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Tore Knabe's movement experiment is a MUST SEE.

http://tore-knabe.com/virtual-reality#M ... xperimentsPersonally, stroboscopic works very well for me (but is a little annoying). Cagemode works really well too. I like the idea of teleporting as well. Everyone needs to take a good look and how he's ...

Lhun by Level 3
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My Oculus Rift Video Attempt

I have a YouTube channel (don't we all), but have attempted to do a demo that's hopefully a little bit more entertaining than the standard ones out there.I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look, and let us know what you think. Many thanks!https...

AlexLFC by Level 2
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God's Apartment

God created the world in 6 days and the 7th he rested. This game takes place on the 7th day inside his apartment in Heaven.Step into Heaven and journey to Hell. Watch as the Earth is created and witness the birth of the Big Bang!Check it out here htt...

8th Continent: Lunar Destiny is live on Kickstarter

The non-profit moon project I started end of last year has evolved quite a bit. I think this will branch off into Steam greenlight land soon, but wanted to share where we're at. We launched a Kickstarter this week for it to help pay some of the inter...

crevver by Level 3
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Hello,I would like to show you guys little project of mine - asteroid shooter. You are a mass-driver controller overlooking it from control tower. The meteors are coming from above and you are responsible for shooting them before they reach ground. U...

YamroZ by Level 4
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Sunshine Observation Deck

This is my fan tribute to the solar observation deck concept and set depicted in the 2007 movie Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0448134/I claim no ownership over the intellectual property depicted in this demo. I just w...

JulianB by Level 4
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Fists of FireDODGE , SHOOT and BLOCK attacks from enemies in this 3D game that uses your hands to generate powerful fireballs you can shoot at your enemies. This game uses the Leap Motion mounted to the Oculus Rift DK2 position tracking to create a p...

Stephan by Level 2
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Recreation of ancient Rome in VR

Hi all,I'm Jan Herca. I work as a programmer but in my spare time I like to write novels and also learn about History.I am pretty new to the forums, just working with the Rift since January, but I cannot wait to share with the community my current an...

janherca by Level 3
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Amo - surreal/glitch VR demo

Amo — the dreams & nightmares of a polyhedronA very small VR demo, made with UE4 for the Oculus Rift DK2 (UE4 version 4.7.3, Oculus Rift SDK 0.4.4).Four strange dream worlds to look at. No input except the DK2 or your mouse if not in VR.Even though i...

TF2 Rift-HUD [DK2]

After playing TF2 with the DK2 I decided to create a HUD especialy for the Rift.With DK1 the game was barley playable but that changed with the new Development Kit. The only downside was the font size of all the HUD elements so I played around with t...

dvkkha by Level 2
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Simple Noob Graphs [DK2]

---------------------SIMPLE NOOB GRAPHS---------------------Hello again! I've completed and slightly modified another tutorial I completed for release. This one is based on using particles to create three dimensional graphs.---------------------Gamep...

Simple Noob Fractals [DK2]

-----------------------------SIMPLE NOOB FRACTALS-----------------------------Hello there!!! In re-learning Unity 5, I decided to work on some easy tutorials first, and at the end of each tutorial convert it to be compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2....

Elements VR : Fists of Fire

Have you ever wanted to shoot crazy fire balls from you hands?Of course you have!I have been having lots of fun lately working on a prototype for the Leap Motion 3D game jam where you do exactly that.DODGE , SHOOT and BLOCK attacks from enemies in th...

Stephan by Level 2
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Parachute Experience in VR with sensor based setup

Hello OculusVR Community!Recently we developed an experience for oculus rift dk2. We wanted the player to interact naturally so we used some sensors to improve the experience. I would like to hear your opinions/critics about the project. All details ...

yagizu by Level 2
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Soundscape VR - Major design update + New Instrument

Enjoy creating music in an immersive abstract landscape.Soundscape VR features:ToneMatrix – 16 x 12 grid where you can adjust:toggle individual noteschange oscillator typechange effectsDrumcomputer – 16 x 8 grid where you can:toggle individual drumco...

quince by Level 2
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Breath detection / interaction tech demo

Part of my VR project needs to detect the breath of the user.This got me wondering whether seeing your breath interact with the virtual world could help provide a sense of presence.Download the short tech demo and let me know what you think:Windows 3...

jumbli by Level 7
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Motorbike. (It's in my Top 3 for best game on the Rift)

If you haven't already, check this one out, it's really addictive. It has a 3rd person view, and your character looks like a little tiny toy. If you've tried the Deeper demo, it has a very similar perspective.https://share.oculus.com/app/motorbike

Anonymous by Not applicable
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RSS News Reader update1.2 [March 30]

Hey, just wanted to share a hobby project.It's very simple, you select the website you want to read and then select the article. As you look around, the articles will be pre-selected, and then you just need to look to the blue square to open the full...

Edudjr by Level 2
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when to upload a demo

Hi just wondering what's best one 3 min level or 2 levels for a demo.Been working on a game now with each level lasting around 3 min, been working on it for a few weeks and I cant wait to get it out there for you all.But I keep thinking hold it back ...

Maze Roller

Maze Roller Demo 0.1.0 Download: http://mazeroller.com/demoSteam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =408953618UPDATE 3/17/2015: Beta 0.1.0 Release / Kickstarter / Steam Greenlight.The latest release is available HEREIt's been an ...

Daily VR demos by Jose

Daily DemosNew unique VR demos released every day before 11:59 PM PST for the month of June 2014 starting today.First demo is a simple box room made of prototype blocks containing the latest OVR player controller with 26 tiny cubes on the floor, each...

Jose by Level 7
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Download: Dave Johnston for creating a map that's lasted for many years, and thanks to Abdullah Özköse for making the awesome map recreation in Google SketchUp.I made some minor adjustments in Google SketchUp, and added in the proper lighting in Unit...

Minecrift - Minecraft VR mod

I feel a little more comfortable posting Minecrift up now that we've hit Beta 1.1. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and it's in quite a stable state. However it's not perfect and both mabrowning and myself still have a lot of work to do!  Please find ...

Virtual Lincoln

Hi All,I'm working on an Edutainment project geared toward middle schoolers. Please take a look at this rough proof of concept. You can download from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmyck3b3pp9chb6/LincolnSpeech.zip?dl=0- Please use the direct-to-rif...


Very excited about this technology, but having trouble finding a reliable list of games. I am curious if an any MMO RPG have released for this device yet? EQ1 with 3d VR would make me dance a jig. Also is there an official list of occulus ready games...

dalberon by Level 3
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Elder Scrolls online with DK2

Hey Guys,I saw that VORPX could run ESO, but is there anything else that runs it where you don't have to pay 30 bucks just to run it? Also, does vorpx really run it flawlessly?Just curious as I am on the verge of buying the game since it will go free...

ADROCK23 by Level 2
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