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[Demo] Black Island, horror game

Hi guys,We’ve been working on a game for the Oculus Rift for about half a year now, and decided that it’s time to give other people a look at it. The name of the game is “Black Island” and it’s basically a horror game, set on a tropical island. You h...

Kaorin by Level 2
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Attack of the Space Boulders! (Asteroids in VR?!)

Hi guys!We made a thing in Unity for the rift! It's kinda like Asteroids, but VIRTUAL REALITY.My cohort made a post in the Oculus Ready Games and Demos forum, but I think it's also appropriate here. We just kinda wanted to get it out there, since it ...

tresch by Level 3
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Hi everyone,I used a few hours in the evening today to create another test project for the Rift. This little demo is a medieval Maze.Although there is no exit yet, it should give you something to explore.  screenshot.jpgI used the newest Oculus SDK ...

What to buy in the Steam sale?

With the Steam summer sale underway, what games should O.R owners be looking out for.. I am thinking of games which already support OR and games that are likely to be...Sl far, i have bought:Half lifeSurgeon simulatorJUst Cause 2 (i would give my rig...

jweaver by Level 7
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3D Magic Effects Demo

3D Magic Effects package. In watching the Team Fortress 2 play, people commented that particles are that much more awesome in 3D so this puts it to the test.https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/508 ... ffects.zipPress the arrow keys up or down to cycl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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MakeVR--Immersive 3D modeling by Sixense

Hello everyone. Below is an announcement from Sixense for an immersive two-handed 3D modeling system. We already have it fully integrated with the Rift. A video is available at http://www.sixense.com/MakeVRHere is also an article from Ben Lang of Roa...

jjerald by Level 2
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Project Murphy

I haven't read through all the topics in the forum. Not sure if someone else is working on this too. My idea is to do Augmented Reality using two fast cameras mounted on the front of the oculus. At some point, I want to make my own DIY oculus with al...

Blue Marble - my best Rift experience so far

*goosebumps*I'm testing my way through the long list of Rift demos and so far, "Blue Marble: A journey into space" is by far the best Rift experience (demo), it literally gave me goosebumps and my head started spinning of possible scenarios this coul...

Dogulus Rift

Hi,I took my Oculus Rift along to Molyjam 2013 in Glasgow, Scotland. This year's Molyjam theme was out-of-context quotes from Peter Molyneux. The quote I pitched for was "Part of the fun of dogs is they misbehave and can be enormously embarrassing to...

Floating Bar /w Kinect

Hey Guys,just made a little demo using the Rift and Kinect for body tracking:FloatingBarYou are standing on a plank high up in the air and balance over it back and forth...This is my first try with Unity, the Rift and/or Kinect, so don't expect any w...

Tuscany demo and joystick control

HiI can't make the Tuscany demo work with a Joystick under windows 7. Actually any input setting I modify in the INPUT tab has no effect on the demo.Is that normal please?thankscyril

cyril3d by Level 2
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Need Help With Vireio Perception Phase 2

Hello everyone!We are pleased to report that Vireio Perception has finally been updated. One of the biggest problems the Vireio Perception drivers had was an inability to simultaneously render the left and right image at the same time. This was creat...

Night Bike - Motorbike demo

Motorbike ride at night - http://goo.gl/vVXn8 - try this with a fan pointed at you!v.1.2 as of Jul 7-13I've been having fun with this and thought I would share so I've put together this demo of the 'on vehicle' portion of a larger project I'm working...

Caine by Level 2
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Planet Flight

Hi everyone,I built a small little Unity project today and thought I share it with everybody that is interested in trying it out.Don't be too hard on me, I just had a few hours to work on it PlanetFlight.jpgUnfortunately it only works with the Xbox ...

3dengine VR: sponza, 10k teapots, 1k omnis, 1k spots (v2)

This is nice VR demo which demonstrates my engine rendering abilities at very cool environment.https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bycvp9GILmttLVo3VjRCU1BQcEU/edit?usp=sharingVisual features:-scene is Crytek Sponza atrium + 10000 teapots (most of them ar...

Closed by Level 2
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ARDrone Flight Pro and Oculus Rift - Android

I've just managed to get USB head tracking working and native rendering all on Android using my ARDrone Flight Pro app:http://youtu.be/J9zw8fx-pMMThe video is on a Xoom, so slow rendering... now if only I could get an NVidia Shield in the UK My app ...

Yaw Drift and games

Howdy all, is there a way to enable auto mag correction to correct for yaw automatically despite if game demos support it or not, my yaw drift is pretty bad and noticeable in sim type games.

enzo by Level 2
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Real time 3d modelling tools for rift

Hi fellow rifters. Like many of you I would love to build worlds and walk around them all in rift. I have some software I have been designing for many years. It would be ideal to convert to rift as many of the interface concepts were designed with VR...

snester by Level 2
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Lunar Software trailer shows Rift support for Routine

Just found this news bit about Routine by Lunar Software:Routine coming in 2013, Oculus Rift support and scary robots in towby Jordan Mallory on Jun 26th 2013 1:00AMhttp://www.joystiq.com/2013/06/26/routine-coming-in-2013-oculus-rift-support-and-scar...

Fireball Jam

Didnt find a thread about this demo, so i create one.Fireball Jam is a new Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra demo by Dave Buchhofer, developer of the Oculus Rift VR Playground. In this simple demo, you can toss fireballs from your hands like Mario after ea...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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TF2 Rift Server.

Since the official server appears to not be getting updates, I dusted off my old dual Xeon rig and installed the tf2 dedicated server. Not trying to advertise, I just wanted to play in the official, but couldn't, so I made one for the community to us...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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RiftAmp - VR based MP3 player

Hello all,First post here. As I was bored waiting for the rift I started working on a oculus rift based MP3 player with VR audio visualizer. Here is my first attempt :Let me know what you think.Do you see any potential for this kind of application ?R...

nicemc by Level 2
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Oculust Rift Games and Demos List on the Web

I realized that there are many applications to the Oculus and they will increase every day. I rode a form to fill in, it was for my use, however, saw that will be more productive if it is shared with the group.This form is intended to centralize the ...

Asheron's Call

Has anyone tried this with Asheron's call yet? If so please point me in that direction. Many thanks.