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TekRok 2.0

Hi, Just showing some stuff I have been working on. It's ready to play should be on the share site soon.Version 0.1 had only one character to play as and doesn't really represent what the eventual game is about. There are 5 x characters you can play ...

Prismatic: 360° VR Animation and The Making Of...

Hi,Prismatic is my first independent project since I have left my position as Creative Director at Autofuss and Google a few weeks ago. It has begun its existence as a proof-of-concept animatic for a larger, practical set I am currently developing. S...

QubaHQ by Level 3
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S.P.Y. Robot

Happy to announce that actual version of our vr game S.P.Y. Robot for Samsung GearVR is finalist in Archiact game jam. 10% of judging comes from number of Facebook likes so please support and download / FB like it here https://goo.gl/2EgYzv

Virtual Desktop Black Screen

Anyone know a quick fix for this? When I am in virtual desktop I can see the nebula or whatever background I set, but cannot see my desktop screen. It appears as a black box and I am able to see my mouse going back and fourth. I have set everything t...

rebock by Level 2
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Elite Dangerous

Since people in the Star Citizen topic "know Star Citizen" I thought I'd add my knowledge from the Elite Dangerous side.For quickness I'll call them SC and ED. SC is still a sandbox from a overwhelming world that will keep people hyped for too long. ...

Fifa 16 and other games on Oculus

Hello,is it possible to play regular games or non VR games like Fifa 15, 16, NBA Live and so on with the Oculus Rift? I would imagine the game play would be amazing because with the Oculus Headset would be like having a giant screen in front of you.T...

Manu277 by Level 2
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Trying to get War Thunder running on DK2

I've tried again WT with my DK2.On one hand, the game is absolutely gorgeous and runs amazingly smoothly in the Rift with zero judder and solid tracking (unlike DCS).But it's all pointless since WT totally ignores the Oculus settings and the IPD/scal...

UPDATED: Tad's Trip

[ALSO POSTED TO REDDIT] I provided a link to my game the other day just to see if I could get some feedback on the camera but I added the caveat that there wasn't really any gameplay and I'm wondering if that is the reason so few people wanted to try...

VR-Sweeper - rebirth of the oldie! (UPDATE 02.08)

Hello! I want to share you my project that i am working with. It is a remake of the old classic minesweeper! Now it is a little different though.. Besides trying to complete levels, you can explore the area and find the easter eggs that i have placed...

Golf Masters Alpha Launches Today!

Ghost Machine's new VR Golf Simulation, GOLF MASTERS releases playable Alpha and launches Greenlight campaign Today!Link Here to GOLF MASTERS DK2 Alpha http://www.ghostmachinevr.com/#!golf-masters/c22slLink Here to GOLF MASTERS Steam Greenlight http:...

muglore by Level 3
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Galaxy VR - Online space shooter.

I'm developing a VR multiplayer online space shooter for mobile ( and desktop ).Feedback and questions in this thread are welcome.  The game will hopefully be going onto GearVR later this year or early 2016, whenever Oculus engine integration gets d...

g4c by Level 3
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Mind Unleashed [Cyberpunk/futuristic]

Hi everybody!I'm Andrea Marinelli,the founder of the Frost Earth Studio and developer of Rift's Cave(http://store.steampowered.com/app/335210).I'm tremendously happy today to announce that we've just started to work on another VR game called : Mind U...

Welby by Level 5
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MagiCraft 1.2.1 - [ GREENLIT ]

Please Enjoy VR demo. If you got Leap Motion as well you can navigate and cast spells, solve puzzles only with hands.Final build automatically detects if Oculus VR or Leap Motion is connected and switches to normal mode. Game can be played on nonVR v...

Developer says fps games are too fast paced for VR

I was looking at Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide on steam soon to be in early access. And I asked on the games forum about VR integration. This is the response."There are no offical plans for VR, no, sorry. We have been messing around with it a bit...

Question before I buy (head motion and weapon aiming)

I've been looking at the DK'2 for some time. I want to be able to use these in first person shooters. What i saw was aiming of the weapon was tied into your head movement. Is there a way around this? This might be a deal breaker for me if this isnt a...

aonavy by Level 2
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Endless Dead Playable Demo

We've finished an early prototype of a new game that we've been working on called Endless Dead. We've submitted this demo to Oculus Share, but wanted to give forum players an early look so we can catch nay major issues before it goes live. This game ...

muglore by Level 3
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Make sure you have the latest VorpX update. And running version betaVorpX - http://www.vorpx.comMake sure your rift is set to Extended mode.Start up VorpX go into Game Settings Optimizer then scroll down to Grand Theft Auto 5 profile everythi...

Kaleidospace - a new VR experience for DK2

Hello,A couple months back I started experimenting with Unity/C#, and the result is Kaleidospace, a highly animated, relaxing, and surreal VR experience for DK2. I'm a relatively new DK2 owner, but have played a large number of demos, and the there a...

gowgow by Level 2
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Fear of heights demo with full-body tracking

Hi,Let me introduce you Vertigo, a virtual reality demo that uses Kinect v2 and Oculus Rift DK2. Acrophobia-themed VR demos are quite common, but as far as I know this is the first one that uses low-cost full-body tracking (do correct me if I'm mista...

Ttakala by Level 2
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Star Citizen Vorpx VR Thoughts

so i havnt looked at star citizen scince i had the oculus dk1 but as the gamescom 2015 press conference for star citizen just happened i thought id jump back in. Initial thoughts for vorpx support are not great dk1 support was far better. although it...

Thatiam by Level 4
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Voxel Quest (Open World Simulation)

Although Voxel Quest started out as an isometric game engine, it has since gone through two additional revisions, both of which support perspective (and thus, VR).The newest iteration is particularly well suited for VR because it is fast and entirely...

gavanw by Level 2
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Big Drift topic (Oculus Drift) - Racing Sim

Hey guys, so i really wanned to start a Drifting topic and to start of it`s just so much fun to do it in Virtual Reality.it only goes to show what kind of impact VR can have. I do believe you can get good at drifting if you got a nice setupwheel, cha...

GTA V Vorpx Trouble

I've purchased and downloaded Vorpx and have GTA V through steam. I start Vorpx, then start GTA V. I have the oculus set in the direct mode, but for some reason, when I run it, the oculus rift screen shows only the desktop and the main monitor shows ...

FAR-OUT (First person Old-School Quest)

Hello everyone, i'm an solo developer, currently working on my game called "Far-Out" here on IndieDB you can find additional information, screenshots and gameplay video http://www.indiedb.com/games/far-out or on Steam page http://steamcommunity.com/s...