solution I found online either invol...

Revit Lt to Meta Quest

Hi, I am currently using Revit Lt to create 3D Building Models - it does not accept any plug-ins. Does anyone know a way of viewing 3D models created in Revit Lt on the Meta Quest head set? (Without having to upgrade to the significantly more expensi...

viewing stereo panorama from Revit in oculus

We are looking to buy an oculus meta quest 2 to view stereo panorama images from Revit. Does anyone know if we will be able to view them? currently we use this link to open them on a phone and view in google cardboard but we are looking for a higher ...

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