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Brunelleschi: Age of Architects

Combining a City Building Web Game with the Oculus 3d Experience!Image of a 3D Minister's Officehttp://www.indiedb.com/games/brunelleschi/images/screenshots-828142---------------------------------Current Demo:32 - http://www.indiedb.com/games/brunell...

Ezone.com's "Moon Jump" DK2

I just loaded up some footage of our new prototype:The position tracking data from DK2 is used to control character movement. The game is best played standing up where you bend your knees and jump to control the jump of the in-game character (you can...

ezone by Level 4
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Star Hill VR [DK2]

Hello, my name is Peter Valencia, and I'm a 3D artist for indie games from California, USA. When I first got my Rift DK2, I was blown away by the level of immersion it brought to the user. I immediately became inspired to create a VR experience that ...


Hey all,I just found this awesome new virtual movie theater demo. I'm not the developer, but he's already made the demo available on his site, though its all in Korean! I don't speak/read Korean, so I used Google translate to read the docs. Here's li...

swlu by Level 3
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Halo: Combat Evolved

Using Vireio Drivers, I was able to get Halo CE working with the rift.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kFQ6xL61rg&feature=youtu.beThe only way to increase the FOV is to download HaloThirdFOV. This program will allow you to adjust the FOV in game. I hi...

DK2 with DK1 Apps

I just tried to play VR Tanks with my DK2 and got fair video but no head tracking. In the DK2 config utility I can click on a "magnetic calibration" option, but I then get a notification that it's not available for the device. So I'm wondering if the...

gtrdrt by Level 2
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Digital Combat Simulator with 4.0.1

Previous SDK versions had a few work arounds to get DSC working properly. But I tried this out with 0.4.1 and it was very simple to make it work. All i did was pause service in the Oculus Configuration utility and it instantly worked like a charm, no...

swolern by Level 3
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Digital Rain DK2 - [NOW PART OF MATRIX VR]

EDIT: Digital Rain is now part of the fantastic 'Matrix VR' program developed by Tipatat Chennavasin, Eric Beyhl and myself. You can download that here: http://www.tipatat.com/TheMatrixVR/Due to this, I've taken down the standalone version.

BouncerVR Arcade beta for DK1 & DK2 released

Hey everyone! I've released the beta of BouncerVR after completely reworking the gameplay concepts. I've also made it compatible with DK2 on Windows.You can download the game for DK1 and DK2 at http://bouncervr.comTo celebrate I've also giving away 2...

FVANtom by Level 2
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Virtual Movies

Make movies only for oculus, i only have a lot of idea for the movies but i don't have money to make a demonstration.Sorry for mi bad English.I have too much ideas.Saludos desde Argentina!

Nico003 by Level 2
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spinning virtual

My ensligh is very bad use translate pls, its only a idea but very intresting. Soy estudiante de geografia viviendo en argentina, lose no tiene mucho que ver pero soy una persona de mente abierta.Ultimamente como actividad fisica realizo indoor mejor...

Nico003 by Level 2
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BouncerVR, no nausea, no controls, just fun!

Hi everyone!My name is Tom. I've created an Oculus ready playable demo called 'BouncerVR'. I'm currently trying to collect money via a crowd funding project to turn this demo into a fun game. Let me know what you think!http://igg.me/at/BouncerVR/x/16...

FVANtom by Level 2
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VorpX - Reasons for games not launching under VorpX

Well, I have absolutely no issues when launching Skyrim or Bioshock Infinite. Unfortunately a lot of titles don't even start under VorpX for me (no mods and no d3d9.dlls applied of course). One of those is Injustice: Gods among us which is built on U...

lohan by Level 2
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Discoverie #7DFPS

@SunraHeadgear and I (@klicktock) have completed our entry for this year's #7DFPS. A beautiful dangerous voxel roguelike called Discoverie. It features support for the Oculus Rift. Feel free to grab the game from:http://discoveriegame.com Website and...

Half life 2 VSYNC problem

Half Life 2 on the DK2 is really impressive, but VSYNC doesnt work for me and i get tearing artifacts, no matter what I do.My specs:Windows 7 (aero is turned off, with aero enabled i get juddering)I7-920 32GB RAM, AMD R9 280XI get around 200-300 fps,...

Breeven by Level 2
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3D SBS Video Player for DK2

I have developed a web-based 3D Side-by-Side video player for use with DK2, it uses the new geometry-based distortion shader.http://www.andrewlowndes.co.uk/blog/graphics/3d-video-player-for-oculus-rift-dk2Please use Google Chrome when viewing. Your o...

Epic Statues demo

Hi, does someone still have this in his/her collection?viewtopic.php?f=42&t=5421&hilit=epic+statuesIt was released in 2013, I contacted the dev but got no response. Maybe somebody still has it, I want to check it out. Thanks

Pyramid on MARS [DK2]

When I first ordered the DK2 it was just for playing games, I did not even think that I will ever actually produce anything that runs on the Oculus headset. As I as watching everyone on this board create all kinds of awesome demos for the DK2 I start...

Polyworld on DK2

I didn't see a thread for this in search. This needs a thread. It's beautiful. Check it out guys. Ran smooth for me in extended mode.http://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/2c8xnc/polyworld_dk2_demo/

Well curated library, store, etc

library, store, etc?Knowing the DK2 is incoming, I'm wondering if by the time it's out what the best repository for games, demos, and tech demos will be by that time. This forum appears to have a thriving area in which games are discussed, and I've f...

aeneas by Level 2
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My god..I have just played metroid prime with DK2

This is incredible the dolphin Vr downloaded from oculus share make Metroid prime working on DK2 and with positional tracking AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh.I was able to turn my head and look around samus arm this is mind ...

aminemo by Level 3
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Youtube for the Oculus Rift

I've created a Chrome extension that allows one to watch youtube videos in the Rift.It's very new so it has quite a few requirements:Chrome only with webGl enabled (looking into Firefox)Youtube only (will be adding more sources)You must provide youtu...

Anarchy Arcade Steam CD Keys

Anarchy Arcade will be released on Steam in a few short weeks, so today I am expanding the private Steam beta to anybody who would like to get an early look at the Steam build.PM me for a Steam CD Key to unlock Anarchy Arcade today!Anarchy Arcade is ...