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VRover -a voxel based terraforming Game

Win & Mac versions + X-box controller Download this game now for free while its still in Alpha ... Game Overview: Control an open cockpit Virtual Rover as you blast your way through rock & rubble with a high powered laser canon.. drilling deep beneat...

Mickman by Protege
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Multiplayer VrJam Game Tonight :)

Hi guys,I don't know how many of you are checking the VR Jam threads. Our game is a multiplayer Medusa vs Soldiers game called "Gorgon". We have been asked to set up some times to play since people are having trouble getting others online at the same...

Vindolanda Rising (Roman)

Hey there Oculus fans and welcome to my newest project. For those of you who do not know Vindolanda was a roman fort located just south of Hadrian's Wall in northern England. It is most notable for the letters that were unearthed there called the Vin...

cbell77 by Honored Guest
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Firma - Game Demo

Hi:Here is a demo of a game 'Firma' I am working on.https://www.dropbox.com/s/4o5wkw72323mzfa/FIRMA.zipCurrently the game only supports an XBox 360 controller. I am curious if the controls are too complex or not.It follows standard 1st person shooter...

digital by Explorer
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List of existing/upcoming games with Oculus Rift support

Hey, I’ve been scouring the web for all full games (past, present and upcoming) I could find and verify that will have Oculus Rift support, because the information wasn’t easily available anywhere in a near-to-complete form and came up with this upda...

Dexter111 by Honored Guest
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JetPack Races (updated)

I would like to share my first Oculus Rift game, JetPack Races. I really have no idea what people will think of this, I built my JetPack a while ago and enjoyed flying around Tuscany and the Destroyed City so I thought I would add a bit of a challeng...

Krisper by Explorer
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Youtube VR-Browser vrytube

I wanted to see, where i can go with the vr.js-Library. Combined with three.js its pretty easy to build 3d-Worlds in the Browser. Based on a great demo from Mr.doob (the autor of three.js) I build a youtube-browser: http://www.k4oo.com/vrytube/#catsT...

idrs by Honored Guest
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The Museum [Pre-Alpha] - by Antonino Truisi

● What's The Museum?The Museum is a museum where it will gather all the greatest masterpieces of videgame industry and as a true and own museum illustrate the history and the development process to arrive at the final product, also will be implemente...

DigiCortex - brain simulation engine

I just finished basic Oculus Rift support in my pet project "DigiCortex":http://www.digicortex.net/node/43DigiCortex is a large-scale, biologically-realistic, neural network simulator that runs on a standard Windows PC. DigiCortex Engine is based on ...

idimkovic by Honored Guest
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Good DDD's Tridef 'Generic' Working Games

I'll start it off by saying ( Skydrift ) works well, out the box on Tridef and the 3D affects are pretty awesome. Kinda odd title, and wasn't that great of a game till the rift changed that.Any other games that are unknown to most and work wonderful ...

Room platformer (working title)

I'm working on a short game/demo made with UDK. You are a very small guy and must travel through a room with simple (first person) platforming mechanics. I'll be updating this thread as things get done.

Walky by Explorer
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Dark Soul Lost Oculus Rift Version

A small demo of a game that we are creating here and I wanted to make this version available to anyone for the Oculus Rift, I hope you enjoy it.THIS IS ONLY X64 BIT VERSION ...... FOR NOW!http://www.gamefront.com/files/23586350/DarkSoulsLostOculusVer...

gatripoli by Honored Guest
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Ludum Dare 27 Entry - Streets of Rift

Built an Oculus based entry for this years Ludum Dare with the theme "10 Seconds"http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=27449You have 10 seconds to walk across the street without getting hit by a car. Larger streets have a p...

PAYLOAD - Short film asset adapted to VR

So I've finally got access to a Rift (Sydney Australia).First test I tried was adapting an asset from a short film I worked on a few years ago called PAYLOAD, Directed by Stuart Willis. Its a mini 20 minute science fiction epic set around a space ele...

alexfry by Honored Guest
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LuxVR: real-time 3D stereo path tracing with Oculus Rift HMD

I have uploaded a demo video of LuxVR working with Oculus Rift HMD:LuxRender is a free and unbiased renderer. Licensed under the GPL and free for both personal or commercial use. The program runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Fully functional expor...

Dade by Honored Guest
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AaaaAAaa For the Awesome Full Game

I purchased the full game because I saw mention in a couple forums including the steam one that the full game is rift compatible now. I guess whenever you join it's supposed to ask you if you're using the rift.Anyway I don't seem to get that option a...

kingzope by Protege
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Syder Arcade - asset showcase

Hi All!I'm XeviaN, cto of Syder Arcade. This: Sadly we cannot create an Oculus Rift enhanced version :cry: because much of the game logic is based on camera position and clipping on borders, so at least we decided to put much of the game assets aroun...

XeviaN by Honored Guest
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Jumping over trees is the future.

http://youtu.be/CsIyku1KcI0Getting to grips with Unity -- made a little world for my gf to explore (a secret waterfall for her to find).Trying out some flying controls, etc.Would be nicer to allow rotation on X-axis too, climbs and swoops would be co...

BrianNew by Honored Guest
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Dev Demo - Rift Rush

Hey folks! If anyone needs a break from their project, feel free to check out mine. I built it over the last few weeks on top of the room demo that came with the 0.1.2 SDK. I'm calling it Rift Rush (woo! alliteration). The idea was to make a game tha...

tastive by Explorer
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Proton Pulse Rift

UPDATE: We are GO!https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2960&start=40#p42448___________________________________________________________________________________It's been a while since I gave an update on Proton Pulse Rift. Things ...

RaveTZ by Protege
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Project MetaCraft - a Minecraft Metaverse [Now Open! =)]

Hello Rifters!The server has opened up!Please follow the instructions on our webpage http://metacraft.ch(You need to fill out a little form)Cymatic Bruce playing with us on our server!*FeedbackWe will use this board as feedback board. You can leave a...

schemen by Honored Guest
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Street view and custom urls?

I asked the developer of streetview for the rift, but never heard back.Anyone know if you can use it to view custom URL locations? Like the ones below?http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2013/08/visit-lion-tigers-and-panda-bears-oh-my.htmlI tried with...

lilwolf by Expert Protege
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Feedback on Jam Project: Level Designer VR

Hey guys! I would love some feedback on my entry to the jam.The idea behind the game is very simple. I wanted to capture the joy of bringing something from your computer screen to reality. So the game is divided in two parts. First you design your le...

Proton Pulse is GO!

Game Sitehttp://ProtonPulseRift.comKickStarterhttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/protonpulse/proton-pulse-riftThe Preview Beta is also available thru the kickstarter90s TV adhttp://youtu.be/OTYvQqu9i8MTeaser Videohttp://youtu.be/VhAoQy4TZ44RoadToVR....

RaveTZ by Protege
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