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Oculus ready 3D photos

Hello,I played around a bit with creating 3D photos to be viewed in a Rift, the outcome looks like this:stereotest01.jpgNote that I did not use the full FoV of the Rift as the 3D lenses have a way smaller FoV and getting even closer to the photo feel...

Updated Hydra/Rift testbed - Accidental Magic Carpet Rides

more recent: Here’s an update to my Hydra/Rift/Unity3D Demo. It’s starting to move a bit more in the worldbuilding type direction, but there’s a ways to go yet! so far you can pretty much move/copy/rotate/delete/toggle gravity most things in the scen...

dbuck by Level 2
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Raytracing in the Rift

This is the first preview of a Ray Tracing engine I'm playing around with for the Rift based on Nvidia's Optix extension for CUDA.Download demo (Updated to 10 Meg. Ver 0.49 (07-06-2013)).Not sure how well it works on other machines, so your mileage m...

TeraBit by Level 2
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Helicopter Demo Destroyed City

Hi,when i tried the Rift i just loved the heli hydra demo. Thats why im trying to learn about Helicopter Controls.Ive made a quick Demo with free Models of the Asset Store.The control scheme in this Demo is pretty difficult but a lot more realistic t...

Kraken Sea Horror demo

Hey Guys, I just finished my first demo app for the Oculus rift!It's a horror game that plays off of the fear of the sea.What do you think?Download:Kraken WindowsKraken Mac (may freeze after startup, I'm looking into this)some screenies:

cirolve by Level 2
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Home Rift Derby (Hydra Required) network optional

Here's a little home run derby simulation I made that requires the hydra. If you play over the network the other player can try to catch the balls in the outfield. It's still a work in progress but I'm uploading what I made so far so it doesn't just ...

blender in the Rift

I have been working on using blender in conjunction with the rift, and have made my first video. It is 16 seconds long, and nothing spectacular, and was mostly an exercise in FOV and render camera angles. I have learned that I need to zoom out more. ...

Tug by Level 2
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Ghost in the Machine one day left on kickstarter!

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1914111061/ghost-in-the-machineRetro platformer game if you pledge 10 bucks you can get the beta that works with the Rift now  looks neat!one of the guys who made it did one of the nicer Rift Review videos on yout...

Jamulus Rift (work with and without Oculus Rift)

A small game developed during a private game jam over 36 hours.2 developers.I hope you like it, make the best score EDIT: a movie on youtube for those who want to check it out first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN7f1vXwPwY&lc=L30kaXkMrGxXQM8NWQoCv...

HL2DM - insecure mode only?

Hi all!My dev kit just arrived today! At long last! I have spent the past few hours checking it out, trying different settings.Now I just want to kick back and play for a while. I have never played TF2 before, so I don't have that set up. But some fr...

makingview vr

found this today not sure if anyone posted before,check it out http://makingview.no/makingview.com/?page_id=1691http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HuVExgGFZ8

Team Fortress 2 is horribly jerky

Hi I just tried Team Fortress 2 and it is horribly jerky. With vSync disabled I am getting over 200fps so it's not a matter of power (2 GTX 480's, i3770 @4.8GHz, 8MB DDR3 @ 2400MHz). It seems okay (but not perfect) in window mode but in full screen (...

KingK76 by Level 4
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HiI want to share a small OR game i made in unity called Baskriftball. Its a basketball game and the goal is (surprise!) to throw a ball into a giant basket. You drive a small "car" which you can control with WASD and to throw the ball you use a "sho...

Please: No YouTube for VR videos!

YouTube does not support frame rates over 30 fps which just doesn't look like you were playing the demo for real (whatever the reason might be for this dump decision). Just upload the video to a sharehoster or the public folder of your Dropbox, 60 fp...

spyro by Level 4
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PC and MAC compatibility for unity based demos

Hi,Most of the unity based demo here are distributed as pc executables. Is it possible copying the resources to the tuscany villa demo for mac (inside the .app) to see those demos with a mac? what files are needed to be copied and where?Cheers,Andrea

Viiwok - Virtual treadmill & reality simulator.

Hi all, I'm a young systems engineer from Spain with a passion for architecture, topography, surveilling, photogrammetry and gaming.In about 2 weeks I'll be launching an IndieGogo campaign (I'm european so I can't submit projects for KickStarter) for...

Attreyu by Level 2
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City Quest - The silliest Rift experience around.

(I originally posted this to the "Completed" Forum, so I'm reposting it here, since it's actually a work in progress. Sorry about that, not trying to be spammy!)It's still kinda fun though!I ordered during the kickstarter and am still waiting on mine...

Unity Asset Pack Demos


FPV / RemoteEyes

I think the Ocolus Rift is very nice for FPV RC Plane flying.A camera is mounted on an RC plane and the video is transmitted to a base station, where someone wears video googles and sees the image: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5pazsq3QtoAs we know...

IGA: Virtual Tours, incl. USS Enterprise NCC 1701

Hey guys, I've decided in an effort to build a good understanding of VR game development, and to begin developing the underlying structure for future VR game projects I have that I will be putting together a few simple tourism/exploration type "games...

Son of Nor - Action Adventure with Oculus Rift!

Hi guys!I want to present our current project at stillalive studios: Son of Nor! It is going to support the Oculus Rift!What Is Son of Nor?Son of Nor is a 3rd person action adventure game for Windows, Mac and Linux that can be played alone or with up...

umauj by Level 2
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(Rift Demo Download) Architectural Visualization

Here's the demo download: http://archvirtual.com/2013/05/28/rift-demo-download-oculus-rift-and-unity3d-for-real-time-architectural-visualization/Ever since my dev kit arrived, I've been having a blast doing architectural visualization demos. This one...

Architecture in Motion - sketch build

I've been having a blast sketching out different Rift concepts, and wanted to share a build. It's just a quick demo, not polished at all, but the idea with this build is to look at some ways to accentuate the sense of presence, and the perceived ‘wei...

Ocucam - piping dual webcams to an Oculus Rift

Hi, all!In my boredom from waiting for my Oculus Rift to arrive, I've put together a tiny C# project that takes dual webcam inputs, applies the Oculus distortion shader, and then outputs via Direct3D.It's a pretty limited app, currently--for instance...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Virtual Shopping

Hey,Recently on Multi Mania in Belgium i put some galsses on. It was amazing! besides the graphics ofcrouse.Now i was thinking to make some kind of virtual shopping facility. You think this could be possilbe. If so im gonna buy a set but what is it g...

B2Izzy by Level 2
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This Is VR - Concept Demo for OS X and Windows

Hi. I'm just getting into rift development, having received my headset last week, and I'm working on what will be a surreal VR assault course / platform game. It will use lots of standard platform mechanics (power ups, item collection, timer etc.) ex...