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Please explain the 2 stores to me

I have a rift touch and about a dozen games from the rift store. I'm purchasing the quest2 upon restock. I want to know if the same game is on both stores what is the difference. Is the rift store going to only download to pc and the quest store only...

timmk70 by Level 3
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How do I turn off ASW permanently?

So in my case the ASW does not work for Flight Simulator. It simply "jump the space" too much so that the next frame it has to move back again, creating a severe rubberbanding on the terrain when close to the ground. Might be because of a lower FPS t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Voice Commands will not uninstall

Greetings. I have recently bought an Oculus Quest 2. I was uninstalling the pre-loaded apps since they do not interest me, but the "Voice Commands" app will apparently not uninstall. It says it has been uninstalled, but it still stays there. Trying s...

AutumnV by Level 3
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Oculus refuse to refund my game purchase

I purchased the population one game from oculus store then both me and my wife tried the game and we both felt dizzy and tired , we tested the game for very short time during the day to see if we will be ok, on the next day i decided to cancel the ga...

Looking for someone to play co-op Arizona Sunshine

I am looking for some people to play with, match making seem's to think that nobody play's the #1 selling VR game.I don't care what mode really. I've beaten the game, and am now working through single player on hard mode with the new locomotion.Also,...

Ubernik by Level 3
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can i requests setup app game Cooking Simulator and Police Enforcement VR 1-K-27 and Car Mechanic Simulator VR Surgeon Simulator Experience Reality i am really wanted to play please get one thank you


Hi - hopefully a simple question. if I want buy a second device, so that my kids can play multiplayer games together, will I need to buy the game twice? tia

Ground Runner: Trials - Hoverbike VR game

Hello from Astrofish Games! We've just released our new VR game Ground Runner: Trials into Early Access on Oculus Home. You can see the trailer here:https://youtu.be/aqq6O2KWVgoWe've spent the past year or so experimenting and building a VR hoverbike...

비트세이버를 환불 받고 싶습니다

제가 비트세이버를 돈주고 사고 2시간도 플레이 안하고 환불요청을 하였지만 2주가 더 지나도 환불 요청하였다고 나오고 소식이 없습니다 환불이 안된다면 승인취소 해주시고 아니면 환불 해 주세요 이러면 그냥 돈을 버린 거 아닙니까

Keine Spiele bei der Oculus dabei

Hallo, ich wollte fragen warum bei meiner Oculus VR Brille keine Spiele dabei sind? Bei Amazon stand es währen 6 Stück mit im Paket, doch nun ist gar nichts da. Falls jemand weiß woran es liegt könnte er es mir bitte sagen.

Widkor by Level 2
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Lone Echo depleted dig site disappear

Hi, so basically when I get close to the depleted dig site, it disappears whether I go by ship or just by flying there with thrusters. I tried to restart the game but it didn't help. I don't want to download save files because I don't want to skip an...

Problème jeu beat saber

Bonjour,Mon jeu beat saber ne démarre plus, est ce que je peux le désinstaller et le réinstaller ? Ou est ce qu'il y a une autre solutionMerci d'avance


Does anyone know when player 22 comes out and if in the future we will also see for the quest2 headmaster ??


je viens d'acheter Moss. Il est uniquement en anglais. Comment l'avoir en français ? D'autre part, peut-on jouer à plusieurs ? Comment revenir au début dans la cathédrale ? etc. Merci d'avance !

zoz2 by Level 2
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Moss: Restarting the game...how?

I'm LOVING Moss on my Oculus Quest, but I want my 13-year-old daughter to experience it as well. Trouble is, when I start it up, it takes me directly to my game-in-progress. How can I tell it to start at the beginning again? (I don't even care if I l...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Can PC access a game purchased on headset?

I bought a game on my brand new Quest 2 headset, then later set up a cable link with my PC. I find I can only run that game if I am not connected to my PC. I would prefer to not have to switch back and forth. Is there a way for a game purchased on th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Skeet Shooting / Clay Pigeon shooting

Hi - I’ve recently bought a Quest 2 and l’d really appreciate any recommendations for games that are similar to skeet shooting or clay pigeon shooting as we call it in the uk.. basically I’d like to improve at working out how much lead to give a movi...