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Permanently.Banned trolling bullying in horizon world

Recently I saw and put up with seeing a lot of Harassment bullying and trolling in horizon world online which i didn't think was fun meta won't take accountable appropriate on these Areas same with anonymous account that a lot of trolling and bully u...


you should corporate with micorsoft to buy minecraft in vr but like in the meta quest store a bunch of people want it that would make everybodys day.

Gorilla Tag- Toxic Reporting System and Unfair Bans

*THINK TWICE ABOUT SPENDING MONEY IN THIS GAME*Sadly this game has an aggressive banning system that's driven by a toxic in game reporting system overrun by a bunch of children less than ten years old. They will happily report you en mass for cheatin...

Empyrion: Galactic Survival in VR!

Yup! After my success with getting 7 Days To Die into VR with VorpX (allbeit thanks to a 3rd party) I decided to have a try with Empyrion - they both use Unity 5 engine, so......and it works! The only issue is FOV - you can get a max of 90°, which is...

VR/AR/MR concert experience survey

Hi everyone! I'm a final year university student conducting research about people's experiences with MR/AR/VR concerts - like ABBA Voyage, Fortnite, Roblox, Wave XR, Gorillaz, or anything similar! If you have attended such an event and are over the a...

mb876 by Honored Guest
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Horizon Workrooms Updates/Future

Forgive me if this is not the proper board for this question. My question: Workrooms hasn't been updated in about a half year. Before that, it looked like it got somewhat regular updated. Are there any planned updates coming? What is the future of Wo...

TheoR74 by Honored Guest
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It's #ShareAPicSaturday - April 27, 2024

Guess what day it is everyone! Yes, you guessed it (pssst....it's in the title :)) It's another #ShareAPicSaturday. This post is created to gather the community's favorite media from the week. Share your favorite photos and videos from your headset a...


It's #ShareAPicSaturday - May 4, 2024

May the 4th be with you everyone! We want to celebrate alongside you. No matter how you're celebrating, maybe playing your favorite VR game perhaps? It so happens to land on a special day of the week we like to call here on the Meta Community forums,...


working on VR game, plese help me to come up with a name

so yah, im working on a game, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz6G5G_gYUo so far im calling it "rebels arena VR" but i dont realy like the name. maybe someone have catchy name idea that is not AI/ChatGPT generated short about my game:mult...

ArveKarve by Honored Guest
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Is there a photo viewing app for Quest 2?

Hello all, I'm looking for a photo viewing app on my new Quest 2. I have several 360 photos that i took that i'd like to view and simply cannot find a way to do it! Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Minecraft On The Quest 3 - Working on Day 1?

OK so I have a nephew who is obsessed with Minecraft and it would make life so simple if we could get it on the Quest but you can't. I used to play it when it was in the store - PCVR - it was fantastic. I know you can still do PCVR with a little work...

Moss 2 How to Dash

It's been driving me nuts but I cannot figure out how to get Quill to dash in Moss 2. What are the controller buttons and action to get this to happen??

drnebula by Explorer
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Google Earth VR on Oculus Quest 2

Just created this forum to see how many people are keen to have Google Earth Vr natively supported on Oculus Quest 2. Also to understand if Quest 2 is capable of supporting Google Earth VR natively.Thanks in advance for your replies and interest on t...

Oculistica by Honored Guest
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Best VR shooters with bot options?

I like Zero Caliber because you can add bots to the multiplayer. Just host a gun game and get right into playing. People can join if they want, but it's low sweat, low commitment. Any titles with similar experience? I have H3VR but have only spent ma...

lundy by Honored Guest
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Best apps for Balance exercises?

Hi all, I am a physical therapist conducting research on VR assisted balance training. I am looking for a few different apps that would be appropriate for elderly persons of varied balance abilities. I am looking for some easy, moderate, and difficul...

Forgotten gems - Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition

Recently, devs announced Hellblade 2 with no VR support - and many fans got upset. But how many have really tried and completed the original game in VR? 樂 This game from summer 2018 - that's nearly 6 years ago: Hellblade is in 3rd person perspective,...

20240413234341_1_vr.jpg 20240413234847_1.jpg 20240413234727_1.jpg 20240413235731_1.jpg
RuneSR2 by Grand Champion
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Zombie fish

Fish index says I need zombie fish but I have everything in the US where do I catch it? Or was it only available during event?

The Spatial App on App Lab

Hey,I would just like to talk about The Spatial App on Meta App Lab.The app is really great, it basically turns your MQ3 into AVP that has all the neccessary options available for every day use.Number of integrated apps is astounding, so far it is wo...

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