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Eye Of The Temple Demo

You can get it here : https://t.co/7W8113ys8X?amp=1More information here : https://twitter.com/eyeofthetempleLooks like quite a fun game.

Digikid1 by Level 12
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im trying to opey beat saber game but it keep saying permission control keeps stopping how to fix it?

Disney Movie VR Update(?)

Just noticed an update for Disney Movie VR so I had a look.Well, turns out there's nothing to look at! All 3 options say "Coming Soon".I'm hoping it's just me, because otherwise, it's the worst "update" ever.

Close up in Wander?

Hi all,Just got my Oculus Quest 2 yesterday and I'm loving it so far!I'm trying out "Wander" and it's very cool. I have a question: If you're standing somewhere, is it possible to zoom in on something to see it closer? I've been "walking" through Get...

Jubiläumsangebote oder Packs im Google Browser

Hallo, kann mir jemand erklären warum ich keine Jubiläumsangebote aufrufen kann im Web-Browser (PC/Google), nicht mal über einen Link - es steht dann zwar da "Ein Hoch auf die Quest" aber darunter sieht man kein einziges Spiel, nicht mal Bundles im A...

Resolved! How do you "jump" in "the climb"?

I'm going through the tutorial that comes with "The Climb" and I can't figure out how to jump. What button do I press? Also, the tutorial seems to indicate that you need to chalk your hands periodically, and you do that by pushing the trigger on the ...

Some Horizon Workrooms questions

I used the Workrooms app for a meeting yesterday and it was great! I have a few questions:My attendees reported that they did not have permissions to use the chat and files. How do I give them permission?I was testing out how to put an image on the w...

Asgard's Wrath - Stuck at Thor's Tower

I've been really enjoying the game but I have reached a point where I am completely stuck and can't progress at Thor's Lightning Tower. I'm trying to use the machine to blast the waves of soldiers, giants and machines attacking the gates but finding ...

Oculus Booting game but does not load into it

I am having an issue where I cannot load into game on airlink. Although the airlink virtual space works fine and I can browse the menus, when I launch a game I cannot load into it. I am stuck waiting for the to "load" but it never does, even though I...


aucun appareil vr détécté sur arizona sunshine

bonjour, j'ai acheté Arizona sunshine hier pour y jouer au moment du lancement du jeux le jeux m'indique "aucun appareil vr détecter, veillez à ce qu'un appareil vr soit connecté et en état de fonctionner, puis redémarrer le jeux. Je possède un oculu...

DCS AH-64D Apache Pre-Order now available

Finally the much anticipated and long awaited DCS Apache is available to Pre-Order. I have well over 200+ hours in learning the F/A 18-C Hornet to fly combat missions based off the Super Carrier. No telling how many hours it will take me to learn thi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Skiing VR - our new game about ski

Skiing VR, a powerful and realistic skiing sports simulator produced and developed exclusively for the Oculus® VR gaming platforms. Compete against your friends or players across the world and challenge yourself to drive up the hill and hit the slope...

Participate in a Virtual Fab Lab user study

Hi all! I am a CSE student at the University of Oulu looking for interested people to try out my virtual reality (VR) application and answer a survey as part of my master’s thesis. If you do not own a VR headset, you can also watch a tutorial video s...

ppp2fin by Level 2
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Compare games owned?

Possible to compare what games I have against a friend/anyone/someone?Are there limitations/restrictions to oculus accounts v fb accounts for this? Old oculus rift account,just got Q2,borrowed fb account for activation,wanna play multiplayer.Steam ea...

Asgard's Wrath menu selection problem fixed.

Don't make the same mistake as I did.I couldn't play the game as I was unable to access the game menu (left controller > menu button).Each time I tried, it emulated the right controller > Oculus button, taking me out of the game.In Oculus home "setti...

Galactic Rangers VR released in Oculus Store

Hello defenders of the galaxy!We are pleased to inform you that the Galactic Rangers VR have arrived to the Oculus!Galactic Rangers VR is a first-person space action VR game, deeply immersive, just as arcade shooter should be. Grab your pair of blast...


Resolved! PCVR games for the quest 2

We need to get the game “Attack On Quest” (Attack on quest is for PCVR) onto the Oculus Quest 2 platform for people to purchase in store, getting this game would attract more attention to the Oculus Quest 2 and have more business for Facebook/Oculus

Lone Echo II launches October 12! (delayed from August 24)

YAY! https://www.oculus.com/blog/lone-echo-ii-launch-date-and-price-revealed-plus-discount-for-lone-echo/ It is a Rift exclusive game, but supports Quest via Link/Airlink. From today until the launch, Lone Echo 1 is reduced to $9.99us. Lone Echo was ...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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