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Unistalling an Oculus Store App Game or Movie

Being tight for space on my SSD Windows system C: drive, as a test I uninstalled the "Lost" movie which is 1.37GB of content.. and it did indeed release that space on my C drive, uninstalling the contents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Software\ocu...

Time Machine VR has real potential...

It wouldn't load for me at first, but after the 4/5 update. Time Machine VR works great through the initial mission. It's more than enough to give you a feel for the game and to show that there's real potential. Some of the things they've done—puttin...

Whirligig update.

Whirligig updated to work with the DK2/CV1 and the 1.3 runtime. I got it running without any problems. Plays videos fine but I cant seem to get any of the 3d settings to show up. Anyone else able to get this running smoothly in 3d ?

Confused on the whole Oculus Store / Steam thing (MP)

If I order ED or Pcars on Home vs Steam, I can only play MP with the people who are playing through the same platform, right? I have a friend who has ED from Steam, so I would need the Steam version to play with him but can still get a key to play in...

Relaunch demo that ran during setup

Is there a way to relaunch the demo (dino, alien, deer) that ran during setup? I've got slow internet and hours before the first game installs. I'd like to have something to show the family, other than the storefront.

Kyzug by Level 2
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A great idea for an Operating room game.

Because multiplayer would existIt would be cool when people use the controllers like a real operating room. Like someone has to hold a certain position and someone else or else problems will arise like blood loss and stuff. Then other methods have to...

3D animation/Game services

Hello,We are talented artists with the aim of developing new experimental and artistic techniques of 3D animation. In addition to the 3D animation, We have passion to do game arts such as 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animating and production of p...

New Retro Arcade

Just launched NRA and it opened and ran through oculus home. I hope it gets a full update.

bizjer by Level 5
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Volleyball game?

A co-op volleyball game would be cool. If it gets popular enough there can be like 6 v 6. Would suck if someone DCs tho but having that up to option would be cool or 2v2 at minimum.I don't really want to play against the AI as there is no gratifying ...

Project CARS on Oculus Home Without VR

Kind of a stupid question but I wasn't seeing an answer.I don't really care too much about multiplayer and I don't want to wait until sometime next month to play this game so I'm probably buying it on Oculus Home. My question is, if I buy it on Oculu...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Apollo 11

Just noticed that it's now up on Home!I purchased the beta access in October 2015. Am I entitled to a Home key?No mention of anything about that on their website.BTW this apps is absolutely stunning. The beta was one of my go-to experience to show fr...

KNP54 by Level 7
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An idea - VR concert experience

Believe it or not not everyone has the opportunity to go watch a live musical event. Imagine an app where you can chose where to sit or stand in a real venue to watch a band or group of your choice play a full set of songs. Imagine watching Elvis pla...

GearVR game alpha testers wanted

I'm working on a game that's designed specifically for the GearVR (no extra controls, just the touchpad and ideally requires a swivel chair). Way back on the Amiga (et al) there was a game called The Sentinel, which cleverly wrapped gameplay around t...

Elite Dangerous Desktop Mode

I know this is bugged at the moment. I can run the game through the .exe but I do not have my frontier account key to play they game since I purchased off the Oculus store. How can I retrieve this key so I can make/link a frontier account.

Sorith by Level 3
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gallery vr

is there a way to recenter 360 video's in gallery vr? so when i go into 360 i dont have to look on my side if i'm sitting on the couch to be centered?

Pinball FX 2 VR.... Where to purchase?

Hey all, This game has been announced as being released, but I can't seem to figure out HOW or where to purchase it.... I figure I'm missing something, lol... Here's the release info:https://blog.zenstudios.com/?p=6183Thanks!


Anyone know POV-Ray?The Persistence of Vision Raytracer, or POV-Ray, is a ray tracing program which generates images from a text-based scene descriptionIt's free and open-source.If anyone want to render Omnidirectional Stereo images or video, here th...

Clodo by Level 4
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Radial-G Oculus Home key for existing users

Just got a replied from the Dev to get your free Oculus Home key just send a copy of your Steam receipt to info@radial-g.comThey will send you a key, if you can't find your receipt you can access your steam order history as well and find it there


Well, I've paid for Abandoned, but I can't get it running. I'm not sure quite how to solve the problem either.I'm running 0.8 with a DK2, but every time I try and start the game it says that it's tried to set the resolution to various different ones ...

Dreadhalls impressions

So I bought Dreadhalls on the Oculus store and here are some thoughts. I have not finished the game so there may be more stuff.Firstly it looks great, nice lighting, ultra low latency and runs oh-so-smoothly on my DK2. I wish this was how it was when...

VR idea for games like GTA5

I don't ever post here but I've had an idea and I'm interested in what you think. Note: I purchased DK1 very early on and only have experience there. One of my favorite games is GTA5, it's my go-to game when everything else get's boring, both single ...

meprtwo by Level 3
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Game suggestion for an Ausie dev

Some one should create a realistic home simulator complete with a full grown mother Huntsman spider, and a batch of baby spiders along for the ride. Have the huntsman spawn randomly in the house, and if you freak out and smash it you get to suffer th...