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Leap Motion + OR Demo

Hey fellow rifters,Today I received the much awaited Leap Motion controller in the mail, yay!Naturally, I immediately tried to get it working with OR, and so I managed to quickly throw together a little OR demo using the Leap Motion as input basical...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Somebody managed to find the Trench Run demo

Had to share this immediately, because my childhood dream just became a virtual reality Some aweseome fellow on reddit found the Trech Run demo:http://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/230vei/about_that_trench_run_demo/Yep it is the real deal, i just...

A simple VR assisted design planning project

I'd like to present a small project I am working on that and use for "VR assisted design planning" of the house I aim to build. It is very much in Alpha stage and WIP. Focus at this stage - for me atleast - is to be able to rapidly switch between big...

360 video share site can view with Oculus

HiI made a 360 video share site compatible with Oculus rift. Hope you like it.I'd appreciate it if you give me some comment. (It is now in very slow server but I am planning to move it to more fast server later) Thanks!http://360videoshare.com/

Vektropolis - Appolgies for the blatant plug.

Hi,We're a small, really small, indie Dev in England and we've decided to go it alone after years of making games for other people. Last game I did was this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccsTplq_LUM and well, I was tired and wanted to make a re...

Evestay by Level 2
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New Developments or Unreleased Work Needed

Hi AllSome of you might have seen our video reviews on youtube. We don't do reaction videos but try give our thoughts in an easy to follow format for VR Games and applications. Currently we are just getting through our inbox but would love the chance...

HYPERCAST VR - Virtual Yacht Experience

Hello Rifters!Our Studio has just launched a new demo, It's live now on https://share.oculusvr.com/app/hypercastThe Hypercast Demo lets users experience what it feels like to be on a Yacht. We've designed the experience from the ground up to be comfo...

Chard6 by Level 2
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Paraglider game

Hi,I have made a 3D Paraglider game / Sim, converted it to use Oculus RIft, you can see a gameplay video here:I have published it on desura, the oculus rift version is waiting to be authorised by the desura team, you can get it on http://www.desura.c...

khos85 by Level 3
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VISUAL | simple immersive demo

VISUAL is a really simple demo that I wanted to share. I think what it does well is illustrating DK1´s limitation in resolution, so trying it out with DK2 this july will be sort of a benchmark opportunity.It has beginning and no end but I hope you li...

SxKx by Level 5
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*Project Canceled* The Rift Zone (Tech Demo)

Hey guys, so I've been working on a project called The Rift Zone. Basically, it's a virtual reality arcade that allows you to actually be a part of the games. I'm also planning on adding a movie theater and a club to dance, as well as multiplayer. I'...

CopperCube 4.5 released with Oculus Support

We just released CopperCube 4.5. It is basically a 3D authoring tool for creating 3D apps and games without programming. With this release, we added Oculus Rift support:So our users are now able to easily create content for the Rift, let's see if the...

CopperCube Oculus Test Demo

CopperCube is an editor for creating 3D apps without programming, and we are adding Oculus Rift support soon. To test this feature, I've created a demo 3D app with Oculus Rift support. It looks like this:You can download the demo here:http://www.ambi...

MTBFreeride: downhill bike sim+RiftSuit

MTBFreerideFull 3d full suspension high detailed physics 1st-person bike simulator.And also wingsuit simulator  NoVR avialable for free here http://mtbfreeride.wordpress.com/VR with Oculus and Hydra is wait for approuvment in OculusShare.Enjoy

Dream Arena

Hi,I'm happy to share the completed presentation for the Dream Arena. This is a portable dome equipped with star projection system, a mechanical dome skin that splits into louvres and a hydraulic stage. It seats 1200 people.This presentation is being...

deflix by Level 2
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NEW experience ! Your first Robotic Body is here !

Hello everyone !It's out there on the Oculus share ! (note the rhyme !)https://share.oculusvr.com/app/synthesis-universe---intro-experience--http://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/22gxhm/new_experience_for_you_rifters_your_new_robotic/What is it ?A ...

