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Pirate Boat In The Rift

Hello all, i come back after a will.I have made one demo before, Enter The Train for the french community of EnterTheRift ^^.I need to make small demo for presentation of dk2.If you need to get latest version, go here :http://www.vrapps.co/game-1419-...

v3ry by Level 2
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Crystal Rift - Early Access

I am one of two devs working on Crystal Rift, a VR dungeon crawler. Early Access is now live, including the first Act of the game.http://store.steampowered.com/app/34514 ... _204_150_3Early Access is the First Act (1 of 3), full VR Support (we made i...

Fantasy Night

HomepageHttp://g-hangun.comDOWNLOAD LINKhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/fzjugx3gg3g0ygc/FantasyNight_Demo.ziporhttps://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_m74Vw2dbxzOEZMMlI4VzRzcHc&usp=sharingThis is a demo I made for the Oculus Rift.The demo is not final po...

hanguny by Level 2
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Valiant - Multiplayer Mounted Combat

Hi everyone!Our game Valiant is now up on Oculus share: https://share.oculus.com/app/valiantTrailerGreenlight Launch TrailerDescriptionMultiplayer mounted combat for the Oculus Rift.Team up and dominate enemy players in an immersive virtual battlegro...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Strange Allies: VR RPG "Han Solo simulator" prototype

Strange Allies mashes together the genre-defining standards set by games like Half-Life, Elite and FTL: Faster Than Light to create a First-Person/Virtual Reality Role Playing Game (FP/VR RPG) that we like to think of as our "Han Solo/Firefly Simulat...

GunLock - Multiplayer VR shooter [v0.2.4]

GunLock is a multiplayer shooter experiment built for VR in UnrealEngine 4. It features iron sights aiming, positional tracking for leaning/ducking and weapon and ammo scavenging.Download v0.2.4 here;http://www.mediafire.com/download/psko5u1yd1u1mms/...

Teddy0k by Level 3
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AboutFaceVR Quick assembly and first impressions

Hey Rifters,I backed AboutFaceVR when they were on Kickstarter and received their product some days ago. I put together a little video to show the assembly process and talk a little about how it works for me. You can find it here https://www.youtube....

FitzZZ by Level 2
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Descent Underground Rift Video Demo

Descent Underground is finishing up it's Kickstarter run and posted a Stereoscopic video of their Rift enabled 6DOF flight. Looks really great.Here is the Video: https://youtu.be/769FJzQR9JwHere is the KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/de ... ...

SteamVR updated, direct mode for Oculus devices?

I logged into Steam today and saw an update to SteamVR:http://steamcommunity.com/games/250820/ ... 7650482167"Added direct mode rendering support for Oculus devices (only applies to apps using the compositor)"Does anyone know which games, if any, thi...

TomSD by Level 2
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A couple of DK2 issues

To start off I use a laptop and I can't change anything about it due to warranty but its one heck of a laptop, cost me well over $1,000 so for me its well worth it, so on wards I also own the DK2 First issue I noticed is when I have to do extended sc...

GTA V DK 2 VR working support! quick tips thread

can some one test it and report how it is?http://www.roadtovr.com/play-gta-v-in-v ... e-out-now/Edit: Looks like first video on you tube for this.As this goes on, any one have any tips to get the best experience in the dk2 update the thread!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Middle School Project: VR MRI Simulator

(Simulator starts at 2:51)Kids are finishing up their first Unity Oculus project for http://www.projectcsgirls.com. Virtual ride through the MRI should help people with anxiety and claustrophobia - at least in theory  Interesting to have an Oculus e...

Blade Runner 9732, Development Updates

Here is a new dedicated page and some new screenshots of my personal project:http://www.cornflex.org/?page_id=1567Enlighten is wonderful!Thanks to Unity5A new video is coming.CheersQ.

ortofon by Level 2
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Virtual sculpture gallery/VR portfolio - WIP

I'm creating a virtual gallery to showcase my sculpts. Learning UE4 in the process, this first of many hallways is my playing around with lighting and reflections on a variety of textures. The real beauty of presenting my sculpts in VR is the grand u...

SCI-FI Scene exsploration: AS BELOW

Hi All,Finally took the plunge with Unreal engine 4 and decided to make some content for VR, something I have been itching to do for a long time now  Despite a slow start getting used to navigating the editor, I feel like I have got the basics cover...

Original Doom 3 DK2

http://youtu.be/lzofYiX6o7cPretty happy to have most pieces of the puzzle working. The Doom 3 code made it quite easy to integrate the Oculus VR SDK rendering even if I have 0 openGL knowledge prior to this and never touched the Doom 3 code. Still ha...

gplourde by Level 2
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Train Surf

Hi there,I am pleased to announce Train Surf, a virtual reality experience designed to simulate the thrill of train surfing whilst eliminating the ever present dangers.Official Site is here .... http://www.trainsurf.com ... and from there you can fin...

Help with pixelation in Elite Dangerous

Hello, I received my oculus rift yesterday and was able to get it running smoothly. But when I play elite dangerous the pixelation is so bad that I literally cannot tell one side of a coriolis station from another it just a mess of pixels. In the sta...

RedFrame DK2 Library Demo

Last year we posted a DK1 demo of our game RedFrame : http://redframe-game.com/blog/redframe-oculus-rift-demo/We had a bit of trouble getting it to work with DK2 but recently we had enough success to build a new demo: http://redframe-game.com/blog/re...

Neutron - 20 Seat Multiplayer Light Cycles!

I decided to make my own Light Cycle DEMO with 20 Seat Multiplayer.This is the FIRST version. I will be checking here regularly and implementing your comments and suggestions.The low framerate is only in the video and a byproduct of the screen record...

MiLO83 by Level 2
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Help is needed I am a noob

No video is going on rift when trying to play team fortress 2 and for euro truck sim how do I set it up I bought it from origin. Sorry for being a noob ( I am no developer just had to have the rift)

Nanu17 by Level 2
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vBuggy - Dune jumping in crazy overpowered buggies

So here's my the first ever release - vBuggy, a dune-jumping / exploring game about pushing the boundaries of what people should really be doing with land vehicles. The original idea was to put you in open cars with high visibility so you get maximum...

metakid by Level 2
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dk2 problem

every thing was working fine until i got 2 power failures. Now I get (no hdm detected, tracker connected) on the conf. utility.??? My video card has been upgraded but the dk2 was working fine with it.

Spectral - Horror experience

Hi im Alessandro, along with two of my friends, I decided to create a video game with horror scare jump. we only use materials taken free on the internet. we develop for 4 days and this is our first experience, it is little more than an alpha. let us...