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2D and 3D 360 Bikini Videos

Dear Oculus Community,As a 3D enthusiast, I have followed your progress with great interest.Congratulations on the VR revolution that is about to take place!Here are youtube links to 3D/VR 360 Daz3D Bikini girl animations made with DAZ3D software.The...

magic3d by Level 2
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Solar Bomb WIP

Hello, I made a few updates to my project, Solar Bomb. It's a Portal-like game, made with UE4. You use a "teleport-gun" that allow use to move into a "teleport-field".I'd like to have some feed-back on it, as it is difficult for me to evaluate the di...

DrTypo by Level 2
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Louie Cooks - Help a cat become a master-cook!

Hello everyone! Our Oculus Rift powered project Louie Cooks is currently live on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/714171281/louie-cooks and Steam Greenlight http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=440475437 - it would me...

A demo to impress my Mother in Law without scares

Hi guys, got myself a DK2 a couple of days ago and really loving it, especially Elite Dangerous which I've been playing a long time anyway, but with the DK2 it's totally a new level and now the only way to play for me.Anyway, I'd like to show my Moth...

Treetops by Level 2
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Skyrim - The Complete VR Configuration Guide

Just a link to a guide I have created to help people get Skyrim running in VR. The guide includes:- Menu positioning - Dialogue positioning- HUD positioning - HUD text resizing- Immersive first person view settings (visible body)- Vireio configuratio...


Hey guys,This is the latest version of Affected a very very scary experience, check out my video or just download it and tell me your experience. If you do check out my channel help a brother out with a like and sub almost at 100 subs!!! Its a big de...

Re-centering Rift and racing games.

Is it just me that is having this issue with certain racing games and re-centering the Rifts view?Let me explain...When I play racing games/sims I push my keyboard towards my monitor so I can have enough space to fasten my steering wheel to the desk....

Thug by Level 7
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Project CARS on DK1

I can't get it to work... Can anybody else? Is there a way to force it on? I thought we were promised software would be backwards compatible with DK1. Why won't this game work?I've got the newest runtime installed.

Trisk by Level 4
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Ivan Sutherland and the "Sword of Damocles"

I was inspired to make this scene after learning about Ivan Sutherland and the "Sword of Damocles" head-mounted display. The display had several key elements of modern VR systems (real-time graphics, stereoscopic display, positional tracking) but was...

elevenx by Level 2
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Direct Mode - Everything stuck at 60hz!!!

After finally managing to fix my problem with Direct Mode crashing EVERYTHING, I started experiencing horrible, horrible ghosting/judder in everything (this was not a problem before!). It doesn't matter if I'm using Direct or Extended either - the ju...

Veraxus by Level 4
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Need help with Project Cars and Rift setup.

HiI've downloaded the latest version of project cars from steam but I can't get it working with the rift.I understand its limited support with menus at the moment but I can't seem to race with the rift. Latest drivers for the rift and gpu installed, ...

Baj by Level 3
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The Maze 2

Make your way through a Maze and make your way toward a sexy girlhttp://theriftarcade.com/downloads/product/the-maze-2/

FPS drop after PCars update

Today I decided to jump in the Lycan and take it for a spin around Imola. Once I jumped in it I noticed my FPS was low and there was some screen tearing/artifacts. I hadn't even left the pits yet. Once I left the pits and going quite slow, it was sti...

Fusuy by Level 2
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First attempt at forklift simulator

Just wanted to share what I have been playing with over the past few weeks in Unity - a forklift simulator. No gameplay yet, but you can move palettes around, put the on the trailer or back on the shelf. Physics still has some issues, but a lot of fu...

TimeWalk - The First Realistic 3D Social Media Platform

Hello there everyone!We would like to add a "little" application that we are working on. It is still a proof of concept, but the concept is really revolutionary! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_vF9z5RNTkAnd a little Oculus Eye Candy! https://www....

Air Accident Experience

Does anyone have a download source for that demo? Unfortunately i cant find it anywhere.Im very claustrophobic and my gf wants to fly to Paris in a few weeks. I already start to sweat when i think about theairplane corridor... although phobia treatme...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Regarding to DK2 on c#..

I'm planning to develop an windows based application on c# and wondering whether I can see 3d models developed on c# through DK2. I'm not using Unity3D to build those 3d models, and I build 3d models with OpenGL on C#.

yd0927 by Level 2
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Drift VFX , Dark Sand Coast EnvironmentDemo

HiyaWe've recently made an asset package on the Unity store, but thought it would make a nice VR demo.This is not a game, this is made with the intent to push higher quality environment assets to Virtual Reality, for presentation or entertainment.You...

Space Shuttle orbit experience demo

Sit around in the cockpit of the Space Shuttle as it orbits earth. See the sun rising along with the moon. Sit there long enough and you'll eventually enter the Earths shadow at night time and see the night lighting down below.http://i.imgur.com/MoHE...

Killing Floor 2 FULL G3D !!

Ok guys this is not an official vorpx update but i have killing floor 2 working with full G3D its not perfect but im sure Ralfat vorpx can bring a pollished end result.

Thatiam by Level 4
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ClaVR - virtual piano for DK2 + Leap Motion (alpha)

Play the piano or other keyboard sounds using your DK2 and Leap Motion in VR mode (ie attached to the front of your DK2). On-screen sliders allow you to switch between instruments and hide unnecessary keys by selecting a major musical key (e.g. C# Ma...

Titans of Space - A Guided Tour (Original DK1 version)

NOTE: If you are looking for the new version (with DK2 support), please see this thread instead.I noticed some recent comments about wishing for an astro-educational VR experience, or wishing to be able to fly through the Solar System, etc. It is nic...

drash by Level 7
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