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need some help

i bought a few and got some free apps but here's my issue the games and apps install on the oculus desktop app and not on my headset how do i fix this or do ask for a refund please help

Super Mario 64 VR

I've been working on a remake of Super Mario 64 with the DK2 and implemented head tracking with the Razer Hydra and the Leap Motion, both grounded and mounted to the DK2.So far Princess Peach's castle and first floor is added, along with Bobomb Battl...

chrisjz by Level 2
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Lone Echo more Languages

Lone Echo is an amazing game, one of the best for VR. This game is very story and dialogue oriented. It has been translated into 6 languages, but there is no Russian among them. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean were added 2 years after release. Is there...

ZoRG172 by Level 2
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Dungeons of Daggamar

Hi All, Would really appreciate feedback on the game our game Dungeons of Daggamar. Any comments, feedback or suggestions are appreciated... Thanks,Vanz Website = www.daggamar.com [img]https://i.imgur.com/GTewmLY.png[/img][img]https://i.imgur.com/sUA...

PROZE: Enlightenment a story driven survival adventure.

Hi everyone, PROZE: Enlightenment is now available at Oculus Store!We’d love to get your impressions. Thanks for playing in advance, hope you’ll enjoy the game.Enlightenment is the first episode in PROZE series. PROZE is a VR survival adventure set i...

FunFury by Level 2
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Jurrasic World Aftermath DLC Release Date?

Hello everyone! So I purchased Jurassic World Aftermath back in December of 2020 around when it very first released. Although, to my dismay, after playing through the game it says "the story continues in 2021". Presumably it's referring to DLC. When ...

I can't play my preorderd game

Hello my name is Ebbot. I have a problem where i can’t see my preorderd game in my library now when it relesed. It said i have preorderd it but i cant buy it again and not start.The game is I Expect You To Die 2 and i have been waiting for it a long ...

TobbeVR by Level 2
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Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge Stuck Help?

If you dont want to know anything before playing this game i advice not to read this.I am stuck at a certain point, i found C3PO and his arm is missing. I continued to explore the area and i encounter piles of robot parts. I thougt at one these piles...

jank079 by Level 2
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BOGO hands not working

I have two oculus quest (the first edition) and on both of them seem to be experiencing a glitch in the BOGO game where the hands won't work. One time both hands turned and neither would teleport. Now neither seems to be doing anything. Fresh batteri...

Chiaro and the Elixir of Life - reviews and impressions

This game looks interesting, it's also available on Steam (Rift + Vive + MR):Reviews are positive on Steam, and it's nearly a perfect 5/5 (average) in the Oculus Store, but it's based on only 8 ratings - and the price is $30. https://www.oculus.com/e...

1z9bo9hqs1mt.png nskbzulx3jt4.jpg dv3kaa6qh6y2.jpg o95cqbkwjvef.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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DeMagnete VR - new Portal-inspired VR puzzle game

Trailers: More info here: https://demagnete.com/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/995270/DeMagnete_VR/ The game has been made ground-up for PCVR, no Quest version seems planned, but devs have mentioned focusing on making a PSVR version after launch...

ss_0b5ce0d6acb580d35692a2d3e95f8daf17a81226.1920x1080.jpg screenshot-01.jpg screenshot-04.JPG screenshot-07.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Real VR Fishing Orientation Bug

I've been playing this title for a few hours and it's been great until this bug popped up. Whenever I log into the game, move/teleport, or go to a fishing map, my orientation changes so that it looks like I turned to my left. In the cabin I can still...

TonyM71 by Level 2
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Myst and Rift S

Anyone head if Myst will come out for the Rift S? and a date. If not I spend most of my time in Steam VR and will get it there.

DTH by Level 7
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Paid with OCULUS30 but the discount work

I paid on the Oculus Store for Stormland, I inputted "OCULUS30" since the code was available for me, but when I ended up paying, the purchase was £30, Which is the original Non-Discounted price for the game.Is there any way to fix this?

Unable to apply 30% off coupon

I received a 30% discount coupon to use against any game/app I purchase in Oculus store. Code runs out in 2 days and thought I would purchase a game today. I have tried using the app on my phone and by logging directly into the Oculus store. Trying t...

anb1702 by Level 2
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Pistol Whip gameplay

Just saw this--a full level of Pistol Whip gameplay. Looks pretty damn cool, kind of like an interactive music video featuring John Wick!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bae9EykifVk

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Hi,Someone knows how to download and install the Onward 1.8.9 update in Quest 2?Thanks

jpfil by Level 2
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Pb beat saber

Bonjour depuis peu, je ne vois plus les cubes sur beat saber!est-il arrivé là même chose à qqun?merci de vos retours.

Please explain the 2 stores to me

I have a rift touch and about a dozen games from the rift store. I'm purchasing the quest2 upon restock. I want to know if the same game is on both stores what is the difference. Is the rift store going to only download to pc and the quest store only...

timmk70 by Level 3
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