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One oculus home? GearVR and PC apps

I have seen several apps that I have purchased on the Gear on the PC store asking me to purchase them again. Are we going to get the apps and games that we purchased on the oculus store in gearVR? If not, that's kind of a bummer and may keep me from ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Crosseyed to HMD Image Viewer

Hey guys, just got my DK2 a few days ago and I'm hooked!Was scouting around for a way to view side-by-side images in my HMD, but couldn't find anything working with the newest runtime, so I built it myself in Unity. It's pretty crude right now but it...

Siccity by Level 2
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MS Flight Sim X (FSX) confirmed working with Rift!

Immersion is incredible! Gauges are actually quite readable! I need to do more experiments with larger planes and tubelinersI got it to work with FaceTrackNoir (pre-alpha release supports the rift), and Vireio Perception. I'll post up a tutorial and ...

Adr1ft performance problems

Win10, I7 2600K@4.6ghz, DDR3@2133, GTX 980TIIn certain scenes the framerate drops below 90hz. ATW makes it more tolerable, but it's very evident when looking at moving objects.Anyone else with similar specs having issues?Looking at resource monitor m...

Wildt by Level 12
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Is the rift compatible with xbox one and dose it include any games and how do you get games?

Technolust - How Do I Get Past The Arcade (Spoilers ok)

Hi All,I really want to see more of this game, but am stuck at the Arcade. How do i progress, do i have to beat her high score on all the games? Seems quite difficult. On the game where i'm the man running about with the gun i always get killed in th...

ZaineUK by Level 3
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Testers needed for Sketchup VR visualization software

Hi everyone!My name is Jack and I'm a programmer at IrisVR, a company developing software that lets architects and designers create VR walkthroughs from their native Sketchup files in one click (with plans to roll in other modeling software/file form...

Jyakku by Level 2
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Zoomie's thoughts on Elite: Dangerous

I'm playing ED with 1.32 and a DK2. My CV1 is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday April 26th so I'll update this thread once I've had a chance to play around with CV goodness.1. The unique FOV of my ship's cockpit matters more than the FOV of my HMD. I we...

Zoomie by Level 11
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Well this is encouraging.

http://www.destructoid.com/dead-and-buried-was-easily-the-best-shooter-at-pax-east-this-year-357602.phtmlDead and Buried was easily the best shooter at PAX East this yearAlso proves Oculus Touch is as good as Vive's controllersRaw Data wasn't the onl...

Zoomie by Level 11
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Magical Rift Heroine [CV1 update]

I made a small game for Magical Girl Jam.Oculus Share linkYou play a Guitar Hero style songs with your head by looking at the notes. The end result was way more fun that I had predicted. Turning and nodding your head in a sync with the beat is very n...

Zhamul by Level 3
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other stuff in vr

i read the forum rules .....hope i can post this - it aint all about gaming https://youtu.be/fuLbxY-NVFw ; wanna see this in vr 

3D animation/Game services

Hello, We are several artists with the aim of developing new experimental and artistic techniques of 3D animation. In addition to the 3D animation, We have passion to do game arts such as 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animating and production of p...

OHSC - Oculus Home Video Shortcut Creator

OHSC Is a GUI that writes user defined paths into the videos_settings.ini file of the Oculus Home Video app.http://evo-x.de/wbb3/board453-community-magazin/board595-virtual-reality-vr/219868-ohsc-oculus-home-video-shortcut-creator/HowTo:DownloadUnzip...

cogent by Level 3
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Horror Games

Are there any good horror games for the Rift? I heard at one point there was a game where you sit in a chair and random horror stuff happens (Spider crawling up your legs, sounds behind you, etc...) that get worse the longer you are playing.

Zuhan by Level 4
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Fishing game?? Any news?

So I was just talking about this with my father - I really can't believe there have been no fishing titles announced It just seems like it would be a great game for VR - especially when the touch controllers come out. The thought of just relaxing in...

Alien Isolation VR ready?

Hi guys,Just pre-ordered my Rift, super excited to eventually get it! I know Alien Isolation was featured using DK2's here in the UK at a few events, does anyone know if the game supports VR with the CV1 or does it need to be unlocked in the setting'...

Mutality by Level 2
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Your Favorit VR-Game

Hello!Which is your favorite VR-Game for the CV1 at the moment?My favorite is DCS, the Digital Combat Simulator, with flying the Huey UH-1 Module. It is so much immersive, it is unbelivable! But I have to say that it isn't a game for everyone, becaus...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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CV1 Testers Needed for Klepto's Free Demo

Signup FormAlthough I did my absolute best to preorder a CV1 during the first 5 minutes, I'm in the same boat as the majority of you waiting patiently for a shipping confirmation.We're planning to release our free demo of Klepto on Steam very soon. W...

My first Unity game: Nowhere Dread

Hello you rift people!I have finally finished my first Unity game, and my first first-person game, and it's for the Oculus Rift DK2. Nowhere Dread is a short horror game which takes around 5 minutes to complete and is about as cliche as it gets!edite...