Secondlife Viewer for Linux (kinda beta)

Hey everyone. If you use linux 99% of the time like me then I'm sure you're annoyed that there's not very many things to look at in VR. I went ahead and took some time (way too much time!) and compiled a version of the Ctrl-Alt-Studio Viewer for Linu...

Arma III Battle Royal DayZ

Has (or Can) anyone made a Rift plugin for the Arma III engine? I'd like to try it on the Battle Royal hardcore match that's all first person shooter style. DayZ standalone would be nice as well.

How easy is UE4 for creating a simple level?

And by easy I mean the bric-a-brac like nature of previous Unreal editors. I have zero coding experience so I'm looking for something I can throw together with relative ease, and hopefully use some provided assets/textures to give it some character. ...

OliverRift: Using speed reading technology in VR

After I saw a demo of the Spritz speed reading tech, I knew I wanted to try doing something about embedding it in a VR application. This is the result of a couple of days work (mostly spent trying to polish the UI and fiddling with various things to ...

jherico by Level 5
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Space Shot

Made this short demo after testing how it would feel to be launched high into air and got some nice vertigo.Sorry for the simple and empty look, I put this together in a day and I have other projects to focus on. Also the mechanics and animations are...

Ananas by Level 3
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Duck Hunt VR

So i decided to step back from my Cinema app this weekend and played around with a cool online tool called 3DTin.comIt allows you to make 3D models kinda like Minecraft (it has other features but that's what i use it for)So i decided to try making th...

ninja13 by Level 2
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Death In Candlewood on Kickstarter

Death In Candlewood is an open-world psychological FPS heavily influenced by the gothic fiction of Edgar Allan Poe and classic horror films. A love story between the living and the dead, the game plunges its player into the darkest corners of 1940s A...

Br0ken by Level 2
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Another Rift-based FPV system

Hello,I think it's already been done before, but I couldn't resist developing my own version of an FPV system based on the Oculus Rift.I've used it successfully to fly a tricopter (this was actually my first FPV flight ever!):http://bitoniau.blogspot...

"Trial of the Rift Drifter" - New game trailer live!

NOTE SEP 23rdWe have just announced our upcoming project — ASUNDER: Earthbound. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think!To be the first to get more news on the project you can subscribe to our mailing list!NOTE AUG 19thTrial of the Rift ...

Aldin by Level 2
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Riftop prototype 3d desktop for windows

The riftop is a prototype 3D desktop for windows* born out of frustration with the workflow when tweaking things for the Oculus Rift. The current devkit does not provide the resolution for this to really be a solution to my workflow problems but I wa...

amartin by Level 2
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Brain Plus - VR Brain Training

Hey guys,I'd love to get some feedback on this casual VR brain training game:Download Link for WindowsIt starts with simple visuospatial search puzzles then gradually increases the amount of information you have to keep in memory. I've found that VR ...

Game of Thrones Inspired "The Wall"

Hey all,We're Hipster Squid Studios and we make virtual experiences for the OR. Our first experience has been inspired by the brilliant Game of Thrones book and TV series, and is set around Castle Black and scaling the North Wall. You can grab it for...

Football In the Oculus Is Here!

We are a group of coaches and developers who are bringing virtual reality to the sports industry to help athletes get better.SIDEKIQ lets you practice football anywhere, anytime. Hit "5" on your keyboard to go into Oculus mode.More info and FAQ : www...

breilly by Level 2
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DEMO "world of diving"

I just saw this on a Belgium gaming site. Couldnt find any info on it here so i thought to share it.http://www.divegame.net/Didnt try it yet but looks pretty good even has MP

bob123 by Level 2
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Bicycle driven rift games

So last weekend we launched the games we've been developing at the Nati Frinj Festival.Its a suite of 3 games built around the idea of using a bicycle to drive the game. Each of the bikes ha an arduino and several sensors attached to measure the whee...