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Year 1 on the Virtual Frontier: Highlight Reel

What a year it's been! We don't often get permission to share downloads of our custom development projects, but we put together this highlight reel to show some of the non-game / serious games we built for Oculus Rift over the past year with the DK1....

Mustang Car - UE4 realtime - Oculusification

Hey guys. I've just wrapped up a personal project of mine and and have gotten a few pokes at adding some Rift support for it. Which I'd gladly do. I'm psyched for all of this.I'm currently investigating it on the UE4 forums but I thought I'd add a wo...

Quake 2 VR also working on DK2 (repost)

In another section of the forum, dghost posted that he updated his work on quake 2 VR:viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3795&p=160044#p160044I thought I would repost it here (I have no association with this), since it is my favorite Oculus-ready game/ demo so far...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Measure with the "green lines"?

Hi,i did this thing with the green lines, but i am not sure if i did it right...First, the line appears left... i press left-arrow as long as i see the line...Then, the line appears right... i press the right-arrow as long as a can see the line...The...

MaxM75 by Level 2
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[COMING SOON] The Dark Tower

Starting with Unity but will be switching to UE4 once it is updated for 0.4.0. still getting started but may end up spending the rest of my life building this. Will have a playable demo ready soon:

jzer0 by Level 2
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Motorsport Revolution updated for DK2

Ghost Machine has update Motorsport Revolution for DK2.http://www.ghostmachinevr.com/#!motorsport-revolution/c22wbMy impression I posted on neogaf (username Fried Food)just picked it up and gave it a whirl. Played with 360 controller even though it s...

ZmillA by Level 2
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List of currently available DK2 demos/games

For others' benefit, this website has been the best indication of DK2 enabled content that I've seen so far. Please share other sites if there are others. Thought it might be helpful to other newbies like myself:http://www.theriftarcade.com/oculus-ri...

Dk2: Desert Rally Racer

unreal demo adapted to DK2:http://envigo.net/desert.php(got one mirror only and disable the main link, if anyone can do another mirror others going to found that usefull if that mirror excesss traffic. )Screenshot. (without stereo)http://i.imgur.com/...

knack by Level 2
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Isle Drive - A DK2 Driving Demo

Hello All,I've been testing out the DK2 in Unity and thought I'd share this little demo with the community. It is nothing amazing, just something assembled form Asset Store purchases, but it's fun so.. why not IsleDrive.JPGI have successfully tested...

Sandonia - Island of Relaxation

Hi all,Posted this over at reddit but no harm in sharing here i'm sure. So, this is my first attempt at developing and don't have my DK2 yet so testing hasn't happened. Feedback welcome. Enjoy.https://mega.co.nz/#!Ptx0lYQK!RT2GFVcp9OB7JRZHxWk-hTn-mxN...

Star Trek The Bridge of the Enterprise

Hi AllI have recently spent many many hours building the bridge of the enterprise from the original series.I will upload it very shortly, I have attached a still.Comes complete with turbo lift and automatic sliding doors, you can also sit in Kirks ch...

Enda by Level 4
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Faceted Flight DK2 out

well fellas,just saw its out and wanna try it out. but after themainscreen warning the screen stay black. anybody else have this issue?DOWNLOAD LINK for DK1 and DK2: :arrow: http://dosillystuff.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bc43afb730726b1e7a1c4b...

steam25 by Level 3
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[DK2 READY] Hell Waltzer - A funfair ride

Hi there,I'm happy to present you my first release, Hell Waltzer, a funfair ride. Speed of the wheel and rotation of the seat is fully controllable. Have fun and don't go too fast! Download at http://www.riftaway.com

Dreymo by Level 3
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Orbulus - hands free Photo Sphere Viewer

Hi allPosted this in the SubForum above but think it belongs here as its stand alone, hands free, causes no nausea, runs fast and is a bit of fun.So here is Orbulus. http://www.vrcraftworks.com/Its a fun Photo Sphere viewer with 50+ of the best Photo...

UE4 Tuscany (Open source project)

Hey everyone. I'm taking the art assets from Unity Tuscany and placing them into an Unreal Engine 4 map. The end goal is to have Tuscany rendered in UE4 in such a way that the experience is equal to or better than Unity Tuscany. Additionally, since t...

Jose by Level 7
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Endless Reach [VR shmup]

ENDLESS REACH VR is now playable!Visit endlessreach.soverance.com to play!A quick gameplay video of a shmup we're working on! It's called Endless Reach, and you'll find more info about it on the game's website at endlessreach.soverance.comEndless Rea...

Gekkeiju Online [MMORPG]

Greetings everyone I'm working on a small-scale multiplayer online rpg called Gekkeiju Online. It was originally made back in 2002 but I'm redoing it completely now. The engine used is Irrlicht.This new version of the game will introduce native supp...

suvi by Level 2
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New Rift Theatre with animated short "EELCREEK"

hi guys ,,here the first and hopefully final build a project that we've been working on a while down-under in New Zealand...It's an Animated short that comes with its own night time out door movie theater!..We hope you will like it a lot and it makes...

North East South West - UPDATE #10

UPDATE #10A talk I did at an art exhibition in melbourne where I talk about psychedelic experiences in films and how they are now possible to recreate in the oculus. I show my VR art world and talk about how we may be able to use VR for lucid dreamin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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In-Paris - Okio Studio demo

Has anyone been able to get this to work with the KolorEyes player? I've tried using both plugins from the APP and when using the MS plugin I get an error when dragging a video to the Kolor Eyes window, when using the direct plugin and dragging the v...

The V-ERAS Call For Volunteers is open!

The Italian Mars Society is seeking four volunteers to participate as members of the crew of the Virtual European MaRs Analogue Station (V-ERAS) during a simulation of human Mars exploration operations. The mission will take place in Madonna di Campi...

I am kickstarting a retro game!

We don't use headtracking, but we take advantage of the excellent stereoscopic effects possible with the Rift.It feels a lot like a Virtual Boy game done right!Check it!http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1914111061/ghost-in-the-machine?ref=live

arena commander with DK2?

Anyone get arena commander to work with DK2 yet? I tried the DK1 steps and it does not work. Pressing 1 or 2 on the num pad does nothing, doing the manual commands in the console does not change the screen when DK2 is active... I thought at least it ...

VR Awards Info

Hi All ( CyberReality sorry for the double post )We have been busy getting stuff organized for the upcoming awards night. We have created a new website with some more information for developers. To view please go to http://thevirtualrealityawards.com...

Video Player for DK2

I know there are quite a few players that claim to work on DK2, such as the drive in player, but I'm looking for a straight player. VRPlayer was a great one, but it doesn't work on DK2 yet. Anyone know of any way to play videos that isn't far away li...

Zalor by Level 2
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New Video Game Console in Development

Hey guys,My name is James Wards. I'm from New Zealand, and for the past 4 years I have been painstakingly developing a new computer console to release as a consumer product, which will incorporate the rift.Throughout the development of my project, I ...

Private Eye - Looking for testers

Hi everyone,If you are not aware of us here is a little trailer to give you an ideaI'm excited to say that the new version of Private Eye is very close to sending out to the world. We are looking for a few fine people who would be happy to help out w...

Deep Sea Diving Demo *Updated* V1.2

Hi all, a new update finally.We have recently updated our Deep Sea Demo. No massive changes but we have added in more fish, made it a lot quicker and more cohesive and jazzed up some of the visuals.Also, here's a bit of a better video for the lazy: h...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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