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No man's Sky NDA lifted today, be prepared :-)

One of the game I am the most looking for is lifting the NDA today, lets hope for the best! With all that's been happening with Elite (patch delay in June, performance issues, price of the Horizon expansion), let's hope that NMS turn out to be great ...

Amazon Prime Video

I have Amazon Underground and Amazon Video installed on my S7. Every time I navigate to Play Video Now, I get a message to download Amazon Underground. Headset won't play Amazon Videos. What am I doing wrong?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New Retro Arcade

Seems N.R.A has been updated and now works on the new runtimes. This was one of my favorite dk2 apps. Building my own virtual arcade was loads of fun. Everything works like it did b4 on the dk2 but for some reason im like 10 feet tall... This makes i...

Getting Started with VR Development

I want to expand into development with VR and I see great opportunities for the future in Oculus. What resources would you recommend that I check out and review. What skills will be the most crucial for successful developers?What are your thoughts on...

charto911 by Honored Guest
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Ocean Rift

Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | DK2 Demo Ocean Rift is the world’s first VR aquatic safari park. Explore a vivid underwater world full of life including dolphins, sharks, tropical fish, turtles, sea snakes, rays, eels, whales, and even dinosaurs!All s...

sfaok by Protege
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Hiab HiVision

Hi,Loglift put the Oculus in real work:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYz84LLsNrM&feature=youtu.behttps://www.facebook.com/Hiabglobal/videos/1305014629525372/?fref=nfThis was also exhibited in the rather large construction vehicle exhibition at Baum...

Oculus 360 videos non installée

J'ai un GS7 Edge avec un Samsung Gear VRTout est bien installé sauf l'app Oculus 360 videos.J'ai une vidéo stocké sur mon smartphone mais impossible à lire avec le Gear VR ! l'app installée "oculus Video" ne fait que de la lecture à plat en 2D.Commen...

The Collider 2

Go buy that game ! For 10 $ its a crazy fast action space game. You move your ship with your head. Really cool but very intenseEXcuse my english On Steam for Oculus and Vive

Sim City - VR

After running through Dreamscape demo, I loved the model city, with cars, trains, plains and even figures running around everywhere. Farlands (where you get the overhead view of the area) and Lucky's Tale (between levels). I loved the viewing angles ...

LeeG_UK by Expert Protege
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Experience over full games for me!

As stated in the title, for me there don´t have to be full games with thousands of tasks, scripts, story and so on.I use my DK2 mainly to experience things I couldn´t experience in real life due to time, money and physical ability.Best example is Oce...

Any single-player Space Games for the CV1?

Elite Dangerous looks like they dropped Single Player - is that correct? Eve Valkyrie multiplayer only. No man's sky - backed off on Oculus support.Are there any others that support Single Player?

jaimi by Expert Protege
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bms 433 up1 works?

Hi, i buy the oculus but.... send me for june. I use only sim With my pc. The new bms 4.33 up1 works? Have problem? Thanks!

Knight07 by Honored Guest
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New Rift Games Coming Soon

Looking forward to all the new content coming soon developed for VR. Any other good buzz on upcoming titles?Here are a couple recent announcements from Insomniac. Thanks, Insomniac! http://www.roadtovr.com/insomniac-teases-beastly-adventure-brawler-f...

jademan by Heroic Explorer
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Doom 4 Open Beta

Hello rifters,Soon everyone will be able to join them: open beta falls April 15-18, no codes required.http://doom.com/Lets go to hell for the weekend!

EliteSPA by Superstar
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Blade Runner 9732 - General PBS Enhancement

Hi guys,Here are some updates on my VR project:http://www.br9732.com/index.php/2016/04/12/general-pbs-enhancement/Almost all the objects of the living room are now physically based rendered. Lighting parameters were finetuned and there is no artefact...

ortofon by Honored Guest
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Steam and VR Games , some issues

Hi all,I installed World of Diving in Steam but when I start it (by selecting play in VR option) I'm not able to see the game on Rift.I have win10 with last home and DK2 installed.Some tips ?

Anyone tried WoW with CV1 + vorpx?

Noticed vorpx came out with support for CV1 a few days ago, and that was one of the games on the list...I know playing wow in first person isn't ideal, but I'd love to give it a try if it translates well.

Aekero by Heroic Explorer
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Oculus Home Needs VR Media for its games / apps

It can't be just me wondering this.. and yeah I know it's considered a "beta" at the moment, but when looking through oculus home, every time I look at a product that I think I may be interested in, I just don't get to see what it is I am considering...

FX2K by Heroic Explorer
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You most favorite way to play video games?

Hello,I am curious just want to know your most favorite way of playing video games. Do you have any familiar site where usually go for playing different games which gives you extra excitement. Thanks a lot!

mark2299 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! FPS/Performance Info?

How do I check the FPS I'm getting in a game/app? Specifically, how do I know if I need to lower graphics settings? I assume it would be obvious if it was skipping, but otherwise?I think I'm getting a little sick from using it and trying to make sure...

Project Cars Multi Play

I have bought pCars through OH and want to play it against other people.I have played it 'single player' daily since getting it over a week ago yet have not seen another single person on when I look on multi player, let alone a full grid.My friends h...

Thug by Heroic Explorer
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