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Resolved! FPS/Performance Info?

How do I check the FPS I'm getting in a game/app? Specifically, how do I know if I need to lower graphics settings? I assume it would be obvious if it was skipping, but otherwise?I think I'm getting a little sick from using it and trying to make sure...

Project Cars Multi Play

I have bought pCars through OH and want to play it against other people.I have played it 'single player' daily since getting it over a week ago yet have not seen another single person on when I look on multi player, let alone a full grid.My friends h...

Thug by Level 7
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Discovering Space 2 now available as early access.

Hi Guys,For those who have followed and enjoyed Solar System explorer on the DK1, Discovering Space on the DK2, you will be pleased to hear that my latest and greatest offering in the series (aptly named Discovering Space 2) is now available for DK2 ...

siphi by Level 2
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Eve Valkyrie rotates all the time

Hello!I got a problem with Eve Valkyrie. Immediately after the start the ship begins to rotate. I can´t stop the rotation, I can only slow down but never stop the rotation. I tried to turn the xbox controller off and on, started the game again, turne...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Notifications in Rift?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to get notifications into a running Rift? Some kind of integration with Growl, for example, would be ideal.Even audio notifications don't make it to the Rift's headphones. Any solution for that, aside from repla...

nkeeney by Level 3
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? from new VR user

I am just getting started with my Gear VR and with getting older all the time, some (maybe all) of my questions are going to be pretty dumb sounding but hear goes the first one. Where can I download the Apollo 11 VR? Thanks

shufflepuck cantina deluxe

HiI have this key in my unredeemed codes (not sure where it originated from, possibly a bundle stars ages ago).Are the devs still giving out oculus store codes for this game now? and if so will it matter it has not been added to my library yet? to ma...

Mars Explorer VR (DK2) 1.3 SDK

Hi all, here is a demo of ‘Mars Explorer VR’ for the DK2.Win64 version compatible with Oculus runtime 1.3Download(255 MB)About:Mars Explorer VR allows you to soar over Martian landscapes in a jetpack or walk on the surface of Mars from the comfort of...

Mars3D by Level 2
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EarthVR: StreetView for DK2

Works with or without Oculus Rift. You can move around and teleport (search place). Avatars coming soon...Windows, Mac and even some Linux.http://earthvr.net/Have fun !

joaquin by Level 4
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VR Zombie Apocalypse!

Hey guys!I want to develop a VR game for the Oculus Marketplace (or SteamVR) using Unreal Engine 4 for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Standard PC gaming without the need for an HMD!Horror, Action, First-Person-Shooter, MultiplayerA VR game set in a cl...

I can't run "Windlands"

Hi guys. I bought "Windlands" on steam before 1.3 runtime update came. Now I can't run the game on steam because Steam doesn't recognize the headset . though it was detecting it when i had 0.80. Please help,, Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to Disable the rotation of oculus in Unity

I'm using Unity5.3.4f1 and I want to disable the Oculus Tracking but failed. How should I do with it ? I have tried the Oculus Utilities for Unity 5.x and change the funtion UpdateAnchors() in OVRCameraRig.cs , it didn't work. Now I just use InputTra...

[TechDemo] My VR Loft

Tech Experiments: floating screen of various types (WebKit webviews, Movie, UI, Desktop duplication).Shots:Download: Windows (huge, 342MB...). 64-bit, Windows 8 required for some features. Oculus SDK 1.3.There are cubes that can be open (green) or cl...

Clodo by Level 4
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My VR Loft

Tech Experiments: floating screen of various types (WebKit webviews, Movie, UI, Desktop duplication).Shots:Download: Windows (huge, 342MB...). 64-bit only. Desktop duplication works only with Windows 8 and above.There are cubes that can be open (gree...

Clodo by Level 4
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Gambling site offers CV1 Virtual Reality app

By total accident I stumbled upon this:https://www.slotsmillion.com/en/virtual-reality/ Seems like money and symbols get thrown right at you from the screen  I don't have CV1 so I can't give it a go (assuming you can play for fun without risking re...

Resolved! Chronos help needed (minor spoilers)

I am stuck in Chronos in the area beyond the painting you repair. You eventually get to an area where you can go right or left. To one side there's a huge locked door with space for two horns on the right. The other pathway takes you to an area with ...

kemical by Level 2
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AFFECTED - The Horror Experience (DK2 - Runtime 0.7+)

WARNING JUMP SCARESFormat: PC ONLY (Mac Release Soon)Version: v1.53Controls: Xbox 360 Controller - Keyboard and mousev1.60 (Runtime 0.7+) UpdatesRuntime 0.7+ CompatibleNew Colour GradingBug FixesPerformance Improvementv1.54 (SDK4.2) UpdatesModificati...

Oculus Video running in 16 bit colour mode

Oculus Video (on Win10) is running in 16bit colour depth. Gurpling as far as the eye can see. Is there any way to make it run in 32bpp mode? I couldn't see anything in the ini.I assume there's also no way to turn down the room lighting? The theaters ...

DarrenM by Level 3
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Hat Trick Header - VR Soccer Game now on Greenlight

Hello!Our VR soccer game Hat Trick Header is now on Steam Greenlight! - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647597714We would love to get your support and hear your comments.Game info:Hat Trick Header is a virtual reality soccer gam...

EVE Valkyrie: Voice Chat? Also, ECM?

Has voice chat been added or should I find a mumble to join?Also, is there any way to reset controls if you are using a HOTAS? I can't for the life of me find out how to drop a mine or use an ECM

Harvest Simulator VR (Playable Beta)

Made exclusively for VR Headsets experience farming life like never before. Live in your own farm where you can use your farming tools and your skills to make the best farm possible. Plant new crops and see them grow with full day and night cycle. Th...

Sakis25 by Level 2
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Windlands @ Indiegogo

Windlands Indiegogo Campaign is ON!!!Demo V.0.3.0a with support for DK2 and DK1 + Monitor  (Downloads at Indiegogo page)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Write here your experiences. The Goo...

Inconsistent framerate

Hi,I don't have the recommended specs as I have a two r9 280x in crossfire.There's some dropped frame, I wish I could change the graphic card now, but as new gens arrive soon, I want to wait.This morning, I tried EVE Gunjack, and the framerate was pe...

tryum by Level 2
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ETS2 and ATS 1.3 update now live on Steam

I haven't tried it yet as I'm off to work but Steam just updated my Euro Truck and the forum says it's for Oculus 1.3 and Vive support.Launch option for Oculus is "-oculus"Launch option for Vive is "-openvr"Enjoy :smiley:

Elite Dangerous - Review of Vive and Rift in Elite

https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/4e4s7q/elite_dangerous_rift_vs_vive_comparison_photos/Posted by FlyingWaffleED"I took photos inside each HMD, trying to focus on text readability (but it's hard to convey with static images).Rift photos Vive p...

Zoomie by Level 11
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Farlands Stuttering Audio

Hey everyone! I just gave all the 1.3 / Oculus Home content a run through on my DK2 last night. Almost everything has been amazing!My only real big issue has been the audio in Farlands - it seems to stutter and skip while I'm in the main game. I unde...

superh by Level 2
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The underwater whale app on the vive

Hi.I have seen videos of this and heard reports of people using it saying how good it is. It sounds the perfect experience to show my dad. Does anyone know if it works on the rift or if there is a similar title?Thanks